Car Crushers Cash For Junk Cars Forest Park Ga
Car Crushers Cash For Junk Cars Forest Park Ga
car crushers cash junk cars w/o titles

car crushers cash junk cars w/o titles

  • Car Crushers Junk Cars Forest Park Ga

Car Crushers cash for junk cars Forest Park Georgia w/o titles [404-399-3474] with or( without titles.) We are a licensed used car dealers in the state of Georgia. We serve the Metro Forest Park area and beyond in a 50-mile radius. We offer ( more cash for) plus free towing when we buy junk cars. Sell your car to the crusher and receive (extreme cash for) cars today. Junk car buyers are who we are and crushing junk cars is what we do. Junk (Car Daddy’s cash for) junk cars (Forest Park Ga) No title no problem call us right now at [ 404-399-3474.]  (Perkins car removal) Car Crushers junk (car for cash removal Forest Park, Ga).


car crushers cash for junk cars

car crushers cash for junk cars

[100 to 2500] For Junk Cars in Forest Park Ga W/o Titles [404-399-3474]

[100 to 2500] For junk cars in Forest Park Ga W/o titles with or without titles. Our cash for cars program offers really good deals for cars with titles that’s 2010’s and up that have been in wrecks, bad engines, transmissions, or any inoperable car that’s no longer wanted. Hondas, Toyotas, Nissans, Bmws, Mercedes, and Audis are our biggest  payouts, call us immediately for cash quote offer (404-399-3474).



Car Crushers Sell my junk car Forest Park Ga w/o titles [404-399-3474] in the state of Georgia (without titles) if [12 years] old and older. The seller must show proof of ownership and ID at the time of purchase. The customer will be paid cash for quote given. All deals are final once the customer gets the money. The driver does not negotiate the quoted value. We make junking cars easy. Get (extreme cash for) junk cars and (more cash for) junk cars with or (without titles) (Forest Park, Ga). Car Crushers (cash for) junk cars [404-399-3474].

car crushers cash for junk cars

car crushers cash for junk cars


Car Crushers We buy junk cars Forest Park Ga w/o titles [404-399-3474] when that break down happens.  Our roadside assistance can rescue you. Whether you are on the highway, on the street, or a parking lot. We are just a phone call away. Call us right now and get a quote over the phone. Also, Junk Cars guy w/o Titles pays cash for junk cars in Georgia. Junk (car daddy’s cash for) cars pays (extreme cash for) and (more cash for) cars (without titles) (Perkins car removal)

car crushers cash for junk cars

Car Crushers cash for junk cars


Car Crushers junk cars with or (without titles) Forest Park Ga [404-399-3474] offers the best prices of the day which is in accordance with the scale weight. The scale weight varies and goes up and down like the stock market. The scale price is multiplied by the weight of your junk cars which gives the value their of. We will pay the customer the dollar value at current estimation. We pay (more cash for) cars that’s [2007] and up. We give (extreme cash for) car that’s [2012 ] up. Junk (car daddy’s cash for) cars and (Perkins car removal) in (Forest Park no title )

car crushers cash for junk cars

Car Crushers cash for junk cars

Car Crushers Junk My Car with or without Titles Forest Park Ga [404-399-3474]

Car Crushers junk my car with or (without titles) Forest Park Ga [404-399-3474] Some people ask, “where can I junk my car”? And we respond to that,” Car Crushers junk my car used car buying service”.  Another person may say, “ who buy junk cars near me”? And we will say again,” Car Crushers the junk car buyers with or (without titles)”.  Car Crushers is actually a mobile towing company operating in the state of Georgia. We give quotes over the phone with a brief description of your vehicle. So where ever your car breaks down, call us and we will get a tow truck out on the scene. (Car for cash removal Forest Park Ga) [7] days a week

car crushers cash for junk cars

Car Crushers cash for junk cars


Car Crushers cash for cars w/o titles Forest Park Ga [404-399-3474] with or (without titles) operates in the state of Georgia. We service all the major cities because we are mobile. Our towing service can help you when your car breaks down out there. We will send a driver with cash on hand for the quote given. call us now at [404-399-3474.]


car crushers cash for junk cars

Car Crushers cash for junk cars

Car Crushers Serves The Greater Forest Park Georgia Area

Car Crushers serves the greater Forest Park Georgia area.  We are here to serve the public by paying cash for junk cars with or (without titles.) Cars can be running or not, in good or bad condition. We will offer (more cash for) any vehicle. We can schedule a same day pick up usually within 45 minutes to an hour. And at no additional cost tow your vehicle away for free in a flatbed tow truck. So call us now and get (extreme cash for) the highest quote @ [404-399-3474] because we buy junk cars (without titles) (Forest Park, Ga.)

Seller’s Guide To Junk Cars

 Seller’s guide to junk cars. Want to sell your car that is a piece of junk? Want to create the junk car into a hefty profit but don’t know yet how? With selling junk cars, there are ways to go about it because it isn’t just for throwing into the crusher and converting into a shredded metal. Junkyards will buy it so they pick it apart and find pieces worth saving to sell for [100’s] to garages who work on vehicles.Those who want to sell their car (for extreme cash) can call Car Crushers (cash for) junk cars [404-399-3474] for great deals. Selling junk is a hot commodity today.


