Car Crushers Cash For Junk Cars Powder Springs Ga
Car Crushers Cash For Junk Cars Powder Springs Ga
car crushers cash junk cars w/o titles

car crushers cash junk cars w/o titles


Car Crushers cash for junk cars Powder Springs Ga w/o titles [404-399-3474] with or( without titles.) We are a licensed used car dealers in the state of Georgia. We serve the Metro Powder Springs area and beyond in a 50-mile radius. We offer ( more cash for) plus free towing when we buy junk cars. Sell your car to the crusher and receive (extreme cash for) cars today. Junk car buyers are who we are and crushing junk cars is what we do. Junk (Car Daddy’s cash for) junk cars (Powder Springs, Ga) No title no problem call us right now at [ 404-399-3474.]  (Perkins car removal) Car Crushers junk (car for cash removal Powder Springs, Ga).

car crushers cash for junk cars

car crushers cash for junk cars

[100 to 2500] For Junk Cars in The Following Cities [404-399-3474]

[100 to 2500] for junk cars in the following cities [404-399-3474] – Atlanta, Decatur, Lithonia, Conyers, Covington, Ellenwood, Jonesboro, Hapeville, Forest park, Riverdale, Stockbridge, McDonough, Fayetteville, Morrow, Hampton, Love Joy, Griffen, College Park, East Point, Union City, Fairburn, Peachtree City, Newnan, Palmetto, Mableton, Austell, Douglasville, Villa Rica, Sandy Springs, Powder Springs, Marietta, Kennesaw, Acworth, Cartersville, Dunwoody, Chamblee, Tucker, Brookhaven, Doraville, Buckhead, Norcross, Conley, Lawrenceville, Alpharetta, Duluth, Lilburn, Snellville, Stone Mountain, Locust Grove, Johns Creek. Car Crushers (cash for) junk cars [404-399-3474].



Car Crushers Sell my junk car Powder Springs Ga w/o titles [404-399-3474] in the state of Georgia (without titles) if [12 years] old and older. The seller must show proof of ownership and ID at the time of purchase. The customer will be paid cash for quote given. All deals are final once the customer gets the money. The driver does not negotiate the quoted value. We make junking cars easy. Get (extreme cash for) junk cars and (more cash for) junk cars with or (without titles) (Powder Springs, Ga). Car Crushers (cash for) junk cars [404-399-3474].

car crushers cash for junk cars

car crushers cash for junk cars


Car Crushers We buy junk cars Powder Springs Ga w/o titles [404-399-3474] when that break down happens.  Our roadside assistance can rescue you. Whether you are on the highway, on the street, or a parking lot. We are just a phone call away. Call us right now and get a quote over the phone. Also, Junk Cars guy w/o Titles pays cash for junk cars in Georgia. Junk (car daddy’s cash for) cars pays (extreme cash for) and (more cash for) cars (without titles) (Perkins car removal)

car crushers cash for junk cars

Car Crushers cash for junk cars


Car Crushers junk cars Powder Springs with or (without titles) [404-399-3474] offers the best prices of the day which is in accordance with the scale weight. The scale weight varies and goes up and down like the stock market. The scale price is multiplied by the weight of your junk cars which gives the value their of. We will pay the customer the dollar value at current estimation. We pay (more cash for) cars that’s [2007] and up. We give (extreme cash for) car that’s [2012 ] up. Junk (car daddy’s cash for) cars and (Perkins car removal) in (Powder Springs no title )

car crushers cash for junk cars

Car Crushers cash for junk cars

Car Crushers Junk My Car with or without Titles [404-399-3474]

Car Crushers junk my car Powder Springs Ga with or (without titles) [404-399-3474] Some people ask, “where can I junk my car”? And we respond to that,” Car Crushers junk my car used car buying service”.  Another person may say, “ who buy junk cars near me”? And we will say again,” Car Crushers the junk car buyers with or (without titles)”.  Car Crushers is actually a mobile towing company operating in the state of Georgia. We give quotes over the phone with a brief description of your vehicle. So where ever your car breaks down, call us and we will get a tow truck out on the scene. (Car for cash removal Powder Springs, Ga) [7] days a week

car crushers cash for junk cars

Car Crushers cash for junk cars


Car Crushers cash for cars Powder Springs Ga w/o titles [404-399-3474] with or (without titles) operates in the state of Georgia. We service all the major cities because we are mobile. Our towing service can help you when your car breaks down out there. We will send a driver with cash on hand for the quote given. call us now at [404-399-3474.]

car crushers cash for junk cars

Car Crushers cash for junk cars

Seller’s Guide To Junk Cars

 Seller’s guide to junk cars. Want to sell your car that is a piece of junk? Want to create the junk car into a hefty profit but don’t know yet how? With selling junk cars, there are ways to go about it because it isn’t just for throwing into the crusher and converting into a shredded metal. Junkyards will buy it so they pick it apart and find pieces worth saving to sell for [100’s] to garages who work on vehicles.Those who want to sell their car (for extreme cash) can call Car Crushers (cash for) junk cars [404-399-3474] for great deals. Selling junk is a hot commodity today.

  • [1st], when wanting to sell your car as junk, do it as soon as possible to keep within the codes of enforcement. Don’t ponder it a lot because the value is not much for junk. The value is up and down with junk like the stock market. It is an old car with rusty parts. It is not a well preserved Corvette. [2nd], when looking for a buyer, be aware of those who may be fraudulent or undersell you. Look for one verified as legitimate and will always guarantee you. [3rd], study the car and do research about how much is your junk really worth meaning the current price for metal.Then call Car Crushers (cash for) junk cars (removal) for the same day pickup.
  • Go through the car to make sure whatever you are about to sell you don’t mean seeing it destroyed. Keep what you want and preserve all of the contents that are important for the future. Don’t remove parts because that could drop the quoted value, including the battery, tires, and windows. It is just like moving out of an apartment, doing a last minute search to make sure nothing is left behind. Then, there are these ideas to get the junk sold for a higher value. You can get a new coat of paint on it to cover those lost or faded colors, fix up those dents and scratches, and have the CarFax to show a history of ownership and damage and repairs. Car Crushers (cash for) junk cars [404-399-3474].
  • Then, there is giving good faith to the junkyard by driving it yourself to show its value. This can give you the upper hand when it comes to negotiating because it proves the car has valuable parts and you won’t be lowballed for cheap. Or, you can sell it online on Craigslist or a classified ad for all junk cars. However, the sale could easily be turned around by the buyer who will force the price on their terms. But if you can’t drive the car then call Car Crushers (cash for) junk cars [404-399-3474] to schedule the same day pickup.
  • Selling your car to the junkyard is easy, but the question is how much money you can get out of it. It is all about value. Is it worth [100] or [1500] There is value in everything within the junk, but it’s about raising it to get the most from the junk car. It’s wanted seed money to get an upgrade in your next car that will make all the difference. Car Crushers (cash for) junk cars [404-399-3474]
  • You can also opt to sell your car privately. This is a good choice if you’re not quite ready to see it sent to the scrap yard just yet. If your car is old, rusted and falling apart, but is actually quite a collector’s item, there will be people out there who are willing to pay you top money for what you consider junk. Remember the phrase ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.’ This is true of cars and just because you see an old and rusty car, doesn’t mean there are not people out there who want to restore the car to its full glory. All you have to do is look around and try to find someone who is willing. Car Crushers (cash for) junk cars [404-399-3474].

Sell Your Car to Us

  • Sell your car to us. If you want to sell your car, in at least working and driving condition, we can help you and provide you with cash. Our process of selling a car to us is simple, stress-free and easy to get started. If you are looking to sell your car, there are many routes to take, but our service is simple and thorough in its process to offer you the best quote and buy your car. Car Crushers (cash for) junk cars [404-399-3474].
  • The process of selling your car to us is to provide us with some basic details that can enable us to view your car from one perspective and ensure the possible sale of your car can be made based on our terms. We will require basic details, such as your vehicle registrations number, general information about your car and details about yourself, specifically contact details so we can get in contact with you easily and keep in touch during the process as we don’t want you to miss out on any updates.
  • We will then provide you shortly with a call, or email depending on how you want to receive the information. You can view an estimated valuation of your car and what we can offer based on the car’s features. We will then liaise with you to book an appointment that will go through important details about your car and any questions you may have.
  • Car Crushers (cash for) junk cars wants to ensure that you are receiving the best value to make your journey to us worthy. We understand the process and the struggles that can involve selling your car, and want to provide the best customer service we can. Other than our online platform, we also have a telephone service open for you to contact us easily if you need more information and want to speak to someone in more depth – we are happy to talk to you, run through the process and assist in providing all the information you need.
  • When you book an appointment with us we will then be able to provide you with a quote of the sale of your car and give you the money on the same day. We value your car and inspect the car for any damages, fault and internal work that has been undiagnosed or not fixed. We will be able to carry this out simply and easily for you and get you the cash for your car sale. Car Crushers (cash for) junk cars [404-399-3474].
  • Our process for selling your sale is simple, hassle-free and guarantee you get more for your car than other companies that offer much less than your car is really worth. Our team are here for you and will be able to go through everything on the day of your appointment to make sure everything is understood and clear. Our simple online valuation tool Is easy to access and get instant quotes on your car’s value for cash.
  • We also take into account administration fees and fees in general and choose not to charge you an admin fee as we understand the value of your car and want to provide the best and fair price possible for it. Car Crushers (cash for) junk cars professional car (removal) is here to serve. Car Crushers (cash for) junk cars [404-399-3474].

Cash for Junk Cars: Signs That You Should Junk Your Car

  • Cash for junk cars: Signs that you should junk your car. Junk cars are not vehicles that sit in an open field for anyone to pick up. They are obviously not attractive vehicles, banged up and obviously worn out to the changing times that made them obsolete a decade earlier. However, a junk car could still be useful with operating pieces that can be salvaged to be installed in another car. With a junk car in possession, owners can junk it for cash instantly. There are signs that the car is no longer worth the drive and the constant fix, and that it can be scrapped for quick, good money. Just note these signs.
  • All drivers are permitted to a new vehicle if their car is considered a lemon within a specific number of miles driven. At the same time, lemon laws also give drivers of lemon vehicles a cash payout while keeping the vehicle in question. However, for those who cannot get that status while being stuck with a vehicle that may be considered unsafe after its lengthy use, then selling the junk for cash to a junkyard should be done. They are in constant search of vehicles that are old to strip down and retrieve quality parts. Plus, note the number of miles driven as they would be considered past its expiration date, which would make them more worth as scrap. Do some research before deciding to see if it worth the sale for quick cash.
  • Another sign is when the costs of repairs start to become very expensive after every oil change or every fix of a broken lug nut or faulty engine. There are some parts worth the payment to fix, but there are other parts so expensive, it becomes unworthy of spending to stick in the car. For a piece that is broken, there are two other pieces that are functioning well and selling junk cars for cash is an alternative option. That cash can be seed money for the new car. The sign that says, “Junk car” the most is if the cars were wrecked in an accident. The salvage of certain parts is worth more than the entire fix of the car. Again, junk your car and get some good cash out of it.
  • Just look at the car. Is it some regular, non-classic brand and style with a loud muffler and engine? Does the car just sit in the driveway and let the tires go half flat? These vehicles need to be removed from the space in the driveway or side of the road. Selling them as junk-for-cash is appealing and attractive and a win-win for the buyer and seller. There is such program all over looking for scraps, especially the lemon car which is unsafe with faulty parts. They go in and see that there are few parts worth saving and that some money is better than no money. A few of these obvious signs lead to quick cash for car owners.

We Buy Used Junk Cars

  • We buy used junk cars. If you are looking to scrap your car and need a place to sell it easily, look no further as we are able to provide this service to you and gain you cash. We are able to value your car quickly at the best service possible and provide you with cash after. Car Crushers (cash for) junk cars [404-399-3474].

The Process

  • We have an online valuation tool that is used to value the car depending on its year, model and other details that we require to fully process to complete the sale. With our service, you will have an instant valuation by applying online to sell your junk car.
  • We will have a local branch available to scrap the car at the estimated value and make the process as easy as possible for you. The first step is to provide us with your registration number so we can gather the information that we require to move forward and notice any problems that may affect the transaction. You will also need to provide some basic details about your vehicle, such as when you bought the car, how many previous owners, MOT certificate, log book etc.
  • When you have given this information we will prepare a valuation for you and you will be required to book an appointment with our car crushing services that will process the car in their branch for junk.
  • Our staff at the branch is very friendly and helpful, they will be able to guide you and get the job done for you. They will talk you through the process and general paperwork required, they will also check the car to inspect and ensure everything is okay with the car – they will then agree to take the car in as junk and provide cash for the junk car. Car Crushers (cash for) junk cars [404-399-3474].

