Metal Prices are Falling/ Junk Cars

3 Jun

The price for junk cars are currently @ 5 dollars a hundred lbs. but is about to go down to 3 dollars a hundred which means that the demand for metal is low and so the supply will be cheap because the market is flooded right now so the business will be moving slow and junk cars will be worthless. Junk car buyers in Georgia will not be able to pay potential customers no more than 100$ a car to remove them, so people with broken down cars don’t be hesitant to part with your old clunker because if your car broke down on you then surly it will be costly to get it fixed that’s if its a junk car ( the definition of a junk car is that the price it takes to fix the car exceeds the true value of the car ) but call 404-399-3474 for all your junk car needs, serving the state of ¬†Georgia proudly, junk car are not worth much right now but when its time to have them crushed and rid of, Car Crushers Junk cars w/o Titles can get them picked up and disposed of

Car Crushers Junk Cars w/o Titles is your go to junk car buyer company that offers the correct deals for buying and picking up broken down cars where they stop. just call 404-399-3474 from 9am to 9pm 7 day a weeek and we offer same day pickups usually 45min to an hour and a half weather you have the title or not if the car is 12 years or older but 11 years and newer you must have the title before we can make you a cash offer, these are the terms you must consider when selling your junk car. Our team of junk car buyers proudly serves all the cities in Georgia so call now. www.newellrecycling.commetal prices junk cars