  • [1st], when wanting to sell your car as junk, do it as soon as possible to keep within the codes of enforcement. Don’t ponder it a lot because the value is not much for junk. The value is up and down with junk like the stock market. It is an old car with rusty parts. It is not a well preserved Corvette. [2nd], when looking for a buyer, be aware of those who may be fraudulent or undersell you. Look for one verified as legitimate and will always guarantee you. [3rd], study the car and do research about how much is your junk really worth meaning the current price for metal.Then call Car Crushers (cash for) junk cars (removal) for the same day pickup.


  • Go through the car to make sure whatever you are about to sell you don’t mean seeing it destroyed. Keep what you want and preserve all of the contents that are important for the future. Don’t remove parts because that could drop the quoted value, including the battery, tires, and windows. It is just like moving out of an apartment, doing a last minute search to make sure nothing is left behind. Then, there are these ideas to get the junk sold for a higher value. You can get a new coat of paint on it to cover those lost or faded colors, fix up those dents and scratches, and have the CarFax to show a history of ownership and damage and repairs. Car Crushers (cash for) junk cars [404-399-3474].


  • Then, there is giving good faith to the junkyard by driving it yourself to show its value. This can give you the upper hand when it comes to negotiating because it proves the car has valuable parts and you won’t be lowballed for cheap. Or, you can sell it online on Craigslist or a classified ad for all junk cars. However, the sale could easily be turned around by the buyer who will force the price on their terms. But if you can’t drive the car then call Car Crushers (cash for) junk cars [404-399-3474] to schedule the same day pickup.


  • Selling your car to the junkyard is easy, but the question is how much money you can get out of it. It is all about value. Is it worth [100] or [1500] There is value in everything within the junk, but it’s about raising it to get the most from the junk car. It’s wanted seed money to get an upgrade in your next car that will make all the difference. Car Crushers (cash for) junk cars [404-399-3474]


  • You can also opt to sell your car privately. This is a good choice if you’re not quite ready to see it sent to the scrap yard just yet. If your car is old, rusted and falling apart, but is actually quite a collector’s item, there will be people out there who are willing to pay you top money for what you consider junk. Remember the phrase ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.’ This is true of cars and just because you see an old and rusty car, doesn’t mean there are not people out there who want to restore the car to its full glory. All you have to do is look around and try to find someone who is willing. Car Crushers (cash for) junk cars [404-399-3474].


Sell Your Car to Us

  • Sell your car to us. If you want to sell your car, in at least working and driving condition, we can help you and provide you with cash. Our process of selling a car to us is simple, stress-free and easy to get started. If you are looking to sell your car, there are many routes to take, but our service is simple and thorough in its process to offer you the best quote and buy your car. Car Crushers (cash for) junk cars [404-399-3474].
  • The process of selling your car to us is to provide us with some basic details that can enable us to view your car from one perspective and ensure the possible sale of your car can be made based on our terms. We will require basic details, such as your vehicle registrations number, general information about your car and details about yourself, specifically contact details so we can get in contact with you easily and keep in touch during the process as we don’t want you to miss out on any updates.
  • We will then provide you shortly with a call, or email depending on how you want to receive the information. You can view an estimated valuation of your car and what we can offer based on the car’s features. We will then liaise with you to book an appointment that will go through important details about your car and any questions you may have.
  • Car Crushers (cash for) junk cars wants to ensure that you are receiving the best value to make your journey to us worthy. We understand the process and the struggles that can involve selling your car, and want to provide the best customer service we can. Other than our online platform, we also have a telephone service open for you to contact us easily if you need more information and want to speak to someone in more depth – we are happy to talk to you, run through the process and assist in providing all the information you need.
  • When you book an appointment with us we will then be able to provide you with a quote of the sale of your car and give you the money on the same day. We value your car and inspect the car for any damages, fault and internal work that has been undiagnosed or not fixed. We will be able to carry this out simply and easily for you and get you the cash for your car sale. Car Crushers (cash for) junk cars [404-399-3474].
  • Our process for selling your sale is simple, hassle-free and guarantee you get more for your car than other companies that offer much less than your car is really worth. Our team are here for you and will be able to go through everything on the day of your appointment to make sure everything is understood and clear. Our simple online valuation tool Is easy to access and get instant quotes on your car’s value for cash.
  • We also take into account administration fees and fees in general and choose not to charge you an admin fee as we understand the value of your car and want to provide the best and fair price possible for it. Car Crushers (cash for) junk cars professional car (removal) is here to serve. Car Crushers (cash for) junk cars [404-399-3474].

Cash for Junk Cars: Signs That You Should Junk Your Car

  • Cash for junk cars: Signs that you should junk your car. Junk cars are not vehicles that sit in an open field for anyone to pick up. They are obviously not attractive vehicles, banged up and obviously worn out to the changing times that made them obsolete a decade earlier. However, a junk car could still be useful with operating pieces that can be salvaged to be installed in another car. With a junk car in possession, owners can junk it for cash instantly. There are signs that the car is no longer worth the drive and the constant fix, and that it can be scrapped for quick, good money. Just note these signs.