How Much Cash Will You Get?

  • The ultimate amount of cash you will receive from your junk car is based on a number of things such as the demand for junk cars at the time and if the parts of the vehicle are worth buying and reusing. Many people may expect a certain figure for their car when valuing however it can be complicated and not what you expect. We understand the importance of customer expectation and want to provide the best customer service.
  • We will take into consideration the state of the car and how much damage there is to the car; after all, it is based on these factors to ensure it is being valued fairly. If the car has great value in terms of the amount of metal on the car, then there will be a higher value in this case. Junk cars that are smaller will not be as much as bigger cars that have more metal on them compared the smaller cars that have less metal, therefore less after use for car crushers. Cars that are heavier and big are generally the more valuable ones that offer more cash, however, smaller cars are able to sold by us at the minimum junk value we can offer.

Tips For Getting Cash For Junk Cars

  •  Tips for Getting cash for junk cars through scrap parts is easy, but it also can show off the value of the car. Looking for someone who will pay it off with cash is around as they will study what can be salvaged as valuable to sell to car owners and repair shops, who know that used parts in good shape are cheaper and tested than brand new parts. Junk cars are always in demand, but for those looking sell their car, they should know how to get the most money out of it and how much their own parts are worth.
  • For starters, be the owner of the car and give proof because used car lots will need it to start to cut the parts they want. That’s the legal part of it. Now, here’s the value-oriented part of getting cash. Look at the vehicle and study every part to know which is to the dump and which is to be reinstalled in another car. This is called the Blue Book value. The more you know about your junk car’s own value, the more you can negotiate with the scrap lookers, especially when they ask you about the car’s history. A better way to improve the value and faith the car’s usefulness is to repair anything damaged.
  • Next, make an inquiry about the going rate for parts close by and farther away because the place 10 miles away instead of the one next door could pay more. The cash-for-junk rate among junkyards varies on the car’s make and model besides the quality of the parts. Another thing to consider is driving the car yourself because some junkyards will have fees for towing the car from your home. Driving it over saves time and money and simpler when showing proof of ownership. Car Crushers (cash for) junk cars [404-399-3474].
  • And then, there are those lemon laws, which can cut the amount of cash you want for the scrap. To junk a car for payment, know some of these laws because they protect buyers from a fraudulent value of a vehicle. Know these laws in your home state as they also differ, even though most states allow the owner to sell their cars easily. Also, don’t tamper with certain facts of the vehicle, such as the actual year or the number of miles it packs. There is a major difference between a car that has taken in 120,000 miles compared to one at 80,000 miles.
  • So, you want to sell your car for junk and quick cash? Instead of sending it to the dumpster where it will be smashed into a square, a junkyard will break it apart for value pieces that are reusable. And, usually, they will pay for the scrap in cash to those who are sending it in for sale. It is lucrative for those ready to junk the car and get something back for it instead of selling it to a dealership for virtually nothing. Just be attentive to any offers that could undercut what you are looking for in selling it off.

How To Sell A Junk Car


  • How to sell a junk car. Should you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having to write your car off to junk due to age or an accident, don’t be too bummed out about it. A junk car does not mean you cannot at least still get some use out of it, like make some money by selling it. Salvage yards make some of their money by selling car parts to other car owners or repair garages, so they will always be eager to buy a junked vehicle from you. However, before you sell your junk car, there are a few things you need to be aware of.
  1. Confirm your ownership

  • Salvage yards, cannot by law buy a junk car from anyone other than the owner of the vehicle. When you approach a salvage yard to buy your junk vehicle, you will need to have all the necessary paperwork that proves that you are the owner of the vehicle.
  • You will need the title, registration, and license. The title document, or pink slip, will specify the vehicle information such as vehicle identification number, make and year. Also, it will state the license plate number, gross vehicle weight, power and purchase price of when the vehicle is new. Further the title document will contain the name and address of the registered owner of the vehicle and if there is anything still owed on the vehicle and to whom the money is owed. This document you can obtain at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

You can sell your vehicle without the registration and license, but the process will go a lot smoother if you have all the paperwork.

  1. Establish the value of the vehicle

  • Before you start negotiates with the salvage lot, establish the Blue Book value of the car and assess the damage to the car. The Blue Book value is an “as is” value that does not include any warranties and is a starting point for any negotiation for a used-car or junk car sale. It is the Kelley Blue Book Private Party Value and determines the sale price depending on the condition of the vehicle.
  • Ensure that you have as much information as possible so you are fully prepared for negotiations. Also, you may be asked a lot of questions regarding the car as you shop around for the best sales deal. Further, you may consider fixing it up a bit to ensure that it runs as cars that run have a higher value than cars that don’t. Remember, you want to make sure you get the best possible deal for your junk car, especially if you need the money to invest in a new car.
  1. Shop for prices

  • Armed with your paperwork, Blue Book value estimate and a list of damages to the car, start calling around to hunt for the best prices and deals. Do not limit yourself to your area only, extend the search to nearby cities as well. Some salvage yards outside your area may pay more for your car depending on the needs of that area. Your car may be a make and model that is in great demand in that area. Also, find out if the yard charges for collection or not, some will collect with no charge depending on the model, make and extent of the damage to your car. Always shop around and compare prices.
  1. Delivery

  • Once you have settled on a price and deal with a junkyard, you will need to deliver the vehicle. If it is possible, drive the car in yourself or arrange for a tow. Most salvage yards will pay more for a vehicle that they do not have to collect. Ensure that you have the necessary paperwork and any other accessory that is part of the vehicle. You have to sell the vehicle in the state agreed to with the salvage yard.


Sell my junk car. Do you have a damaged car that is worth way less than whatever it will cost to fix It? Or you have a car that has seen better days and many miles?  Or a car that has been burnt or totalled in an accident?

Do you know you can get cash in return for having the car removed?

Say hello to car junking otherwise known as selling junk cars. If your car falls into any of the categories above then it is a junk car and there are people who will give you cash for your junk car.

Junk yards are places where you can sell your junk car. Some of them deal only in junk cars and some buy every form of scrap metal.

Even in its damaged state, a car still has some valuable components that junkyards are willing to buy. Even though the market for recycled steel has dropped over the years reducing the demand for steel parts and the price at which junk yards will buy junk cars, junk cars still go for good prices because of the other components they have.

One of the valuable components of a junk car that will fetch good money (about  $100 ), is the catalytic converter.

The catalytic converter is a device that is found in the exhaust system of almost all cars designed from 1975 . This device is mostly used by large factories but was  designed for vehicles to help convert the harmful substances disposed by the vehicles into benign substances.

Hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide which are emitted by the exhaust system are converted by the catalytic converter to water and carbon dioxide.

The catalytic converter is valuable because the insides are made with precious metals like platinum and Palladium. Both platinum and palladium are highly sought after metals as they have a higher demand in manufacturing industries right now, so that’s one valuable thing to rake in cash from your junk car .

There are other things in your car that can also increase the amount you get paid for your car . The tyres, the wheels , the Stereo  and some other parts.

The best way to get extreme cash for your car is to find out what is saleable and either disassemble your car to sell them yourself or add them as bargaining points .

When you have decided to sell your junk car there are some thing you have to put in place or do first before having a junkyard come over to remove the car.

Make sure all personal belongings are removed from the car and there is no gasoline in the gas tank. You have to get the titling done for the car ensure you have the proof of ownership and registration.


Junk my car for cash near me. Car junking is one of the straightforward sales business you can ever do. The great thing about junking your car is that it gives instant payment and it takes a junk car off your hand. That’s two birds with one stone.

Junk yards are spread all over the country, in fact there are literally over hundreds  of them and most of them have branches in some states.

There is a high chance that you have a junkyard close to you as they tend to be everywhere, which is a good thing .

Now ,while a lot of Junk yards pay cash for the junk cars, some have taken to cutting checks for the cars.

Getting cash for your junk car from a junkyard near you

  • The chances of getting a junkyard that is located near you is high and the chances of getting one that pays for junk cars in cash should equally be high too.

How do you find these junk yards near You?

  • It would not do you any good to be moving from block to block looking for junk yards and asking if they pay cash for  junk cars.
  • The easiest way to find junkyards located close to you is to run a search on the internet using the search words “ junkyard in ( your state or your town)
  •  This search will show you a list of junk yards that are located either around you or at a close location to you. You should be able to find one not so far from where you are.
  • The next thing you should do is to go through their page.

Due to the increasing rate of technology now, almost all businesses are on the internet and have good informations about their services, so you should be able to find out if they junkyard pays in cash or they cut checks.

  • If for any reason it is not stated on their official page whether they pay in cash lr cit checks, you can contact them via phone or online to find. It should however be state on the website.
  • You can also find out other information before you use a particular junk yard to junk your car. From the contact on the website, you can find out if they come to pick cars and if they pick anywhere. You can find out the documents you need and the state’s law for junking cars in your state. Different states have different laws concerning car junking so it will best for you to know what is lawful.
  • Know that you can get a good amount for your junk car despite the fluctuating state of the market due to a drop in the demand for steel and other metals.  If your car has some valuable components, then they will increase the amount you are likely going to get for it.

Cash for All Cars – The Ins and Outs of Selling Your Junk Cars in Georgia

Having a junk car on your lot is a waste of space and resources. Why not sell it for some extra cash in hand and peace of mind? When you have finally made the decision to sell your car, junked or not, there are a couple things you need to do to ensure the process goes smoothly. Being in this business of buying junk cars in Georgia, we have decided to put together a succinct yet informative guide to help you with selling junk cars in Georgia for swift cash.

Let’s get started

What is a Junk Car?

Believe it or not, there are actually two different definitions for what a junk car is. In order to get the most money for your car, you need to know how to categorize it.

1. Total Loss

Upon getting into a car accident and having your vehicle appraised by the car insurance company, your car might be deemed “totaled” or a “total loss” should the damage be too extensive for repairs. When your vehicle has been totaled, repairing the damages would go above and beyond the current value of the vehicle; so the best scenario would be junking the vehicle.

When it comes to selling a total loss vehicle, you can do it a number of ways:

  • Disassembly for parts, selling each piece separately – requires some car know-how and proper storage of pieces that go unsold
  • Donation – giving away your junk car and keeping the receipt means you can write it off on your taxes
  • Selling the junk car for cash – convenient, hassle-free, and a quick way to make money

2. End-of-Life Vehicle (ELV)

When a vehicle reaches the literal end of the road and becomes inoperable, it is considered an “end-of-life” vehicle, or ELV. This kind of designation is often affixed to a vehicle when it has large-scale damage from an accident, has no value due to deterioration or age, or has been stationary for a long period of time.

However, because this vehicle is not a total loss, you will still need the title to sell it. Before selling a junk car in Georgia, check out the salvaged auto regulations to ensure you are following the guidelines regarding registration, license plate, and title.

Getting Your Junk Car Ready to Sell

Now that you know how to categorize your junk car, you need to do a couple of things in order to sell it. If you haven’t already, you need to clean out the vehicle and remove all personal belongings. If the car has been stationary for a long time, you might have forgotten something important in one of the many compartments. Once the car has been sold to a junkyard, for example, you will never have a chance to look through it again, so don’t forget this important step!

Keep in mind that some valuable components might still remain intact in the car, such as upgraded radio and surround systems, GPS devices, car mats, and other gadgets. Since the value of these upgrades is usually not considered when selling as junk, it’s wise to remove them beforehand and sell them separately. For example, if you have brand new tires on a totaled vehicle, you can removed those tires, replace them with balding tires and cheap rims, then net a profit by selling the newer tires.

You should also make sure all gasoline has been drained from the vehicle. If the car doesn’t run, be careful when siphoning the gas from the tank. Use only approved containers, and never attempt to start a siphon with your mouth.

Once you have gathered everything from the car, drained the gasoline, and have followed the salvaged auto regulations, you are ready to sell your junk car.

Finding a Reputable Buyer for Junk Cars in Georgia

Though we would love to point to ourselves and say we are the only reputable buyer of junk cars in Georgia, we also encourage you to explore what’s available to you. There are a number of options when it comes to seeking out a business or person who buys junk cars, whether those cars are a total loss or ELV.


Some operations are shady and use bait-and-switch tactics. Always check the Better Business Bureau and other sites like Angie’s List to read reviews about the junkyard or buyer.


