Protecting Our AIR: How Recycling Cars Saves Our Aluminum, Iron, & Rubber

13 Mar

cash for cars

cash for cars

Cash For Cars: Obtaining money can sometimes take precedence over the significance of recycling. Although getting our customers the best rates in exchange for their unwanted junk cars is top priority, we wanted to take the time to explain how you are making a difference in our environment. Below are three natural resources and how reutilizing them saves our planet.


Due to its versatility, aluminum is one of the most important metals used in the manufacturing of junk cars. Recycling aluminum aids in the fight against the misuse of energy because power plants require tons of electricity and fuel to transform bauxite into commercial aluminum. Ecosystems are allowed the opportunity to thrive when natural habitats are not destroyed when raw aluminum is extracted from the earth. Greenhouse gases could be lowered significantly, slowing down global warming and providing us with clean air.


Similar to aluminum, iron plays a vital role in the creation of cars. However, since iron ore is more abundant in comparison to other metals, it is cheaper to extract from the earth. The reduction of mining can decrease the overuse of this particular natural resource. It can also keep the environmental landscape intact, allowing vegetation to continue to grow for our dietary needs. Recycling keeps iron from rusting in landfills and lowers the likelihood of contaminants entering our lakes and rivers through run-off water.


Many tire companies use a combination of both natural and synthetic rubber when manufacturing their product to meet the needs of their industry. Minimizing the extraction of latex from the Pará rubber tree and petroleum protects them. Properly disposing tire stockpiles off of junk cars found in junk yards or behind homes keep them from becoming incubators for mosquitoes. This decreases the spreading of diseases that could not only be a detriment to people but the animals within the area as well. In addition, it lowers the toxic threat that the chemical make-up of tires pose to our ground water when decompose in landfills.

Protecting the environment is one of our top priorities at Cash for Junk Cars Without Titles. That’s why we like to take a little time out to explain to our customers what an impact they are making on the environment by recycling their cars. Contact us today regarding our services or check out our website for more information