  • All drivers are permitted to a new vehicle if their car is considered a lemon within a specific number of miles driven. At the same time, lemon laws also give drivers of lemon vehicles a cash payout while keeping the vehicle in question. However, for those who cannot get that status while being stuck with a vehicle that may be considered unsafe after its lengthy use, then selling the junk for cash to a junkyard should be done. They are in constant search of vehicles that are old to strip down and retrieve quality parts. Plus, note the number of miles driven as they would be considered past its expiration date, which would make them more worth as scrap. Do some research before deciding to see if it worth the sale for quick cash.


  • Another sign is when the costs of repairs start to become very expensive after every oil change or every fix of a broken lug nut or faulty engine. There are some parts worth the payment to fix, but there are other parts so expensive, it becomes unworthy of spending to stick in the car. For a piece that is broken, there are two other pieces that are functioning well and selling junk cars for cash is an alternative option. That cash can be seed money for the new car. The sign that says, “Junk car” the most is if the cars were wrecked in an accident. The salvage of certain parts is worth more than the entire fix of the car. Again, junk your car and get some good cash out of it.


  • Just look at the car. Is it some regular, non-classic brand and style with a loud muffler and engine? Does the car just sit in the driveway and let the tires go half flat? These vehicles need to be removed from the space in the driveway or side of the road. Selling them as junk-for-cash is appealing and attractive and a win-win for the buyer and seller. There is such program all over looking for scraps, especially the lemon car which is unsafe with faulty parts. They go in and see that there are few parts worth saving and that some money is better than no money. A few of these obvious signs lead to quick cash for car owners.

We Buy Used Junk Cars

  • We buy used junk cars. If you are looking to scrap your car and need a place to sell it easily, look no further as we are able to provide this service to you and gain you cash. We are able to value your car quickly at the best service possible and provide you with cash after. Car Crushers (cash for) junk cars [404-399-3474].

The Process

  • We have an online valuation tool that is used to value the car depending on its year, model and other details that we require to fully process to complete the sale. With our service, you will have an instant valuation by applying online to sell your junk car.


  • We will have a local branch available to scrap the car at the estimated value and make the process as easy as possible for you. The first step is to provide us with your registration number so we can gather the information that we require to move forward and notice any problems that may affect the transaction. You will also need to provide some basic details about your vehicle, such as when you bought the car, how many previous owners, MOT certificate, log book etc.


  • When you have given this information we will prepare a valuation for you and you will be required to book an appointment with our car crushing services that will process the car in their branch for junk.


  • Our staff at the branch is very friendly and helpful, they will be able to guide you and get the job done for you. They will talk you through the process and general paperwork required, they will also check the car to inspect and ensure everything is okay with the car – they will then agree to take the car in as junk and provide cash for the junk car. Car Crushers (cash for) junk cars [404-399-3474].

How Much Cash Will You Get?

  • The ultimate amount of cash you will receive from your junk car is based on a number of things such as the demand for junk cars at the time and if the parts of the vehicle are worth buying and reusing. Many people may expect a certain figure for their car when valuing however it can be complicated and not what you expect. We understand the importance of customer expectation and want to provide the best customer service.


  • We will take into consideration the state of the car and how much damage there is to the car; after all, it is based on these factors to ensure it is being valued fairly. If the car has great value in terms of the amount of metal on the car, then there will be a higher value in this case. Junk cars that are smaller will not be as much as bigger cars that have more metal on them compared the smaller cars that have less metal, therefore less after use for car crushers. Cars that are heavier and big are generally the more valuable ones that offer more cash, however, smaller cars are able to sold by us at the minimum junk value we can offer.

Tips For Getting Cash For Junk Cars

  •  Tips for Getting cash for junk cars through scrap parts is easy, but it also can show off the value of the car. Looking for someone who will pay it off with cash is around as they will study what can be salvaged as valuable to sell to car owners and repair shops, who know that used parts in good shape are cheaper and tested than brand new parts. Junk cars are always in demand, but for those looking sell their car, they should know how to get the most money out of it and how much their own parts are worth.


  • For starters, be the owner of the car and give proof because used car lots will need it to start to cut the parts they want. That’s the legal part of it. Now, here’s the value-oriented part of getting cash. Look at the vehicle and study every part to know which is to the dump and which is to be reinstalled in another car. This is called the Blue Book value. The more you know about your junk car’s own value, the more you can negotiate with the scrap lookers, especially when they ask you about the car’s history. A better way to improve the value and faith the car’s usefulness is to repair anything damaged.


  • Next, make an inquiry about the going rate for parts close by and farther away because the place 10 miles away instead of the one next door could pay more. The cash-for-junk rate among junkyards varies on the car’s make and model besides the quality of the parts. Another thing to consider is driving the car yourself because some junkyards will have fees for towing the car from your home. Driving it over saves time and money and simpler when showing proof of ownership. Car Crushers (cash for) junk cars [404-399-3474].


  • And then, there are those lemon laws, which can cut the amount of cash you want for the scrap. To junk a car for payment, know some of these laws because they protect buyers from a fraudulent value of a vehicle. Know these laws in your home state as they also differ, even though most states allow the owner to sell their cars easily. Also, don’t tamper with certain facts of the vehicle, such as the actual year or the number of miles it packs. There is a major difference between a car that has taken in 120,000 miles compared to one at 80,000 miles.