Some buyers have large fleets of tow trucks that come to your home that very day and take the car, no questions asked. Others need to hire a tow truck to bring the car to the salvage yard and will have to give you an estimate.

Look online for free quotes and consultations, too.

Price and Payment 

Look for operations that list testimonials and past prices paid online then set out to obtain at least several quotes to ensure you are getting the maximum amount of cash for your junk cars in Georgia.

Final Thoughts

Though you might have never planned on selling your car to a junkyard, the time has come to say your farewells in exchange for a chunk of cash. With a little know-how about selling junk cars in Georgia, you can turn a rather unfortunate event into a positive. If you have recently totaled a car or have an ELV setting on your lot, consider us for your cash-for-junk-car needs.  


Sell my junk car for top dollar. Having an old car that is damaged beyond repair or a car that was totalled in an accident should no longer be a source of liability. You can easily sell it off as a junk car.

There is a thriving market for  junk cars and car recycling and the market continues to grow as more persons are buying the idea of selling their old cars rather than holding on to it or leaving it to rot in their garage.

Junk yards buy junk cars and pay instantly.most of them pay cash after valuing the car and making sure the paper work is in order .  Some junk yards will come to wherever you are to either pick up the car for free or complete the sales transaction right there.

Getting top dollar for your junk car.

If you have decided to sell your junk car either to get rid of it or because you need the cash, there are a few things you should have at the back of your mind if you want to sell your junk car for top dollars

  1. While you are interested in selling the car as soon as possible, get the contact of as many junk yards as possible. That way you can have an option and get the best offer.
  1. Contacting a junk yard online will give you an idea of what they are willing to pay. Some junk yard have online forms that you can fill with details about your car and they will give you an offer within the hour. This way you can compare the price you are getting.
  1. Although the steel market is fluctuating and is probably at a low right now,your car still has some valuable items that can get you a higher offer. If prefer to sell the car as a whole rather than  disassemble the car yourself to sell each part separately, then be sure to do an inventory of the car and it’s valuables. This will give you bargaining power especially if your car still possess it catalytic converter which is a valuable device.
  1. Check online for the present prices of metals and reviews of the junkyard if they have a good online presence.
  1. For a first timer, it is best to go with someone who has sold a junk car before so that you don’t get ripped. Some junk yards will take advantage if they know you are new or desperate.
  1. Ensure you have all your paperwork in order. Basically you only need the documentation for titling and proof of registration to sell a junk car. If you car is not titled, some junk yards will not even buy the car and a few will buy for a very low price, so get your paperwork in order.
  1. If you are opting for the junkyard to come and pick the car, find out if they do it for free or it is deducted from the cash from the sales.


How does junking a car work? To junk a car is to decide that the car is no longer fixable or that the cost of fixing it is way more than the value of the car.

There is a whole market available for junk cars as they have some components and properties that are still useful to some manufacturing industries like, car manufacturers and building companies.

The junk car business is a big business and it is still a lucrative business despite the unstable nature of the market.

How does junking work?

  • When you have decided to junk your car, your first step will be to make sure that the car is free from all personal belongings and emptying the gasoline tank.  Then you can contact s a junk car service close to you.
  • Junking a car is simply writing the car off as scrap and selling the car to junk yards. These junk yards will then disassemble the junk cars and strip them to get the metals and components that make up the car, these metals include steel, aluminum, titanium and others. The metals are then sold to companies that use steel for production.
  • The process you follow in junking your car would most likely be based on the state you reside.
  • Every state has its own junking laws, you will have to look up the laws to know how they affect you and how junking works in your state.
  • Each state has its junked car requirements and there are paper works to process before you junk a car.
  • You have to complete the salvage report, relinquish the license plates of the car, and show proof of ownership, vehicle title and proof of registration.
  • Junking a car can be quite daunting for a first timer as they may not know the necessary requirements.
  • If your aim is to get maximum cash value for your junk car, then you can use online apps to monitor the market and know when the market has a high demand for junk cars.
  • Try to find out valuable components in your car, like the catalytic converter that has precious minerals in it and is quite valuable.
  • Junked cars are valued at the junk yards.

There are junk yards that do crushing.

Crushing is a process where junked car metals are compressed before they are taken to the buying companies.

It is best to take a car to a junkyard or call for a junk car removal company to take car as soon as possible. This will reduce the extent of damage the car will suffer. The longer a car stays when it is no longer functioning and it hasn’t be junked, the lower its value even as a scrap.


Dо уоu have a junk car уоu want tо ѕеll, but аrеn’t ԛuіtе ѕurе hоw tо do it? Sеllіng уоur junk car
fоr thе most money requires only a small аmоunt оf research оf уоur neighboring ѕаlvаgе
уаrdѕ. Here are a fеw tips оn hоw to ѕеll your junk car tо a reputable аutо salvage yard.


Fіrѕt, you аrе gоіng tо nееd to fіnd a rерutаblе salvage dеаlеr. Thіѕ means оnе thаt will bе fаіr,
оffеr gооd сuѕtоmеr ѕеrvісе and is licensed and insured. The bеѕt wау tо do thіѕ is аn internet
search to see сuѕtоmеr rеvіеwѕ of thе ѕаlvаgе dеаlеrѕ in уоur area. This will gіvе уоu a gооd
іdеа of the junk car buуеrѕ уоu mіght wаnt to uѕе and the оnеѕ уоu wаnt tо аvоіd.


When уоu аrе rеаdу tо ѕеll уоur junk саr, mаkе ѕurе уоu hаvе thе most іnfоrmаtіоn ready аѕ
роѕѕіblе to mаkе thе ѕеllіng рrосеѕѕ еаѕу and tо ensure уоu аrе gеttіng thе bеѕt ԛuоtе.
Information tо hаvе оn hand іnсludеѕ: car tіtlе, mаkе, model, уеаr, mileage, body condition,
engine соndіtіоn and ѕіgnѕ of еxtеrіоr or іntеrіоr damage.


Evеn if уоur junk vehicle nо lоngеr runѕ, mоѕt ѕаlvаgе уаrdѕ will buу it frоm уоu аѕ thеrе іѕ ѕtіll
value in thе vehicle’s раrtѕ. The vаluе оf a car vаrіеѕ dереndіng on the mоdеl аnd condition.
Thеrе аrе ѕеvеrаl fасtоrѕ thаt gо іntо рrісіng an еnd оf lіfе or “junk vеhісlе.” Wеіght аnd
соmрlеtеnеѕѕ аrе the biggest fасtоrѕ. At GO Pull-It, wе еvеntuаllу ѕеll thе junk vеhісlеѕ tо ѕtееl
ѕhrеddеrѕ bу weight. Thе hеаvіеr уоur vеhісlе, the mоrе mоnеу you can gеt fоr your junk саr.
Parts аrе аlѕо ѕоld оff оf thе vehicle, ѕо thе more соmрlеtе and full of раrtѕ thе bеttеr.


Dо you hаvе a сlunkеr сluttеrіng uр your рrореrtу but уоu don’t want tо pay a tоwіng соmраnу
to hаul іt away? Well, you’re in luck. Mоѕt ѕаlvаgе yards оffеr frее tоwіng fоr junk vеhісlеѕ аnd
can wоrk аrоund уоur schedule, sometimes hаvіng thе аbіlіtу tо рісk uр your junk саr the ѕаmе
dау оr thе nеxt day. GO Pull-It іѕ аlwауѕ hарру tо arrange towing for уоu. Hоwеvеr, іf уоu brіng
the junk саr tо uѕ, wе tурісаllу рау mоrе for your junkеd аutо.


Undеrѕtаnd your lосаl lаwѕ аnd rеѕtrісtіоnѕ whеn ѕеllіng junk саrѕ. At times you mіght nееd
сеrtаіn lеgаl paperwork tо ѕсrар thе еntіrе body оf thе саr. GO Pull-It has a full-tіmе title clerk
that wіll do аll оf the paperwork needed tо trаnѕfеr уоur vehicle. Our friendly drivers wіll ѕhоw
уоu еxасtlу whеrе to ѕіgn уоur tіtlе.


When ѕеllіng уоur junk саr to a rерutаblе dealer, thеу will аlwауѕ рау you thе negotiated рrісе.
Bе wаrу оf dеаlеrѕ thаt wіll try to rеnеgоtіаtе a lower deal аt thе time оf рісk uр. At GO Pull-It,
we always рау уоu thе nеgоtіаtеd рrісе whеn wе рісk уоur vеhісlе uр.


You muѕt notify thе DMV thаt уоu have ѕоld, traded or donated уоur vеhісlе. This can be
ассоmрlіѕhеd by gоіng оnlіnе, vіѕіtіng a customer ѕеrvісе сеntеr or соntасtіng thеm bу phone.
You must also notify thе іnѕurаnсе company, if аррlісаblе when you hаvе ѕоld, trаdеd оr
dоnаtеd a vеhісlе. Make ѕurе to transfer оld рlаtеѕ to your nеw vеhісlе, or rеmоvе thе рlаtеѕ
frоm thе junk vehicle уоu аrе ѕеllіng.


  • What is the point of keeping junk car around the garage if it’s not working? Do you know that you can exchange your salvaged car for cash? Some car owners are not aware of this
    fact, so they end up losing the opportunity of earning some cash by giving them up freely or even hire tow companies to tow them away.
  • You may have wrecked your car, but it’s still worth much. If you have cars that are already considered non-roadworthy or they have
    been damaged in a way that it is too expensive or impossible to fix, you can trade them for cash. Before you start disposing of them as junks consider the fact that you can earn some
    money by selling them; this is what most people do not know.
  • Get extra cash for your junk cars. There are many people out there who are interested in trading with you and getting your scrap cars. Regardless of the fact that they are damaged or non-roadworthy, these people consider them to be valuable. When next you are considering getting rid of a salvaged car, think of the opportunity you have of getting some money. The interested parties that want to trade for cash are usually in need of the usable parts of the car.
  • Many parts of a salvage vehicle could be removed, and resold to someone who is in need of a certain part while the greater part can be recycled as well. The interested car junks buyer mostly include the junkyard dealers or people who operate automobile repair shops, they are always interested in cheap car parts to use in repairing other vehicles. A junk car might not be considered completely useless as it could still be useful in providing parts for repairing and restoring other autos. In most cases, they are even repairable and may be made drivable with some intense effort and with minimal expenditure.
  • For this reasons some people are particularly interested in buying junk vehicles since they are still useful and not totally trashed. A junked car might not look good like new cars, but it can
    still be used in performing some activities. Is it possible to sell my junk car without a title? Yes, you can sell both your title and title-less autos, even though many people don’t know
    they can sell their cars without a title {a legal document that verifies you are the car owner} inasmuch you can provide other alternatives document that proves you are the owner of
    the vehicle.
  • Although the title usually proves that you are the real owner and the car is not a stolen one. The title is also needed for a buyer to take over ownership of the vehicle and
    register it in their name, especially if you sell to a private party or a dealership. Nevertheless, you can sell your salvaged car to junk car buyer that will pay cash on the spot
    to you without titles, after you have verified ownership using other methods such as your registration, drivers’ license or insurance information.
  • Get the most cash for your junk car Selling an old car for cash can be a complicated process, especially if you have not done it
    before. It might not be easy to get buyers by your own efforts. You might find yourself confused about choosing the best buyer but don’t worry a good junk car company can help
    you to get good selling opportunities within a short time and you get a real value in exchange of selling your junk car.
  • One of the ways that can help you get maximum benefits from the deal is noting all the usable car parts. You can make a list of these parts and present it to the buyer in order to
    increase their value. Most buyers will require you to present this list before they make an initial offer which you can accept or reject.
    Don’t forget that the payment you get will depend on the weight, size, and condition of your car. Whether the car is drivable or not, get a handsome amount of cash for your junk car by
    cleaning it up to make it look presentable.


Junk car removal. There are a lot of persons who have junk cars standing in the front laws, sitting on the garages or just laying around somewhere in their homes.

They have finally gotten around to acknowledging that the car is junk and needs to be moved, taken to a junk yard and sold as scrap.

You might be too busy to haul off the car Yourself to a junkyard for sale and you don’t fancy having the sale right there in your yard, then you should get a removal company to come pick the car.

When you have a junk car you need to move there are few things you need to do first before calling for a removal service.

You want to make sure your papers are in order because yes they need that too to move a car, proof of ownership, nobody wants to move a stolen car. Make sure all personal belongings are removed and that the gasoline is used up or sucked out. Leave no items lying about.



