Tax Season = Junk Cars

1 Dec

Oh yes, tax season is around the corner and used car dealers are getting pumped up. Dealers are getting ready for the influx of young eager adults on a quest to buying a used car. The Georgia state used car dealer law affirms that cars over 5 years old cannot be sold with a warranty, they must be sold as is and without a warranty. So buyers out there beware of and take precaution when engaging in the purchase of a automobile. For best practice you should seek out a credible mechanic and after you looked at a few cars, take your mechanic back with you for a better analyzed conclusion at the condition of the car. Make sure that the car you are considering buying is in good condition internally as well as externally, because once you drive off the car lot the car is yours even if it breaks down as soon as you leave off the lot, the car is yours. So take your time and choose a good quality used car that will last some years. This used car company known as Frugal Car Sales located @ 1819 2nd ave. Decatur Ga. has good quality used cars that wont break down on you. They really take the time needed to harvesting good used cars that wont break down on you, that’s their pride. Don’t get a car that will break down on you and turn into a junk car, call 404-399-3474 and ask for Otis the car specialist.