  • So, you want to sell your car for junk and quick cash? Instead of sending it to the dumpster where it will be smashed into a square, a junkyard will break it apart for value pieces that are reusable. And, usually, they will pay for the scrap in cash to those who are sending it in for sale. It is lucrative for those ready to junk the car and get something back for it instead of selling it to a dealership for virtually nothing. Just be attentive to any offers that could undercut what you are looking for in selling it off.



How To Sell A Junk Car


  • How to sell a junk car. Should you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having to write your car off to junk due to age or an accident, don’t be too bummed out about it. A junk car does not mean you cannot at least still get some use out of it, like make some money by selling it. Salvage yards make some of their money by selling car parts to other car owners or repair garages, so they will always be eager to buy a junked vehicle from you. However, before you sell your junk car, there are a few things you need to be aware of.


  1. Confirm your ownership

  • Salvage yards, cannot by law buy a junk car from anyone other than the owner of the vehicle. When you approach a salvage yard to buy your junk vehicle, you will need to have all the necessary paperwork that proves that you are the owner of the vehicle.


  • You will need the title, registration, and license. The title document, or pink slip, will specify the vehicle information such as vehicle identification number, make and year. Also, it will state the license plate number, gross vehicle weight, power and purchase price of when the vehicle is new. Further the title document will contain the name and address of the registered owner of the vehicle and if there is anything still owed on the vehicle and to whom the money is owed. This document you can obtain at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).


You can sell your vehicle without the registration and license, but the process will go a lot smoother if you have all the paperwork.


  1. Establish the value of the vehicle

  • Before you start negotiates with the salvage lot, establish the Blue Book value of the car and assess the damage to the car. The Blue Book value is an “as is” value that does not include any warranties and is a starting point for any negotiation for a used-car or junk car sale. It is the Kelley Blue Book Private Party Value and determines the sale price depending on the condition of the vehicle.


  • Ensure that you have as much information as possible so you are fully prepared for negotiations. Also, you may be asked a lot of questions regarding the car as you shop around for the best sales deal. Further, you may consider fixing it up a bit to ensure that it runs as cars that run have a higher value than cars that don’t. Remember, you want to make sure you get the best possible deal for your junk car, especially if you need the money to invest in a new car.


  1. Shop for prices

  • Armed with your paperwork, Blue Book value estimate and a list of damages to the car, start calling around to hunt for the best prices and deals. Do not limit yourself to your area only, extend the search to nearby cities as well. Some salvage yards outside your area may pay more for your car depending on the needs of that area. Your car may be a make and model that is in great demand in that area. Also, find out if the yard charges for collection or not, some will collect with no charge depending on the model, make and extent of the damage to your car. Always shop around and compare prices.


  1. Delivery

  • Once you have settled on a price and deal with a junkyard, you will need to deliver the vehicle. If it is possible, drive the car in yourself or arrange for a tow. Most salvage yards will pay more for a vehicle that they do not have to collect. Ensure that you have the necessary paperwork and any other accessory that is part of the vehicle. You have to sell the vehicle in the state agreed to with the salvage yard.




Sell my junk car. Do you have a damaged car that is worth way less than whatever it will cost to fix It? Or you have a car that has seen better days and many miles?  Or a car that has been burnt or totalled in an accident?


Do you know you can get cash in return for having the car removed?


Say hello to car junking otherwise known as selling junk cars. If your car falls into any of the categories above then it is a junk car and there are people who will give you cash for your junk car.


Junk yards are places where you can sell your junk car. Some of them deal only in junk cars and some buy every form of scrap metal.


Even in its damaged state, a car still has some valuable components that junkyards are willing to buy. Even though the market for recycled steel has dropped over the years reducing the demand for steel parts and the price at which junk yards will buy junk cars, junk cars still go for good prices because of the other components they have.


One of the valuable components of a junk car that will fetch good money (about  $100 ), is the catalytic converter.


The catalytic converter is a device that is found in the exhaust system of almost all cars designed from 1975 . This device is mostly used by large factories but was  designed for vehicles to help convert the harmful substances disposed by the vehicles into benign substances.


Hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide which are emitted by the exhaust system are converted by the catalytic converter to water and carbon dioxide.


The catalytic converter is valuable because the insides are made with precious metals like platinum and Palladium. Both platinum and palladium are highly sought after metals as they have a higher demand in manufacturing industries right now, so that’s one valuable thing to rake in cash from your junk car .


There are other things in your car that can also increase the amount you get paid for your car . The tyres, the wheels , the Stereo  and some other parts.


The best way to get extreme cash for your car is to find out what is saleable and either disassemble your car to sell them yourself or add them as bargaining points .


When you have decided to sell your junk car there are some thing you have to put in place or do first before having a junkyard come over to remove the car.

Make sure all personal belongings are removed from the car and there is no gasoline in the gas tank. You have to get the titling done for the car ensure you have the proof of ownership and registration.




Junk my car for cash near me. Car junking is one of the straightforward sales business you can ever do. The great thing about junking your car is that it gives instant payment and it takes a junk car off your hand. That’s two birds with one stone.


Junk yards are spread all over the country, in fact there are literally over hundreds  of them and most of them have branches in some states.


There is a high chance that you have a junkyard close to you as they tend to be everywhere, which is a good thing .