 Junk car removal

  • There are companies that handle the removal of junk cars, some do this for free and some of them will charge you some amount of money pick up your junk car.
  •  Companies that offer these service will just send their towing van to your location to move the vehicle.
  • For companies that do junk car removals for free, they might actually just conclude removal and sales transaction on the spot, so that the owner gets cash values for the junk car.
  • It is advisable to get a quotation from a reputable junk car removal company to give you an idea of what you want, what you should do and how to go about having your junk car removed from the house.

Getting cash for your junk car

  • Most companies that offer car removal services are either contracted to a junkyard business or run their junkyard business. If they are contracted to a junkyard business or run their own junkyard business, then there is every likelihood that your junk car will not only be moved but will be sold as scrap and you will make money from it.
  • Before your car can be sold as junk or scraped, you must have the paperwork in order as things like registration number, car model, age of the car, number of previous users and payment plan of the car will determine if the car can be removed and also paid for.
  • The money value of the car is determined by the company, the company will evaluate the car and determine the amount of money you will get from the car based on its components, the present state of the junk car market and the state of damage on the car.


  • Наvіng а јunk саr sеttіng аrоund уоur hоmе саn bе unsіghtlу аnd dаngеrоus. Јunk
    саrs саn drаw іn аll tуреs оf аnіmаls thаt wаnt tо mаkе а hоmе іn thе саr. Тhеsе
    аnіmаls саn саrrу dіsеаsе thаt соuld роtеntіаllу bе раssеd tо уоu, уоur fаmіlу, оr
    уоur реts.
  • Іf уоu hаvе smаll сhіldrеn thеу wіll wаnt tо рlау аrоund thе саr, thеу
    соuld bе сut, shосkеd, burnеd, оr bесоmе stuсk іn thе саr. Тhеrеfоrе, іf уоu hаvе а
    јunk саr аrоund уоur hоmе thаt уоu hаvе nо рlаns tо rераіr уоu shоuld sеll уоur јunk

Тhеrе аrе sеvеrаl mеthоds tо sеll уоur јunk саr, mаnу оf thеm аrе vеrу sіmрlе аnd
rеquіrе lіttlе tіmе оr еffоrt оn уоur раrt.

  • Тhе fіrst mеthоd tо sеll уоur јunk саr іs tо
    саll а lосаl јunk уаrd аnd аsk thеm tо соmе аnd tоw thе саr аwау. Тhе јunk уаrd wіll
    аsk уоu sоmе quеstіоns аbоut thе аgе, mаkе, аnd mоdеl оf thе саr аnd thе оvеrаll
    соndіtіоn оf thе bоdу.
  • Тhеу wіll mаkе уоu аn оffеr оvеr thе рhоnе, іf уоu ассерt thе
    оffеr, thеу wіll mаkе аn арроіntmеnt tо соmе аnd tоw аwау thе саr. Аll уоu wіll
    nееd tо dо іs sіgn thе tіtlе оvеr tо thеm. А јunk уаrd wіll рrоbаblу mаkе уоu thе
    lоwеst оffеr оn уоur саr but thеу wіll tаkе аnу јunk саr.
  • Аnоthеr grеаt wау tо sеll уоur јunk саr іs tо sеll іt tо сhаrіtу. Асtuаllу, уоu аrе gіvіng
    thе саr tо сhаrіtу but thеу wіll sеnd уоu рареrwоrk thаt wіll аllоw уоu tо сlаіm а tах
    dеduсtіоn. Тhе оnе drаwbасk оf dоnаtіng а саr tо сhаrіtу іs thаt іt hаs tо bе іn
    runnіng соndіtіоn.
  • Іt dоеs nоt hаvе tо bе іn grеаt соndіtіоn, but іt dоеs nееd tо hаvе
    thе аbіlіtу tо drіvе оn thе hіghwау. Тhіs іs bесаusе thе сhаrіtу wіll dо mіnоr rераіrs
    tо thе vеhісlе thеn аuсtіоn thе vеhісlе, оr gіvе іt tо а lоw-іnсоmе реrsоn аs wоrk
  • Оnсе уоu саll thе сhаrіtу, thеу wіll mаkе аn арроіntmеnt tо рісk thе
    саr uр frоm уоur hоmе. Yоu wіll sіgn thе саr оvеr tо thе сhаrіtу аnd іn оnе tо twо
    mоnths thеу wіll sеnd уоu рареrwоrk tеllіng уоu whаt thеу gоt fоr thе саr.
  • Ѕаvе thіs рареr fоr уоur tахеs аnd уоu wіll bе аblе tо tаkе а tах dеduсtіоn fоr thе
    аmоunt thе сhаrіtу rесеіvеd fоr thе vеhісlе.
    Тhе lаst wау tо sеll уоur јunk саr іs роssіblу thе еаsіеst аnd mоst luсrаtіvе mеthоd.
    Fіnd а соmраnу оnlіnе thаt buуs саrs.
  • Тhеrе аrе mаnу оf thеm tо сhооsе frоm, аnd
    thеу аll ореrаtе а lіttlе dіffеrеntlу. Whеn уоu fіnd а соmраnу уоu аrе іntеrеstеd іn
    уоu fіll оut thеіr оnlіnе fоrm соnсеrnіng thе sресіfісs оf уоur саr. Тhеу wіll mаkе
    уоu аn іmmеdіаtе оffеr оn thе саr.
  • Іf уоu ассерt thе оffеr, thеу wіll аsk уоu hоw уоu
    wаnt уоur mоnеу, сhесk, mоnеу оrdеr, оr оnе оf sеvеrаl оthеr орtіоns. Оnсе уоu
    tеll thеm hоw уоu wаnt раіd thеу wіll соntасt а lосаl tоw соmраnу tо соmе аnd
    rеtrіеvе thе саr. Аll уоu dо іs sіgn thе tіtlе оvеr tо thе drіvеr.
  • Іf уоu dо nоt lіkе thе
    оffеr, уоu саn орt tо hаvе thе соmраnу е-mаіl уоu оffеrs untіl уоu gеt оnе thаt уоu
    lіkе. Yоur оffеr wіll gо uр оr dоwn bаsеd оn thе рrісе оf stееl, thе сurrеnt рrісе оf
    stееl іs hоw mоst оnlіnе соmраnіеs mаkе thеіr оffеrs оn уоur саr. Аs уоu саn sее,
    thеrе аrе sеvеrаl sіmрlе mеthоds tо sеll уоur саr.


  • Вuуіng јunk саrs іs еаsу tо dо, hоwеvеr mаkіng а рrоfіt frоm buуіng јunk саrs fоr
    саsh іs аn еntіrеlу dіffеrеnt рrороsаl аltоgеthеr. Аrе уоu іn thе mаrkеt fоr а usеd
  • Dо уоu nееd tо knоw hоw tо buу а usеd саr wіthоut еndіng uр wіth а ріесе оf
    јunk thаt dоеs уоu nо gооd? Тhеrе аrе wауs thаt уоu саn gеt уоur usеd саr, whеthеr
    уоu аrе рауіng саsh оr fіnаnсіng іt fоr а bеttеr рrісе аnd thеrе аrе аlsо wауs tо mаkе
    surе уоu gеt whаt уоu wаnt wіthоut gеttіng а bаd vеhісlе thаt wіll brеаk dоwn оn
    уоu sооn. Неrе аrе sоmе tірs tо hеlр уоu.
  • Аlwауs gеt аnу vеhісlе thаt уоu аrе рurсhаsіng сhесk оut bу а сеrtіfіеd mесhаnіс
    fіrst. Іf уоu аrе рurсhаsіng frоm а usеd саr lоt, thеn mаkе surе thаt уоur оwn
    mесhаnіс сhесks thе vеhісlе оut fіrst. Іf уоu hаvе usеd thе sаmе mесhаnіс fоr а lоng
    tіmе thеу mау dо thіs fоr frее, аnd іf nоt thеу wіll сhаrgе bеtwееn $50 аnd $100.
    Тhеу wіll run а соmрutеr dіаgnоstіс аnd сhесk а fеw оthеr thіngs јust tо mаkе surе
    уоu аrе gеttіng а gооd vеhісlе.
  • Аlwауs hаvе а саr fах rероrt rаn fоr уоu оr dо іt уоursеlf. Маnу dеаlеrs wіll run а
    саr fах rероrt fоr уоu, but іf thеу wіll nоt dо sо уоu саn dо іt оnlіnе уоursеlf. Тhіs
    wіll tеll уоu thе hіstоrу bеhіnd thе vеhісlе уоu аrе соnsіdеrіng. Іt wіll tеll уоu іf thе
    vеhісlе hаs bееn іn аnу ассіdеnts, hаs bееn flооdеd, hоw mаnу оwnеrs іt hаs hаd,
    аnd іf іt hаs gоnе іntо thе shор fоr аnу mајоr rераіrs.
  • Іf уоu аrе fіnаnсіng уоur vеhісlе уоu nееd tо gеt а wаrrаntу. Іf уоu аrе рауіng саsh
    уоu mіght wаnt а wаrrаntу аs wеll. Yоu саn рurсhаsе а wаrrаntу fоr а smаll mоnthlу
    рауmеnt frоm а thіrd раrtу соmраnу. Тhеsе аrе usuаllу 50/50 wаrrаntіеs оr hаvе а
    hіgh dеduсtіblе аrоund $1,000. Rеgаrdlеss іt gіvеs уоu sоmе рrоtесtіоn аgаіnst
    mајоr саr rераіrs. Yоu nееd thіs bесаusе nоt аll mесhаnісs аrе реrfесt аnd уоu nеvеr
    knоw whеn аn еngіnе wіll gо оr whеn sоmеthіng mајоr mіght hарреn tо уоur
  • Іf уоu wіll bе dереndіng оn уоur vеhісlе tо gеt уоu tо аnd frоm wоrk, thеn thе mоst
    іmроrtаnt “hоw tо buу а usеd саr” tір іs tо gеt full соvеrаgе іnsurаnсе wіth rеntаl
    іnсludеd. Тhіs wіll kеер уоu frоm hаvіng tо wоrrу аbоut whаt wіll hарреn іf уоu gеt
    іntо аn ассіdеnt, hіt а dееr, оr sоmеthіng еlsе hарреns tо уоur vеhісlе. Ѕurе уоu wіll
    hаvе tо drіvе а rеntаl fоr а fеw dауs whіlе іt іs bеіng rераіrs, but уоu wіll hаvе а
    wау tо gеt tо аnd frоm wоrk.


When a car is so old and has about 150,000 miles on it with parts that clang and bang together, and a body that is so rusted its new color is now rust with an engine that sputters, groans and coughs before it comes to life and groans all the way, that car is certified junk.

Does this description fit your car’s present state?

Perhaps you have decided to junk your car because apparently, it is at that point, but then you figured one last spin would be great and now you are stuck at the side of the highway with your broken down car because it finally gave up the ghost. Unfortunately, it did it miles from home or town, and there is no way to get it back.

At this point, you will begin to consider the amount of money you will spend to engage a towing service. Perhaps you realize that a junkyard will come to wherever you are and pick your car as long as you are selling.

Let us let you in on a little secret, if for any reason you find yourself stuck at the side of the road with a broken down junk vehicle, you can easily have it picked up by us but most importantly you can complete sales transaction right then and there. We pay you cash, and you are ready to go.

How does buying a junk car wherever work?

When we need to buy a junk car on a normal day, we use our online evaluation tool that will help us know about the car, its model, and its component.  Since this tool is online, that means location isn’t important.

The first thing we will do (members of our local branch near you) when we get to where you are is to use this tool to evaluate your car.

Next, the scrap experts from the branch you have contacted will scrap the car at the estimated value and make the process as easy as possible for you.

This is where you come in, to make the job easy for us,  the first step is to provide us with the registration number of your car.  This will enable us to gather the necessary information we need to continue with the transaction.

You will also need to provide some basic details about your vehicle, such as when the car was purchased, number of previous owners,  MOT certificate, log book, etc.

The next step is for us to get the paperwork done, our staff will talk you through the process, and then your car will be valued using the parameters, and then you get paid cash up front.

We buy all kind of junk vehicles with or without a title.


When a car is junked, the next step is to take it to the junkyard and get it valued.

Junk cars are generally valued by Junkyards before they are purchased.  The value of the car will determine its price.

A junk car is valued in terms of its age, the extent of damages it has, the number of parts that are missing or that are available, the make and model of the car.

These are not only the determining factors of the price value for a junk car.