Now ,while a lot of Junk yards pay cash for the junk cars, some have taken to cutting checks for the cars.


Getting cash for your junk car from a junkyard near you


  • The chances of getting a junkyard that is located near you is high and the chances of getting one that pays for junk cars in cash should equally be high too.


How do you find these junk yards near You?


  • It would not do you any good to be moving from block to block looking for junk yards and asking if they pay cash for  junk cars.


  • The easiest way to find junkyards located close to you is to run a search on the internet using the search words “ junkyard in ( your state or your town)


  •  This search will show you a list of junk yards that are located either around you or at a close location to you. You should be able to find one not so far from where you are.


  • The next thing you should do is to go through their page.

Due to the increasing rate of technology now, almost all businesses are on the internet and have good informations about their services, so you should be able to find out if they junkyard pays in cash or they cut checks.


  • If for any reason it is not stated on their official page whether they pay in cash lr cit checks, you can contact them via phone or online to find. It should however be state on the website.


  • You can also find out other information before you use a particular junk yard to junk your car. From the contact on the website, you can find out if they come to pick cars and if they pick anywhere. You can find out the documents you need and the state’s law for junking cars in your state. Different states have different laws concerning car junking so it will best for you to know what is lawful.


  • Know that you can get a good amount for your junk car despite the fluctuating state of the market due to a drop in the demand for steel and other metals.  If your car has some valuable components, then they will increase the amount you are likely going to get for it.





Sell my junk car for top dollar. Having an old car that is damaged beyond repair or a car that was totalled in an accident should no longer be a source of liability. You can easily sell it off as a junk car.


There is a thriving market for  junk cars and car recycling and the market continues to grow as more persons are buying the idea of selling their old cars rather than holding on to it or leaving it to rot in their garage.


Junk yards buy junk cars and pay instantly.most of them pay cash after valuing the car and making sure the paper work is in order .  Some junk yards will come to wherever you are to either pick up the car for free or complete the sales transaction right there.


Getting top dollar for your junk car.


If you have decided to sell your junk car either to get rid of it or because you need the cash, there are a few things you should have at the back of your mind if you want to sell your junk car for top dollars


  1. While you are interested in selling the car as soon as possible, get the contact of as many junk yards as possible. That way you can have an option and get the best offer.


  1. Contacting a junk yard online will give you an idea of what they are willing to pay. Some junk yard have online forms that you can fill with details about your car and they will give you an offer within the hour. This way you can compare the price you are getting.


  1. Although the steel market is fluctuating and is probably at a low right now,your car still has some valuable items that can get you a higher offer. If prefer to sell the car as a whole rather than  disassemble the car yourself to sell each part separately, then be sure to do an inventory of the car and it’s valuables. This will give you bargaining power especially if your car still possess it catalytic converter which is a valuable device.


  1. Check online for the present prices of metals and reviews of the junkyard if they have a good online presence.


  1. For a first timer, it is best to go with someone who has sold a junk car before so that you don’t get ripped. Some junk yards will take advantage if they know you are new or desperate.


  1. Ensure you have all your paperwork in order. Basically you only need the documentation for titling and proof of registration to sell a junk car. If you car is not titled, some junk yards will not even buy the car and a few will buy for a very low price, so get your paperwork in order.


  1. If you are opting for the junkyard to come and pick the car, find out if they do it for free or it is deducted from the cash from the sales.




How does junking a car work? To junk a car is to decide that the car is no longer fixable or that the cost of fixing it is way more than the value of the car.


There is a whole market available for junk cars as they have some components and properties that are still useful to some manufacturing industries like, car manufacturers and building companies.


The junk car business is a big business and it is still a lucrative business despite the unstable nature of the market.


How does junking work?


  • When you have decided to junk your car, your first step will be to make sure that the car is free from all personal belongings and emptying the gasoline tank.  Then you can contact s a junk car service close to you.


  • Junking a car is simply writing the car off as scrap and selling the car to junk yards. These junk yards will then disassemble the junk cars and strip them to get the metals and components that make up the car, these metals include steel, aluminum, titanium and others. The metals are then sold to companies that use steel for production.


  • The process you follow in junking your car would most likely be based on the state you reside.


  • Every state has its own junking laws, you will have to look up the laws to know how they affect you and how junking works in your state.


  • Each state has its junked car requirements and there are paper works to process before you junk a car.


  • You have to complete the salvage report, relinquish the license plates of the car, and show proof of ownership, vehicle title and proof of registration.


  • Junking a car can be quite daunting for a first timer as they may not know the necessary requirements.


  • If your aim is to get maximum cash value for your junk car, then you can use online apps to monitor the market and know when the market has a high demand for junk cars.


  • Try to find out valuable components in your car, like the catalytic converter that has precious minerals in it and is quite valuable.


  • Junked cars are valued at the junk yards.

There are junk yards that do crushing.

Crushing is a process where junked car metals are compressed before they are taken to the buying companies.


It is best to take a car to a junkyard or call for a junk car removal company to take car as soon as possible. This will reduce the extent of damage the car will suffer. The longer a car stays when it is no longer functioning and it hasn’t be junked, the lower its value even as a scrap.




Junk car removal. There are a lot of persons who have junk cars standing in the front laws, sitting on the garages or just laying around somewhere in their homes.


They have finally gotten around to acknowledging that the car is junk and needs to be moved, taken to a junk yard and sold as scrap.


You might be too busy to haul off the car Yourself to a junkyard for sale and you don’t fancy having the sale right there in your yard, then you should get a removal company to come pick the car.


When you have a junk car you need to move there are few things you need to do first before calling for a removal service.


You want to make sure your papers are in order because yes they need that too to move a car, proof of ownership, nobody wants to move a stolen car. Make sure all personal belongings are removed and that the gasoline is used up or sucked out. Leave no items lying about.



 Junk car removal


  • There are companies that handle the removal of junk cars, some do this for free and some of them will charge you some amount of money pick up your junk car.


  •  Companies that offer these service will just send their towing van to your location to move the vehicle.


  • For companies that do junk car removals for free, they might actually just conclude removal and sales transaction on the spot, so that the owner gets cash values for the junk car.


  • It is advisable to get a quotation from a reputable junk car removal company to give you an idea of what you want, what you should do and how to go about having your junk car removed from the house.


Getting cash for your junk car

  • Most companies that offer car removal services are either contracted to a junkyard business or run their junkyard business. If they are contracted to a junkyard business or run their own junkyard business, then there is every likelihood that your junk car will not only be moved but will be sold as scrap and you will make money from it.


  • Before your car can be sold as junk or scraped, you must have the paperwork in order as things like registration number, car model, age of the car, number of previous users and payment plan of the car will determine if the car can be removed and also paid for.


  • The money value of the car is determined by the company, the company will evaluate the car and determine the amount of money you will get from the car based on its components, the present state of the junk car market and the state of damage on the car.




When a car is so old and has about 150,000 miles on it with parts that clang and bang together, and a body that is so rusted its new color is now rust with an engine that sputters, groans and coughs before it comes to life and groans all the way, that car is certified junk.


Does this description fit your car’s present state?

Perhaps you have decided to junk your car because apparently, it is at that point, but then you figured one last spin would be great and now you are stuck at the side of the highway with your broken down car because it finally gave up the ghost. Unfortunately, it did it miles from home or town, and there is no way to get it back.


At this point, you will begin to consider the amount of money you will spend to engage a towing service. Perhaps you realize that a junkyard will come to wherever you are and pick your car as long as you are selling.


Let us let you in on a little secret, if for any reason you find yourself stuck at the side of the road with a broken down junk vehicle, you can easily have it picked up by us but most importantly you can complete sales transaction right then and there. We pay you cash, and you are ready to go.


How does buying a junk car wherever work?


When we need to buy a junk car on a normal day, we use our online evaluation tool that will help us know about the car, its model, and its component.  Since this tool is online, that means location isn’t important.

The first thing we will do (members of our local branch near you) when we get to where you are is to use this tool to evaluate your car.


Next, the scrap experts from the branch you have contacted will scrap the car at the estimated value and make the process as easy as possible for you.


This is where you come in, to make the job easy for us,  the first step is to provide us with the registration number of your car.  This will enable us to gather the necessary information we need to continue with the transaction.


You will also need to provide some basic details about your vehicle, such as when the car was purchased, number of previous owners,  MOT certificate, log book, etc.


The next step is for us to get the paperwork done, our staff will talk you through the process, and then your car will be valued using the parameters, and then you get paid cash up front.


We buy all kind of junk vehicles with or without a title.




When a car is junked, the next step is to take it to the junkyard and get it valued.

Junk cars are generally valued by Junkyards before they are purchased.  The value of the car will determine its price.

A junk car is valued in terms of its age, the extent of damages it has, the number of parts that are missing or that are available, the make and model of the car.

These are not only the determining factors of the price value for a junk car.


A modern day car contains a device called the catalytic converter which is a very valuable device. This device is found within the exhaust system of the car and helps convert the harmful substances from the car into benign substances.  The insides of the catalytic converter are made from precious minerals like platinum.

These precious minerals are what has made this device valuable.


The junk car market is a large market that is known for its unstable prices that fluctuate on a daily basis. The junkyard market is not an end consumer but rather has to sell their junk to other companies.



  • How does demand affect junk car prices?


  • When junkyards purchase junk cars from car owners, they disassemble these vehicles if they have not be disassembled first and then strip them.


  • A car is generally made up in a large percent of steel and aluminum in small quantity.


  • These metals (steel and aluminum) are valuable but can easily be affected by the changes in the market


  • Companies who buy these scrap metals are companies that manufacture cars or carry out building constructions.


  • These companies make demands for scrap metals to assist with works.


  • In the junk car market, the price of the car is totally dependent on the demand for scrap metals by companies.


 When the demand for scrap metals are high, the price of a junk car becomes high, but when there is no demand for scraps, junkyards offer low prices for the junk cars because they have no resale market value as the companies that should have bought them are probably not manufacturing enough units to require scrap metals.

When the end consumers of scrap metals like car manufacturing companies or the building companies manufacture at a high rate and then  put in a demand for a large quantity of scrap,  this means there is a large need for scrap  metals.


  • When this happens the value of steel and aluminum automatically increases.


  • When the value of a junk car is high, the price of the car increases and value is added to the junk car itself


  • The more the demands for scrap metals, the higher the prices of metal scraps.