A modern day car contains a device called the catalytic converter which is a very valuable device. This device is found within the exhaust system of the car and helps convert the harmful substances from the car into benign substances.  The insides of the catalytic converter are made from precious minerals like platinum.

These precious minerals are what has made this device valuable.

The junk car market is a large market that is known for its unstable prices that fluctuate on a daily basis. The junkyard market is not an end consumer but rather has to sell their junk to other companies.

  • How does demand affect junk car prices?
  • When junkyards purchase junk cars from car owners, they disassemble these vehicles if they have not be disassembled first and then strip them.
  • A car is generally made up in a large percent of steel and aluminum in small quantity.
  • These metals (steel and aluminum) are valuable but can easily be affected by the changes in the market
  • Companies who buy these scrap metals are companies that manufacture cars or carry out building constructions.
  • These companies make demands for scrap metals to assist with works.
  • In the junk car market, the price of the car is totally dependent on the demand for scrap metals by companies.

 When the demand for scrap metals are high, the price of a junk car becomes high, but when there is no demand for scraps, junkyards offer low prices for the junk cars because they have no resale market value as the companies that should have bought them are probably not manufacturing enough units to require scrap metals.

When the end consumers of scrap metals like car manufacturing companies or the building companies manufacture at a high rate and then  put in a demand for a large quantity of scrap,  this means there is a large need for scrap  metals.

  • When this happens the value of steel and aluminum automatically increases.
  • When the value of a junk car is high, the price of the car increases and value is added to the junk car itself
  • The more the demands for scrap metals, the higher the prices of metal scraps.


One of the laws in economics focused on supply and demand in business.  The law states that “when the demand for a product is high, its supply will equally be high and when the demand for the product is low, and the supply rate will be low.”

Unfortunately, the law of supply and demand does not fully apply to the junk car market.

The junk car market is so like the real estate market in the terms that the prices fluctuate daily and the market is quite unstable, volatile if we may.

Another similarity between the real estate market and the junk car market is that in their law of supply and demand, an amount is not directly dependent on demand as supply will continue regardless of the rate of application on the market.

Since supply is not directly dependent on demand, something else has to be. In the world of junk cars and real estate market, the prices of products are directly reliant on the market demand.

This is why we say that both these markets are unstable.  There is no season or trend to follow when it comes to monitoring these markets.

  • The prices can drop today and pick up tomorrow.
  • How does demand affect the value of junk cars?
  • Junk cars are bad cars that have been sold to Junkyard owners and are to be resold by the junkyard owner as scrap metals.
  • Junk cars have their values in their components which are stripped and then sold to companies that make use of these components.
  • Unfortunately, some junk cars are so far damaged that they have to be thoroughly stripped to find any usable metal and if their catalytic converters are missing, they have little or no value.
  • A car is mostly made up of steel and aluminum metals. When junkyard owners buy junk cars and strip them, they collect the metals and sell them to companies who use them in producing cars and building houses.
  • With the present economic recession, these companies are building fewer Houses and producing fewer vehicles. This reduction in production has left a massive gap in the demand market as supply is not affected by the gap.
  • Another cause in the reduction of junk car values is the lower demand for steel by foreign countries.
  • Let us take China for example. China is one of the most industrious countries and at one had the highest demand for steel which was used in their then developing country.  Then China slowed down.
  • While they were developing, China had to produce steel to meet up with the manufacturing needs. They combined the steel they built with the ones they bought scrap.
  • Now that they have slowed down they still produce steel, at a half quality and they are looking for countries to sell them too.
  • With no demands for scraps,  there is little or no value for junk cars.


That car is old! It is over twenty to twenty- five years old; it has over 150,000 miles on it, it has dents and rust all over its body, the engine groans, and moans and can be stubborn to start sometimes. Or it doesn’t even start anymore, and also when going slow it is still a disaster, the bottom might give way, fixing it is a near impossibility, it is not a vintage model of some super brand, and it is a junk car.

There is an age a car gets to and some repairs that the car has reached that even duct tapes ( as used by stiles from a teen wolf) can no longer hold the car together and you have to do the honorable thing and let the car go.

A car can get junked in two ways:


  • The car has lived a full life and has had generations riding around in it and probably conceived in it. Okay.
  • Now it is sitting on the driveway, in the yard, in the garage serving as a hide and seek landmark for the kids and the critters or even a landmark for the area like “you know the house with the old red car in front of it?”.
  • Possibly it has given up the ghost on the side of the road, and now it is a shelter for squirrels.
  • We get it, it holds sentimental values, but it is beginning to hold all manner of unsavory things too.
  •  It has been repaired, fixed and maybe renovated sometime in the past but you know right now that fixing it will cost a whole lot more than the car will ever be worth.

It is no longer a sentimental object; it is becoming an eyesore.

  • It is time for it to get junked.

Accidental junking

  • This is an unfortunate event that automatically renders the car useless.
  • A car can be totaled in an accident, and then the price for fixing it exceeds the value of the vehicle.
  • A car can also get burnt by accident due to the many flammable and ignite objects in the vehicle or deliberately which is arson.  Either way, if the car is damaged to the point where fixing it is not economically wise. It becomes junk.  At this point, you junk the car.

What does junking a car mean?

Junking a car or calling a car “junk car” does not mean that the car is dirt or waste materials, no.  It merely says that the car can is no longer fixable or that the cost of fixing the car will be way more than the value of the entire vehicle at the end of the day.

Junking joining a car is saying that the car will be more valuable to those who buy and sell metal scraps. These places are called junkyards or scrap yards.

A junkyard will buy your car as a whole or in parts in return for instant cash. They will value the car based on its state, make and components and give you its equivalent in money.


The junk car market is a large market, and it is quietly unstable. Junk cars are cars that are most likely damaged beyond repair, and while they may no longer be used as whole cars, they can still be disassembled, crushed and sold as junk at a junkyard.

When your car is at the level where it can be passed off as junk car, you want to have it picked up and valued.

We pick up cars, give you the value they are worth and pay in cash even without the title.

There are so many features of a car that will determine its value as a junk car. The extent of damage in the vehicle is one feature that will determine how much you will be getting for it.

Another feature that will determine the amount of money you will be getting is the age of the car. The Make, model, and catalytic converter are also identifying features.

What is catalytic converter?

  • In the exhaust of so many vehicles is a device that converts the harmful substances in the exhaust systems of a car.
  • These harmful substances are released by the vehicles when they are in use and are dangerous to the environment.
  • The catalytic converter converts these substances to less harmful ones using the redox reaction. It converts carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons to carbon dioxide and water.
  • The insides of the catalytic converter are made with either Palladium or platinum, and this makes it one of the most valuable features in a car.
  • Aftermarket catalytic converters
  • The value of a catalytic converter is higher when you are scraping the whole unit. It is best then to sell the entire group rather bits and pieces.

Aftermarket catalytic converters are converters that are bought as a replacement in the cases of theft or damage of the original converter.

They are cheaper at prices but not so reliable in quality.

  • How does aftermarket catalytic converter being down the value of junk cars?
  • The presence of a catalytic converter will add value to the price of a junk car because sometimes it will go for a higher rate than the entire vehicle depending on the level of damage done to the car. In a situation where the vehicle has this device, and the equipment is damaged or has been poorly handling or scrapped, the entire value of the car is brought down.
  • In the case where the catalytic converter is an aftermarket purchase rather than an OEM purchase, the junk car value is little or nothing above a car that doesn’t have the device. This is because the aftermarket catalytic converter has lower quality and value even when it is new, and so it’s valued diminishes significantly when it is scrapped.

We buy catalytic converters, Fords, Gm’s, Chryslers, Small foreigns, Medium foreigns, and Large foreigns, also Exotics, we pay top dollar.


We pick up burnt cars for free. Cars contain a lot of inflammable materials and ignition points which makes them susceptible to fires. Car fires are usually unexpected and uncontrollable.

Car fires can be accidental, as a result of the many inflammable parts in the car and the different ignition points or they can be deliberate, as a result of arson. Either way, car fires leave the car damages, sometimes beyond repair.

When fire damages a car, and it is beyond repair, it’s automatically junked.

Junk cars or salvage cars as they are called are cars that are no longer repairable or cars that cost too much to repair and its resale value is lower than the repair costs.

Cars that have been ascertained to be junk cars are usually taken to a junkyard where they are disassembled and valued.

Junk cars are purchased by the owners of the junkyard and paid for by cash. The value of the car is determined by the owner of the junkyard using present market value (yes there is a market for junk cars or scraps as they are called). You can also get first-hand knowledge of the market price and value of your car based on its make, age, and components.

We pick up burnt burn cars for free

  • We pick up burnt cars for free

Taking a burnt car to a junkyard all by yourself can be daunting if you do not have access to a towing van.

 Now the good thing is most junkyards will go anywhere in the city and come pick up the vehicle, and some of them will pick up the burnt vehicle for free while some might charge you a fee.

  • What you need to do if you have a burnt car anywhere is to go online and find the nearest junkyard to you, or you might want to check the one closest to you with an excellent review if you have that luxury.
  • As long as you will be selling the car to them, they will pick up your vehicle wherever you are, if not immediately then they will give you a time frame when they can come pick it up and if they cannot make it at all, they will most likely direct you to another junk car service  that car.
  • Why you should use a junk hard to pick up your burnt car.
  • Whether your car got burnt by accident or was deliberately set on fire (arson),  you would have to move it from where it is, and in the case that it is damaged beyond repair it will be economically wise for you to contact a junk car service directly. From picking the car up to sales transaction, you will have a straight purchase.

No stress of taking the car somewhere first then going to find a junk car service. This will save time and unnecessary expenses.


With the change in the value of junk cars over the years, there are now more factors to consider when you need to sell your junk car.

Perfect timing is necessary for when you have to sell your car, and it all depends on if you are going for a quick sale, highest cash attainable or you are probably selling without a title.

Since timing is an essential factor when selling a junk car, it is best to know at what time of the cars life you should sell your junk car.

When is the best time to sell a junk car?

  • When you get to the point where it is taking a whole lot more to keep the car going, and every day the car seems to be getting worse, then you should consider selling your car to a junkyard before even the valuable components lose their value.

Imagine fixing a car not worth up to $1000 with $800 parts especially when finding used Latta seem futile; the car is now more of a liability to the owner.

  • When you delay in junking your car, you can lose money because the longer the delay, the lower the value if of the junk car drops.
  • Know when to sell a junk car is essential as the scrap market is volatile and the value of car metal fluctuate daily.
  • A lot of car owners would hold on to their damaged cars with the mind of restoring the cars themselves. Now while this might be a great project but most persons end leaving the vehicles on their driveways or in their garages gathering dust or getting worse and reducing the amount of money the junk car will be bought for.
  • While some car owners are trying to restore their cars which should have been junked, some want to disassemble the cars themselves. Again this is a good idea if they ever get around to doing it or if they research the proper ways to dismantle the cars. When poorly disassembled or stripped with the wrong chemicals, the value of the metal reduces drastically.
  • It is easy to sell off a car that has been damaged in an accident as junk, but owners of old cars usually find it hard to junk their cars especially when the cars hold sentimental values.
  • Now that you have decided to sell your junk car consider preparing your car by getting rid of personal belongings And using up the car’s gasoline.
  • The documentation of your car should be for you to get a good price on your care. Note that if you still have payments to be made in your car, it cannot be sold as junk.
  1. State laws to abide

The country set up a set of laws governing the sale of used-cars and junk cars. These laws are called Lemon Laws and are aimed at protecting people from unfair and underhanded treatment. You have to ensure that you adhere to these laws, as each state has their own set of Lemon Laws.

  • Georgia state laws

In Georgia, you or your insurance company must apply for a salvage title for a vehicle that is junk from the Georgia Department of Revenue (DOR). However, should your vehicle be demolished or scrapped, the car will be marked with the title “Parts” and you are not legally able to drive those cars.

Should you decide to keep your scrapped vehicle after a total loss settlement, you will need to apply for Georgie salvage title. This application must be done within 4 weeks of the settlement. Your insurance company will need an application for a Replacement or original Salvage Title form and a Report of and/or Surrender of George License Plate form to facilitate the application by your insurance company. The forms must be accompanied by the license plates and original title.

Please note the following vehicles are not covered by Georgia’s Lemon Laws:

  • If you bought or lease a used car
  • A vehicle with a title stating that the vehicle is used
  • All-terrain vehicles (ATV’s)
  • Price maximums

Lemon Laws in most states can be avoided should the price stay within a certain range. For example, should you sale price be more than $700, most states will then issue refunds as regulated by the Lemon Laws. There are limitations for other aspects as well such as mileage and age of the car.

  • Seller vs. Dealer

Some states have strict laws governing the difference between a private seller and a dealer. It is vital to know what the definitions are in your state. For example, some states may claim a person is a dealer should he or she sell up to four vehicles within 12 months. A dealer will be held accountable to slightly stricter laws that a private seller.

Parting with a much-loved car is never easy, at least with a junk car you have the option of selling it for a decent price. That should make moving on to the next car a bit easier. Remember to always be armed with knowledge and facts before undertaking any sales negotiations

Junk car buyers in Georgia

  • Junk car buyers In Georgia, there are many junkyards that will buy junk cars for cash. We know that having to deal with a clunker or a car that has been scrapped is not easy. Losing a car in any circumstance is not ideal for anyone or family. We can help you with that, as junk lots and yards are always looking to buy ‘junkers’.
  • We buy junk cars, and then sell the parts to other car owner or repair garages. It keeps our business afloat and gives you some much-needed cash in your pocket. We know that cash on hand is great, as it gives you an opportunity to perhaps put a down payment on a new car, settle some debts or take the family on a much-needed vacation. Whatever you decide the use the money for, we can help you do it just by selling your clunker to us.

Before you go off to the first lot and sell your previously loved ‘scrapper’, here are few tips for seeking out the best deal for you.

  1. Tell us what you go

  • Start by calling up a few junk lots in your area. We will ask you some questions about the vehicle such as make, model, year and trim. You can also tell us about the condition of the car, for example, if it was scrapped due to an accident, then detail the damage. Be sure to describe the condition of the vehicle in detail. This will ensure you get the best deal for you scrapped car. We will need to know things like odometer reading, is it drivable, can it start and what prove of ownership do you have. In Georgia we can buy a vehicle if it has no registration papers or license, but not without a title document.

We will also ask about any structural damage to the car, for example, we will need to know if there are any doors missing or if it lost any bumpers. If you answer our questions thoroughly and honestly, we will not need to change our offer at the time of pickup or delivery.

  1. Listen to our offer

We understand that once you have taken the decision to get rid of your junk car, you want a quick resolution to the deal. That is why we will almost always make an instant offer. There are times we will take all the details and your contact information to get back to you, but those instances are few and far between.

In Georgia, we are bound by laws that will not allow us to buy certain vehicles. These vehicles are:

  • Used or leased cars
  • Cars that are stipulated as used in the title document
  • All-terrain vehicles (ATV’s)

As junk car buyers we will always make sure you get a fair deal and will pay well for your car. We ensure that our clients always get the most reliable and fastest service we offer.

  1. Pick up or delivery arrangement

  • Once you decide to choose our amazing offer, we will then arrange a pick-up of the vehicle. We will need details such as the address where the vehicle can be found, vehicle identification number (VIN), name on the title or registration document and the color of the car. Should the title of the car not be issued in Georgia, you need to let us know so we can make the necessary arrangements. We will schedule a time and day that is convenient for you once we have all the necessary information. A weekend or night time pick can also be arranged.
  • Should the vehicle be outside the city or area, we will try and negotiate for you to deliver the vehicle or pick up might have to be charged for. Please ensure that all paperwork is ready when the vehicle is picked up or delivered. Also, the vehicle has to be in the condition as it was described during negotiations. There should be nothing missing or replaced.

Advantages of selling your ‘junker’

  • Cash offers

We will present you with an offer in minutes. On your acceptance, we can buy your scrapped car via cash or cheque.

  • A quick sell

Most deals for junk cars are concluded in 24 hours or less. This will include the negotiation, offer, and pick up.

  • Instant cash

We will give you cash immediately when collecting the car. All you need to do is give us the keys, paperwork and the car. You will then get paid instantly and left to do whatever you choose with the cash. We will take care of everything else ‘junker’ related.

The internet is littered with junk car buyers operating in Georgia. Make sure you pick the right one to deal with by arming yourself with knowledge and information about the process and the value of your vehicle. We will gladly answer any and all questions you may have about the process. Please do not hesitate to ask questions of the junk car dealer you are negotiating with.

Junk car buyers in Georgia will always ensure that we offer you the best deals for your scrapped car. These deals with be fair, open and always offer the best cash rate. On conclusion of the deal, we will make the rest as hassle-free as possible. We will arrange all pickups at a time, day and date convenient for you. Your only responsibility is to ensure that the car is accompanied by all legal documentation and is given to us as discussed and agreed upon.

How Much To Expect From Your Junk Car

  • How much to expect from your junk car. Motor accidents are terrible things, they can reduce the finest, most sophisticated piece of mechanized hardware to nothing but a pile of junk. Junk cars are cars that have been rendered worthless either by a major collision or passage of time. Junk cars are pretty much junk, hence the name, they either just take up valuable space or remind that there is virtually nothing you can do to get rid of them or is there? You have a couple of options when it comes to selling your junk car. You could gain a lot of money if you play it right, the profit could stem from a couple of hundred to a couple of thousands.
  • There is a major demand for junk cars, you can sell them to junk a scrapper or junk medic. They pay cash for junk cars based on its weight, make, metal composition and age, essentially you could be sitting on a couple hundred or thousand dollars without realizing. A lot of factors are put into consideration when calculating the worth of a junk car.
  • The first thing you need to ask yourself is “does it still run”. A Junk car might be worth more while it still runs, certain factor like the cost of repair and maintenance must be put into an account, but it could still be worth your while. The car can be bought by car medics if it’s not too much trouble, however, if the cost of repair is higher than what the car could go for on the market, it’s always better to sell the car to the scrappers. Car medics are people who buy junk cars and fix them up for sale. Car medics use the Scrapping calculator to determine the worth of a car.
  • Several car medic companies use the Scrapping calculator. A scrapping calculator is a software available on several scrapper sites, it needs several key information like weight, size of the engine, powertrain, make, model, year and metal composition to calculate the actual value of a car. The model of the car and its production year matters when the car’s worth is being calculated. Some companies buy cars to scrap them or repair them or both, either way, you get paid and you are finally free of your junk car.
  • Stripping the car before selling it to the scrapping company might be a good idea. Most companies calculate the reusable parts of the car as weight, thereby not giving you your money’s worth. Stripping the vehicle might help you make more money. But that is a bit problematic, for example, if you own a 2007 Toyota Corolla, it might be a good idea to salvage it first. You could remove the valuable removable parts like the GPS system, the tires, starter motor and alternator and sell them for a lot of money, but of course, you have to pay the scrap yard for the labor. That will take a huge chunk out of the profits made from the resale and you definitely have to pay the tow company for move it around. In the end, you might end up with less than you’d get for selling it to scrappers.
  • A car’s model comes a long way in determining its worth. When a dealer from a junk car company uses the salvage calculator, one of the major information that to determines a car’s worth is it’s made, year and model. When buying cars, dealers pay particular attention to is the year the car was made. When using the salvage calculator, the initial amount dealers normally start with is the estimated price for a used version of the car, then work the price down from there. Most times it’s better to just sell the car to the company and let them decide whether to scrap it or save it. They will have to deal with the labor costs needed for scrapping the car, making it their problem, not yours.
  • When dealing with dealers the classification of car matters, they are usually classified into two categories. The first is a category is the old cars. These cars were created in the 80s, 90s, early 2000s(2000-2006), and even before then. And the second category consists of cars made in 2007 and above.   It is often argued that cars that were built in 2007 and the years after that have this level of sophistication that cars that were created before then lack. That may be why junk car companies are especially inclined to purchase cars that were made in 2007 and the years that follow. So it stands to reason that you’ll get more cash for 2007 models and up.
  • The worth of your junk car could rise and fall due to the fluctuations in the prices of scrap metal. At this point, I think we’ve established that selling your junk cars to a company is far better than all the afore-discussed options. As I said earlier, things like make, model and year matter when calculating a car’s worth. But the biggest factor to consider is fluctuations in scrap prices. If the company you are selling your car to are predominantly scrappers, buying your car for an exorbitant amount is not a business move. With the fall in prices scrap, junk cars have seriously lost their value. Instead of being worth a couple of thousand dollars, they could be worth a couple of hundred. 
  •   With ridiculously low scrap prices the metal components of your car could help you get more money. The average car weighs four tons, that’s four thousand pounds of metal, most cars are made up of 55% steel and the other types of metals in different percents. You will hit a jackpot if your car’s aluminum composition is high, aluminum is one the most valuable part of a car, they normally sell for about 0.25-0.35*LB(cans). Although aluminum is a weak metal, a car’s casting is aluminum and so is some of the engines, the rims etc. Copper is worth a lot too, they can be used for electrical wirings and creating batteries, they can be found in a car’s alternator and starter. There are other valuable metals like lead, steel and the occasionally platinum.
  • Another useful tip to really get more out of your junk car is to target states with favorable scrap prices, one of such states is Georgia. Georgia has one of the best scrap prices in all of America and for that reason, there is a huge concentration of Junk cars buyers in Georgia.
  • One more thing, you need to have all your papers intact. Nobody will trade with you if you still owe the state money, so make sure you have all the papers necessary to engage in the transaction. If you are really keen on selling your junk car then you need to contact us, we buy wrecked salvaged cars and we’ll make you a great offer, so stop contemplating and trade with us, you could get extra cash for the holidays.

Cash for Junk Cars in Georgia USA

  • Cash for junk cars in Georgia USA. If you can make money selling your junk car, then there is really no reason not to, especially is you know of a local place in Georgia to take get your car reviewed and sold. People who are used to buying and selling cars are much more likely to use these services to have the money back and cash on hand when selling their junk car.
  • Georgia is a popular city in the United States with many cash for junk cars services that have a simple process for gaining cash in hand and selling your junk car. The process for receiving cash from junk cars that are sold are popular in many cities including Georgia where many dealers are based around local areas and they have been in business for a long-term, sharing their expertise in knowing
  • Many of junk cars use is to recycle and primary use the metal body around the car that is the most valuable to the buyer for future sale or use. Dealers make a ton of money selling on the metal and using the parts for other cars that need to be repaired, this way they are able to make their own money through this sale. Junk cars are constantly being recycled and put to good use for other cars and selling on to other dealerships that are interested in certain parts for cars that they may not be able to find for a specific car their need to part for.

Services In Georgia

  • Most of the services in Georgia with businessmen are aware of the value of different cars and will often provide you with the best value for money that they think the car is work with the overall bodywork considered. Georgia has a lot of honest dealers that will ensure you leave satisfied and with cash. If you are looking to sell your junk car for cash we then you will be able to find the service you require in Georgia and also most businesses will provide a free towing service from your home, place of work or any other destination that you may be stranded in. Companies in Georgia who pay cash for junk cars will provide you with the best rates possible and won’t leave you disappointed – it is guaranteed.
  • If you want to find prior information and quotes for approximately how much your car will be worth and valued, you can search dealer’s websites or cash for junk cars in Georgia businesses local to you-you will be able to find details for the cars that they accept and the price that they offer. Some dealers who are more rigid with their services elsewhere outside Georgia are interested in damaged vehicles, therefore, dealers in Georgia provide the additional benefit of providing you with the best possible service in terms of accepting any junk car regardless of the present state.

Any Condition

  • Georgia is the best place for finding companies that offer cash for junk cars and accept all conditions of cars, for example running, not running, wrecked, damaged and completed broken down. They will accept parts for cars but more importantly a car no matter what the condition, they will accommodate you. If you want to sell your car, Georgia is the place for you-you don’t need to worry about the capacity of dealers in this area as you will always find one.
  • Many businesses have been around for a while and will be knowledgeable on different areas of selling a car. Some are family run and some are sole traders, either way, they provide the best service out there in Georgia. Many of them are available 7 days a week 24 hours and are mostly flexible in helping out their customers when they are in need of assistance. Many companies are happy for you to call them to inquire what cars they can offer you in cash for your junk car – they are friendly, helpful, professional and ready to assist.