One of the laws in economics focused on supply and demand in business.  The law states that “when the demand for a product is high, its supply will equally be high and when the demand for the product is low, and the supply rate will be low.”


Unfortunately, the law of supply and demand does not fully apply to the junk car market.


The junk car market is so like the real estate market in the terms that the prices fluctuate daily and the market is quite unstable, volatile if we may.


Another similarity between the real estate market and the junk car market is that in their law of supply and demand, an amount is not directly dependent on demand as supply will continue regardless of the rate of application on the market.


Since supply is not directly dependent on demand, something else has to be. In the world of junk cars and real estate market, the prices of products are directly reliant on the market demand.


This is why we say that both these markets are unstable.  There is no season or trend to follow when it comes to monitoring these markets.


  • The prices can drop today and pick up tomorrow.


  • How does demand affect the value of junk cars?


  • Junk cars are bad cars that have been sold to Junkyard owners and are to be resold by the junkyard owner as scrap metals.


  • Junk cars have their values in their components which are stripped and then sold to companies that make use of these components.


  • Unfortunately, some junk cars are so far damaged that they have to be thoroughly stripped to find any usable metal and if their catalytic converters are missing, they have little or no value.


  • A car is mostly made up of steel and aluminum metals. When junkyard owners buy junk cars and strip them, they collect the metals and sell them to companies who use them in producing cars and building houses.


  • With the present economic recession, these companies are building fewer Houses and producing fewer vehicles. This reduction in production has left a massive gap in the demand market as supply is not affected by the gap.


  • Another cause in the reduction of junk car values is the lower demand for steel by foreign countries.


  • Let us take China for example. China is one of the most industrious countries and at one had the highest demand for steel which was used in their then developing country.  Then China slowed down.


  • While they were developing, China had to produce steel to meet up with the manufacturing needs. They combined the steel they built with the ones they bought scrap.


  • Now that they have slowed down they still produce steel, at a half quality and they are looking for countries to sell them too.


  • With no demands for scraps,  there is little or no value for junk cars.




That car is old! It is over twenty to twenty- five years old; it has over 150,000 miles on it, it has dents and rust all over its body, the engine groans, and moans and can be stubborn to start sometimes. Or it doesn’t even start anymore, and also when going slow it is still a disaster, the bottom might give way, fixing it is a near impossibility, it is not a vintage model of some super brand, and it is a junk car.


There is an age a car gets to and some repairs that the car has reached that even duct tapes ( as used by stiles from a teen wolf) can no longer hold the car together and you have to do the honorable thing and let the car go.


A car can get junked in two ways:




  • The car has lived a full life and has had generations riding around in it and probably conceived in it. Okay.


  • Now it is sitting on the driveway, in the yard, in the garage serving as a hide and seek landmark for the kids and the critters or even a landmark for the area like “you know the house with the old red car in front of it?”.


  • Possibly it has given up the ghost on the side of the road, and now it is a shelter for squirrels.


  • We get it, it holds sentimental values, but it is beginning to hold all manner of unsavory things too.


  •  It has been repaired, fixed and maybe renovated sometime in the past but you know right now that fixing it will cost a whole lot more than the car will ever be worth.

It is no longer a sentimental object; it is becoming an eyesore.


  • It is time for it to get junked.


Accidental junking


  • This is an unfortunate event that automatically renders the car useless.


  • A car can be totaled in an accident, and then the price for fixing it exceeds the value of the vehicle.


  • A car can also get burnt by accident due to the many flammable and ignite objects in the vehicle or deliberately which is arson.  Either way, if the car is damaged to the point where fixing it is not economically wise. It becomes junk.  At this point, you junk the car.


What does junking a car mean?


Junking a car or calling a car “junk car” does not mean that the car is dirt or waste materials, no.  It merely says that the car can is no longer fixable or that the cost of fixing the car will be way more than the value of the entire vehicle at the end of the day.

Junking joining a car is saying that the car will be more valuable to those who buy and sell metal scraps. These places are called junkyards or scrap yards.


A junkyard will buy your car as a whole or in parts in return for instant cash. They will value the car based on its state, make and components and give you its equivalent in money.




The junk car market is a large market, and it is quietly unstable. Junk cars are cars that are most likely damaged beyond repair, and while they may no longer be used as whole cars, they can still be disassembled, crushed and sold as junk at a junkyard.


When your car is at the level where it can be passed off as junk car, you want to have it picked up and valued.


We pick up cars, give you the value they are worth and pay in cash even without the title.


There are so many features of a car that will determine its value as a junk car. The extent of damage in the vehicle is one feature that will determine how much you will be getting for it.


Another feature that will determine the amount of money you will be getting is the age of the car. The Make, model, and catalytic converter are also identifying features.


What is catalytic converter?


  • In the exhaust of so many vehicles is a device that converts the harmful substances in the exhaust systems of a car.


  • These harmful substances are released by the vehicles when they are in use and are dangerous to the environment.


  • The catalytic converter converts these substances to less harmful ones using the redox reaction. It converts carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons to carbon dioxide and water.


  • The insides of the catalytic converter are made with either Palladium or platinum, and this makes it one of the most valuable features in a car.