  • People end up with junk cars for many different reasons, whether they bought a car and realised it was a con because the engine doesn’t start or they are stranded in the middle of somewhere with no starting car – car crushers and dealerships in Georgia are willing to take the car away from you and pay you a decent amount of cash and get you on your way. If you have a car that is doing nothing – just sitting there, there is no excuse not to sell it and get some extra cash. Junk specialist medics in Georgia will be able to take away your clunker and provide you with cash for your worn out vehicle.
  • Most companies will offer you a quote on your car firstly based on the weight of the car and the model specifications. The process is fairly simple and not a stressful process, as opposed to buying a brand new or used car – it is much simpler and easier. Once you have a quote given to you, if the car is located somewhere away from your home, the towing truck will be able to pick it up, provide you with paperwork and the cash. The car will then be taken to the dealership for further valuation on their own private dealerships with other companies and internal uses for their own damaged cars.
  • Some dealerships will require you to take away your number plates and the sign the vehicle over to them with the normal paperwork. The cash will be provided on the spot, meaning you don’t have to come back after to pick up the money and there are no worries in terms of not being paid. Your junk cars can easily be passed on to someone who can make good use of it and give you cash that you can use yourself or keep to the side to save up for something. Extra cash is always a good thing to have as you never know when you will need it. You can save up for a new car or something much more grandeur.

If you have a junk car laying around – go to your Georgia’s dealership services and get a quote for your car right away. You will not be disappointed.

Common Questions Related to Selling Junk Cars

  • Common questions related to selling junk cars. For those who have an old car sitting in the garage or driveway and it is time to get rid of it while taking in some cash have a way. It’s called junk, where the car is sold to dealers, mechanic shops, and scrap yards so it can be broken apart and resold for profit. They play middle-man indirectly in the improvement of other cars by taking quality pieces from junk cars and selling them off as replacement parts much cheaper than new pieces. The process of selling junk cars, particularly for those who want to sell theirs, is a bit confusing, but this Q & A will clarify some of those things to know about how it works.

What Is A Junk Car?


  • Junk cars are exactly that: junk. They are old, broken down, and derelict to the new, modern vehicle that comes out every single year. At some point, the wear and tear of the car will be worth more selling for scraps that repairing it. Certain cars can be refurbished as if it were timeless, but others, like wrecked vehicles, are only worth to dismantle. It does not matter really on how old it is, how big it is, or the condition of the other areas of the vehicle. If it can’t drive consistently, it is time to junk it.

How Do You Sell It?

  • First, get the title, if possible; an alternative is to have your driver’s license and registration in hand. Having the title makes transfer process much easier. Then, do some research and go around and make a phone call for quotes. Then, compare and contrast offers to see which has the best offer. If the car is something junkyards are going to be interested in, they may make an offer over the phone, which is good. Renting a tow truck and how far it also plays a role in cost. Empty out your valuables. In addition, there are scammers out there who try to lowball you with their offer like the bait-and-switch scheme, delay the payment, or try to buy it while you still are the owner. Cancel the registration or you will be liable for any damage to the car after it has been sold. The scammers won’t care.

How Will You Know Your Value?


  • The value of the car will be assessed on the basis of make and model, plus its age, condition, and total mileage it has accumulated up to the selling point. The junkyard will assess it and give what they think is worth, but it is recommended for sellers to assess the car themselves or have an independent figure look at everything – battery, bumper, and tired among other things – to get the best deal possible. For the parts that still work in a car, the value is higher and can be sold at even a higher price to those garages.    


  • One of the most sought parts people look for is the battery. Car batteries that work can be resold or recycled for another $10 to $30, depending on its functionality. Then, there are the tires, which are very usable if there is no damage such as leaks and they can be resold from $50 to $75. Minimal damage sells less obviously, but they can be easily repaired. The third most noted part that is sought is the radiator.Besides the question of if it still works, scrappers will look at their metal value

Side Note: Why Is Metal Value Important?

  • At a minimum, when you sell your junk car, you will get money based on the quality of the metal on the vehicle. More than half of the car’s weight is metal and prices on demand always are in flux. Think of how many things, like massive buildings, are made of steel. Steel from cars is recycled and reused for these construction projects, like building a brand new car. Because prices are high for steel, you will get a good deal if the car’s steel content is strong. This is where history vehicle also plays a role as a car that has never been in an accident sees its value go up more. Totaled cars still do, but non-wrecked cars sell a bit more.

Transaction And Payment Of The Car


  • A junkyard won’t start playing negotiator immediately so they don’t lose business and that there really isn’t any point to negotiate when the difference is only a few bucks. The value of each used piece is within a certain range usually. The average junk car sells for a few hundred bucks, not thousands. So, expect only a few hundred at best. There is also the moving of the car. It can be, based on the junkyard, towed over or, if drivable, taken by yourself to the place. It helps if it can still be driven by not a lot of gas in it. In terms of payment, it will either come in cash or check. Payment is instant; turn in your keys, all documents related ownership of the car (the title), and vehicle identification number (VIN).

What Do They Do With It?


  • The formal condition of the car will depend on its fate. Some will be saved and simply refurbished from top to bottom, as a throwback to the era when it came out, or it will be salvaged and scraped. The fluids, electrical parts, and workable parts are removed and is completely scuttled carefully and without being harmful to the environment. As for the body, it will be either sliced up carefully or completely crushed up as scrap.
  • Selling your junk car is fairly easier than it is seen. Just do some research, know the value of your car, and don’t get high pressured by the salesman. The transition and payment take just hours to do and that’s it. You’ve sold the junk and it can become seed money for something else. So, don’t be afraid to junk the car and make a tidy sum from it.


  • Dynamics of car recycling. There is an adage which says, “There is no such thing as ‘away’. When you throw anything away it must go somewhere!” Recycling is crucial for the environment. Not only because it reduces wastage and leads to optimum utilization of resources but also because it makes a huge difference to the world! You must have heard that card gets recycled but have you ever wondered how this process is carried out? Recycling industry contributes to national GDP and thus when after serving you when your vehicle retires out from the road it can be translated into significant opportunity!
  • More than 90% of the car parts can be recycled which includes tires, steel, iron, radiators, mats, seat belts, oil filters, carpets, mats, batteries, glass, wheels, hoses etc. Isn’t this astonishing? This post is to discuss some of the dynamics of car recycling which will make you fall in love with your junk car as well!

What can all be used in a used car?

  • Manufacturing of glass requires manual labor and excessive heat and oil. By recycling the glass of tonnes of these cars, around 10 gallons of oil which are deployed otherwise in manufacturing is saved. This glass is re-usable in floor tiles, shelves and countertops, glass beads, jewelry and other decorative items. Similarly, recycled tires are used in making pavement bases to make new roads and paths. Batteries iron and steel are out to multiple uses as they are used in a lot of items.

Can every car be recycled?

  • The answer does this question is ‘mostly yes’! Mostly every car can be recycled although the percentage may differ. Because few cars can have distorted glass and dented steel but can have tires, batteries and oil filters of good quality. Some cars reach the end of their useful life because they stop functioning but otherwise they have outer body intact. Hence, every car undergoes detailed inspection by the recycling facility.

What happens to those parts? How are they ‘recycled’ actually?

  • Fluids such as oil, gas, lubricants and other hazardous fluids which are embedded in spare parts of cars are drained out to make the part apt for usage in other products. These drained materials if are hazardous then are disposed of safely and if are reusable (like oil and gas) are then put to re-use. All the other parts which are in the good state are simply removed for resale.

What is the last stage?

  • After the car is drained out of all the parts which can be used, it is crushed and the metal chunk is then sold to the junkyard. The metal body of the car which remains at the end is of no use and hence is shredded to a metal chunk of a golf sized ball. These metal chunks are then melted and sold where it can be reshaped to form other things. The techniques have improved in recent past and the process is automated.

This is how your car serves its whole life and then gets buried down into something innovative and astonishing!


  • Recycling metal from cars. The benefits of recycling can be measured from the fact that one ton of recycled paper can save 24000 gallons of water, saves the environment from 60 pounds of air pollutants, saves as much energy which can brighten up one home for 6 months and also eliminates 3 cubic yards of landfill space and saves about 30 trees from getting cut down! When one ton of paper recycling can save this much, you can well imagine that by allowing the metal of your car to be recycled you can just contribute infinitely to the environment. The scrap metal of your car is also a valuable resource in the recycling industry. Here are abundant benefits of recycling metal from cars. The estimate savings mentioned in below points is if on an average one million tonnes of commercial metals are recycled every year.

Energy Saving:

  • The energy which is consumed in manufacturing metal can otherwise be used 11 houses for a month. This means just be recycling the old and junk cars, we can contribute significantly to reducing energy consumption which can be put to much better use. There can’t be better utilization of energy which is already a scarce source in this world.

Boon to Environment:

  • A lot of water is used in shaping and condensing the metal to make it appropriate for usage. It can save up to 9.73-kiloliters of water every day which can serve water demand of one family for a month. The need to mine new steel acts as a major contributor to environmental pollution and also poses danger to local wildlife and is thus not a very preferred source of iron and steel. Recycling reduces all such potential risks by decreasing the emission of greenhouse gases and is thus promoted by organizations worldwide.

Reduction in Landfill:

  • If metal is buried in the soil then it can leach pollutants into the soil and make it less productive or near to barren. Recycling cars include re-using or selling all the components of it which are in good shape and then crushing and shredding the remaining metal to re-use it. This not only ensures that the local soil remains healthy and pollution free but also prevents the environment from long-term effects on the local environment.

Availability of affordable metal:

  • One of the other interesting benefits of recycling metal from cars includes the availability of recycled metal at a discounted value. The junkyards and scrapyards which buy worn out vehicles conduct thorough analysis of the car and then sell the metal which is re-usable. This decreases the cost of metal for the manufacturers which use them as raw material and thus ultimately provide a product which is affordable for customers.
  • So search for local companies and organizations which are running junkyards if you are planning to scrap away your car. Not only you would be contributing a bit towards environment and society but would also get t put some cash back into your pocket. Still wondering if you want to go for recycling?  


  • What happens to other materials that are non-recyclable in cars. Earth is a small and only planet where sustenance is possible and hence there is a lot of emphasis on recycling in every aspect. Your own car which serves you for its entire useful life becomes equivalent to scrap after a considerable amount of time. The best you can do to that car is to sell it to a junkyard where it is put to better use. The proportion of average car that is recyclable ranges from 75 to 90%. Tyres, batteries, seat belts, oil filters, seat cushions, rubber hose, glass, metal and many other parts of a car are recycled but the remaining parts which are non-recyclable are treated separately. This post is to discuss what happens to those non-recyclable materials.

Repurposing Non-Recyclable materials

  • Not all the, but few non-recyclable parts of your car can be repurposed. Some of these products need to be refined before they can be put to some other use while others can be used in raw form. New ideas keep on generating every now and then! For example, broken glass and upholstery can now creatively be used in photo frames, mosaics, collages and many other pieces of art. Some of the other products can be put to use in form of animal bedding after a certain amount of reprocessing.

Disposing of non-recyclable materials

  • When metal is recycled from a car, all the fluids including oil and gasoline substances are sieved. Some of these fluids are reusable and hence are sold in the market but other hazardous fluids are disposed of by the junkyards. The scrapyards are aware of the proper procedure through which these harmful fluids are disposed and hence keep the environment pollution free.

Burying Non-Recyclable material

  • Burying of non-recyclable materials in landfills is also one of the options followed by scrap yards. There are few items which can’t be recycled, reused or sold again. Hence those are left at the mercy of landfills! These materials can lead to water and soil pollution and hence are not recommended but there are designated landfill areas for burying these.

Incinerating Non-Recyclable material

  • Similar to burying, incinerating is widely used but less promoted means of recycling. It involves burning of all those substances which can simply be put to no use. This burning leads to release of smoke into the environment and thus companies carrying out this treatment have to take special permission for contributing to air pollution. Burning leads to release of harmful chemicals into the air and is thus not a preferred mode.
  • Technology has got really advanced in recent era and maybe the time is not far when 100% of the car is recycled. So what is a mere piece of junk for you can be turned into something which is utterly useful through the magic of recycling. All the products that can be recycled into something better after reprocessing or are re-used in raw form are acceptable worldwide. The demand for these recycled materials is huge because of affordability. But disposing of, burying and incinerating are also harsh reality and do contribute to pollution! 


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  • The different types of metal in cars. A lot goes into car production than meets the eye. An assortment of diverse materials such as rubber and metals are used in the completed product. In fact, a single type of metal is not used alone in the production of any car. Manufacturers make use of different kinds of metals in cars. Lighter and sturdier metals like aluminum and magnesium are used to make several parts, especially in the present 21st century. Special metals consist of copper for wires, rhodium, platinum, and palladium in catalytic converters. Sheet metal from a major part of the exteriors and are being substituted in favor of light plastics. The different types of metals in cars include:


  • Aluminum is used in the production of cars due to its lightweight. In several scenarios, it has successfully been used as a substitute for heavy metals like iron in car construction. This is due to its strength and useful for the part without the excess weight. Components of a car that are characteristically made from aluminum comprise of the engine and wheels.