  • Aftermarket catalytic converters


  • The value of a catalytic converter is higher when you are scraping the whole unit. It is best then to sell the entire group rather bits and pieces.

Aftermarket catalytic converters are converters that are bought as a replacement in the cases of theft or damage of the original converter.

They are cheaper at prices but not so reliable in quality.


  • How does aftermarket catalytic converter being down the value of junk cars?


  • The presence of a catalytic converter will add value to the price of a junk car because sometimes it will go for a higher rate than the entire vehicle depending on the level of damage done to the car. In a situation where the vehicle has this device, and the equipment is damaged or has been poorly handling or scrapped, the entire value of the car is brought down.


  • In the case where the catalytic converter is an aftermarket purchase rather than an OEM purchase, the junk car value is little or nothing above a car that doesn’t have the device. This is because the aftermarket catalytic converter has lower quality and value even when it is new, and so it’s valued diminishes significantly when it is scrapped.

We buy catalytic converters, Fords, Gm’s, Chryslers, Small foreigns, Medium foreigns, and Large foreigns, also Exotics, we pay top dollar.




We pick up burnt cars for free. Cars contain a lot of inflammable materials and ignition points which makes them susceptible to fires. Car fires are usually unexpected and uncontrollable.


Car fires can be accidental, as a result of the many inflammable parts in the car and the different ignition points or they can be deliberate, as a result of arson. Either way, car fires leave the car damages, sometimes beyond repair.


When fire damages a car, and it is beyond repair, it’s automatically junked.


Junk cars or salvage cars as they are called are cars that are no longer repairable or cars that cost too much to repair and its resale value is lower than the repair costs.


Cars that have been ascertained to be junk cars are usually taken to a junkyard where they are disassembled and valued.


Junk cars are purchased by the owners of the junkyard and paid for by cash. The value of the car is determined by the owner of the junkyard using present market value (yes there is a market for junk cars or scraps as they are called). You can also get first-hand knowledge of the market price and value of your car based on its make, age, and components.


We pick up burnt burn cars for free


  • We pick up burnt cars for free

Taking a burnt car to a junkyard all by yourself can be daunting if you do not have access to a towing van.

 Now the good thing is most junkyards will go anywhere in the city and come pick up the vehicle, and some of them will pick up the burnt vehicle for free while some might charge you a fee.


  • What you need to do if you have a burnt car anywhere is to go online and find the nearest junkyard to you, or you might want to check the one closest to you with an excellent review if you have that luxury.


  • As long as you will be selling the car to them, they will pick up your vehicle wherever you are, if not immediately then they will give you a time frame when they can come pick it up and if they cannot make it at all, they will most likely direct you to another junk car service  that car.


  • Why you should use a junk hard to pick up your burnt car.


  • Whether your car got burnt by accident or was deliberately set on fire (arson),  you would have to move it from where it is, and in the case that it is damaged beyond repair it will be economically wise for you to contact a junk car service directly. From picking the car up to sales transaction, you will have a straight purchase.

No stress of taking the car somewhere first then going to find a junk car service. This will save time and unnecessary expenses.




With the change in the value of junk cars over the years, there are now more factors to consider when you need to sell your junk car.


Perfect timing is necessary for when you have to sell your car, and it all depends on if you are going for a quick sale, highest cash attainable or you are probably selling without a title.


Since timing is an essential factor when selling a junk car, it is best to know at what time of the cars life you should sell your junk car.


When is the best time to sell a junk car?


  • When you get to the point where it is taking a whole lot more to keep the car going, and every day the car seems to be getting worse, then you should consider selling your car to a junkyard before even the valuable components lose their value.

Imagine fixing a car not worth up to $1000 with $800 parts especially when finding used Latta seem futile; the car is now more of a liability to the owner.


  • When you delay in junking your car, you can lose money because the longer the delay, the lower the value if of the junk car drops.


  • Know when to sell a junk car is essential as the scrap market is volatile and the value of car metal fluctuate daily.


  • A lot of car owners would hold on to their damaged cars with the mind of restoring the cars themselves. Now while this might be a great project but most persons end leaving the vehicles on their driveways or in their garages gathering dust or getting worse and reducing the amount of money the junk car will be bought for.


  • While some car owners are trying to restore their cars which should have been junked, some want to disassemble the cars themselves. Again this is a good idea if they ever get around to doing it or if they research the proper ways to dismantle the cars. When poorly disassembled or stripped with the wrong chemicals, the value of the metal reduces drastically.


  • It is easy to sell off a car that has been damaged in an accident as junk, but owners of old cars usually find it hard to junk their cars especially when the cars hold sentimental values.


  • Now that you have decided to sell your junk car consider preparing your car by getting rid of personal belongings And using up the car’s gasoline.


  • The documentation of your car should be for you to get a good price on your care. Note that if you still have payments to be made in your car, it cannot be sold as junk.


  1. State laws to abide

The country set up a set of laws governing the sale of used-cars and junk cars. These laws are called Lemon Laws and are aimed at protecting people from unfair and underhanded treatment. You have to ensure that you adhere to these laws, as each state has their own set of Lemon Laws.

  • Georgia state laws

In Georgia, you or your insurance company must apply for a salvage title for a vehicle that is junk from the Georgia Department of Revenue (DOR). However, should your vehicle be demolished or scrapped, the car