  • Iron is also a metal found in cars. It was used more frequently in the past than in modern times due to its substantial nature. With the weight of iron comes excellent strength, this makes it a regular option for engine parts.


  • Steel is the central metal used in making most cars. In effect, it makes almost 65% of the constituents used to make an average car. Most sections of cars that involves steering and suspension are created from steel. Also, other areas like the body, chassis, frame, and wheels are made from steel. It is hard-wearing and flexible to use, making it a necessary part of the making of cars. Another reason could be its bending ability on impact instead of breaking. It is preferred mainly because of it is resistant to rust.


  • Titanium is an exotic metal that is enormously durable, lightweight and unaffected by corrosion from chemicals and saltwater. Titanium is not easy to produce, so it is carefully used. Some parts of the car that may be created from titanium include exhaust and intake valves.

Other Metal Components

  • Catalytic converters remove emissions with the use of platinum metals. Wiring is characteristically made from aluminum or copper while car batteries make use of lead. Catalytic converters depend on individual beads that are covered with a group of platinum metals like palladium, platinum, and rhodium. Other metal components include:
  • Car engine: They were first made from cylinder heads and cast-iron blocks. Aluminum alloys are now used to make most car engines. Magnesium alloyed with aluminum is also used for engine parts.
  • Car bodies: Car bodies were classically engraved and cut out of sheet steel. Interior sides of modern cars make use of lighter weight aluminum. Cars save weight by making some exterior parts from fiberglass, plastic, or other composite constituents.
  • Chassis: Early cars were built on chassis/ frame. Steel was mainly used for car frames during the 20th century. But in the 21st century, chassis are calculated to fit well physically, giving cars much more strength.

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If you have decided to sell your car, the clunker junker has a different twist to their car junking process  that makes the entire process easy.

They have an intuitive questionnaire  that you will fill online first. This questionnaire has all the necessary details that would determine the value of  the car you are junking. Facts like make,model, year, trim and others are questions you will have to provide answers to. This questionnaire  will give a clearer idea on the nature of the  car you are junking, it’s value and the extent of damages. It helps them give you an offer online. It cuts the whole  car junking process by half.

When you have filled out the form, the clunker junker will call you with an offer and if you accept  they will have one of their staff come over to pick the vehicle and pay you with a check.

Instant transaction process

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Conditions for sales transaction

  • To ensure that the process is smooth and legal , the clunker junker will ask you some specific questions like what year , make and model is the car. How old your car is and how much mileage it has had, they will ask you for your location zip code.
  • They will ask if  you have the title for the car and proof of registration.
  • Next you will describe the state of the vehicle and what components are still functioning or which ones are missing from  the car. At the end of enquiries, an offer is made and if it is acceptable to you  they will come pick up the car.
  • Transaction cannot be carried out without titling and proof of registration.

Interstate transactions

The clunker junker buy cars from several states like Los Angeles , San Diego Chicago,  Phoenix, Houston,  Denver, Seattle, Las Vegas,  San Antonio and Atlanta.

 Regardless of where you are located, when you have decided to use the clunker junker to junk your car and you have filled the online questionnaire and accepted their offer, they will come and pick your vehicle.



  • Difference between modern cars and the predecessors. The car has come a long way looking at its early years. Even though the elementary ideologies guiding the very first cars are still in use today, modern cars and the predecessors differ from each other. Have you ever pondered about the alteration between them? As with any technology, there is always a regular development in complexity and efficiency, as expected. And for cars, it turns out to be quite a lot. Regardless of the initial idea remaining reasonably unchanged, modern cars have experienced a series of several little enhancements over time.
  • The underlying ideologies of the predecessors are still very much in use. One of the core differences is as a result of the pressure to advance the power of engines and reduced fuel use. Partly, the pressure has come from the larger markets and consumers alike. Below are the major differences between modern cars and the predecessors.

Modern cars are more efficient

  • Burning fuel, like petrol, is not predominantly efficient. Of all the possible chemical energy inside, around 14-30% is transformed into useful energy that essentially makes the car move. The rest is lost to heat, friction, and idling. Modern cars have gone a long way to get as much energy as possible from it. With the use of Direct injection technology, for instance, fuel is injected straight into the cylinders, and this gives an improvement of about 1%. Cylinder deactivation, turbochargers, and variable valve timing further increases the efficiency of modern cars.

Ultimate Power

  • These days, it is more about MPG than MPH. Along with better fuel efficiency, modern cars have also become more powerful. This has also made modern cars less prone to unavoidable mechanical failure

Size is everything

  • For better efficiency, modern cars have also reduced engine size over time. This is no fluke as car makers have learned that you do not have to make engines larger to get more powerful results. All that is needed is to make it work smarter. Similar technologies that made modern cars more efficient has had the consequence of making smaller engines.

Out with the old

  • Modern cars are also the result of a regular replacement of the mechanical aspect with electronic parts. This is due to the fact that electrical/electronic pieces tend to be less affected by deterioration and also entail fewer frequent tune-ups like mechanical parts. Mechanical parts like pumps have gradually been replaced with automatically controlled pumps rather than the old analog pumps. Furthermore, sensors monitor is becoming more involved these days.


  • Even though modern cars and their predecessors have engines that function via similar principle, modern cars have experienced a lot of steady developments over time. The primary driving factor has been the battle for more efficiency. A good outcome has given rise to in modern cars becoming more powerful and reduced in size. In general, modern cars are more efficient, robust, smaller, and smarter. Conversely, repairs and servicing now require more vastly skilled professionals.

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  • A factual source of pride for us is in our capacity to offer 24/7 customer care services. We also complete every job without compromising our pledge to meet and beat our opponent’s prices on all tire recycling services.

If you have any issues or inquiries that you feel is not being addressed appropriately, please feel free to call on


  • The Flex fuel, also known as E85, is an alternative fuel that contains 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline. This mixture of ethanol and petrol produces a new fuel that is more bearable and ecologically friendly than gasoline. It burns cleaner than gasoline, thus releasing lesser carbon emissions into the sky. Since ethanol is derived from plants, the industrial process generates meaningfully less pollution than mining gasoline. Flex-fuel cars can use either E85 or gas, making them one of the best selections to cutting fossil fuel consumption if you are not fully prepared for an electric car. Flex fuel cars, like duel fuel cars, have an internal combustion engine that can function with a combination of fuels. Flex fuel cars are not similar to bi-fuel cars, which uses distinct tanks for each fuel type. Flex fuel cars run on a combination of either ethanol/methanol and gasoline.

Advantages of Flex Fuels

Flex fuels car has some advantages, and this includes:

  • Better for the environ and engine of the car
  • Cheaper than gas
  • Diminishes carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
  • Make use of agricultural waste

Burning capability. Probably the highest benefit is that the flex fuel car has been planned to burn whatsoever amount of combination is in its combustion chamber. Automatic sensors measure the mixture, while microchips regulate the fuel injection and timing.

Environmental effect. Ethanol burns cleaner than petrol and thus less toxic fumes. This is extremely beneficial from an anti-pollution standpoint. The fact that ethanol does not add meaningfully to greenhouse gasses like others makes it a standard alternate amongst the globally mindful individuals.

Substitute for oil. Several flex-fuel cars make use of ethanol, which is derived from plants, a viable substitute for buying foreign oil.

Lesser Cost, Extra Octane, and Performance

  • A fuel comprising of ethanol is moderately cheaper than the alternative. While reasonably cheaper, higher mixtures of ethanol deliver additional octane, so your car performs well.
  • Even though the benefits and difficulties of flex-fuel cars will be discussed for some time to come, one of the most common fuels for these cars, ethanol, is getting favor with several individuals. Ethanol has passed the research stage and may just find its way to becoming the first alternative fuel to be implemented, which can only fall in favor of the current rising fame of flex-fuel cars.


  • So maybe you are rubbing your head pondering what flex fuel is and why you should pay attention since it is less expensive than gas. Flex fuel or E85 is a combination of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline that can be used as an alternative fuel in cars specially designed to run on it in addition to regular gas. There are millions of flex-fuel cars in the state of Georgia, and you might even own one, if not more, and not even realize it.

If you have any issues or inquiries that you feel is not being addressed appropriately, please feel free to call


  • Electric powered cars are reasonably a new idea in the automotive world. Having an electric powered car offers you a right way for you to not save cash only, but also assist in contributing towards an eco-friendly environ. Standard vehicles yield lots of emissions that are expelled into the natural atmosphere, leaving us helpless against greenhouse gases. Nevertheless, to support our environment positively, an electric powered car is an excellent step forward.
  • Electric powered cars source power from batteries fitted inside. The cells are rechargeable and not only used for control but also for other electrical functions. Electric powered cars have additional batteries than a regular car. It is similar to the cells commonly used with a petrol engine. The only alteration is that Electric powered cars have more batteries than a gasoline engine.

Advantages of Electric Powered Cars

  • Electric powered cars offer an excellent means to save more on gas. Though, there are several diverse reasons why Electric powered cars are essential. The advantages of Electric powered cars include:
  • Fewer Noise Pollutants: Electric powered cars produce less noise pollution and are very much quiet. They can provide the comfortable drive with better acceleration over an extended distance.
  • Little Maintenance: Electric powered cars functions on engines powered by electric and hence lubrication is not needed for the engines. Thus, the upkeep cost of Electric powered cars is very low compared to others. You do not have to visit a service station regularly as you would type with a gasoline car.
  • No Need for Gas: Electric powered cars are charged by the electrical energy. This implies you do not have to purchase gasoline ever again for your car.
  • Safe Driving: Electric powered cars undertake similar testing measures as other gasoline cars. In the event an accident arises, you can always expect airbags to take action with power supply cut off.
  • Savings: Electric powered cars can be powered for very economical amounts, and several new Electric powered cars offer countless enticements.
  • Popularity: Electric powered cars are becoming a more popular option these days. With fame comes all innovative forms of Electric powered cars being availed in the marketplace that are exceptional, offering customers with a wide variety of selections to pick from.
  • Zero Emissions: Electric powered cars are completely eco-friendly, and function on battery powered engines. There is no emission of contaminated gases in the environ as it works on a clean source of energy. Electric powered cars are better than hybrid as some give off emissions.


  • Several owners of Electric powered cars have testified to positive returns in yearly savings of up to tens of thousands. Given the demand for oil, Electric powered cars will almost certainly be the standard means of transportation in the coming future. Leading brands are already buying into this trend and are coming up with great electric models. These models feature an exceptional amount of benefits for individuals who have decided to get one. The eco-friendly impact of Electric powered cars is zero, which implies reduced carbon footprint from yet another concern individual.

If you have any issues or inquiries that you feel is not being addressed appropriately, please feel free to call or 404-399-3474.

— Becoming a Used Car Dealer

Becoming a used car dealer. Are you interested to start a new business by trading used cars? This is definitely a great idea. You can easily find so many clients to trade second-hand vehicles and can earn huge profit from each deal. But if you really want to settle a sustainable business then it is good to follow right procedure to start your business.

In order to start your new business, prefer to go through the steps below:

·         Educate you:

First of all, you have to collect knowledge about vehicle types available in the market. You must be aware of pros and cons of every different model so that you can provide the right information to your clients ahead. Prepare details about fuel-efficient models, economical cars, luxury rides and quality of vehicles.

·         Narrow down your focus:

You cannot sell all types of vehicles at your new user car dealership because it will make things quite complicated for a beginner. The best idea is to cut down your listings and decide what types of cars you want to sell at your terminal. You should target a specific segment so that people can search you to buy that specific model of vehicle.

·         Make connections with clients:

Before finding buyers for the used cars, you need to search for the sellers. Try to align yourself with people in your society who want to sell their old cars. Also, take help from friends and relatives to find more car sellers in their circle.

·         Get your license:

It is time to look for the license to start your business. You can take help from the professionals in your city. In order to run a sustainable business, you have to follow proper state laws for your used car dealer business. You can complete the registration process online and submit documents at licensing office in your city. Note that the procedures and fee for a license vary state to state so it is good to ask experts to know about right steps that you need to follow.

·         Hire experiences team members:

You cannot manage everything alone to run a successful business so it is advised to hire a team of experts. To get right candidates for your business you need to post ads in the local newspaper or on job sites. Try to hire people who have some experience to handle deals as they can better manage the ins and outs of your business.

·         Decide prices wisely:

When you are ready to buy and sell second-hand cars at your business terminal, the most important decision you have to take is about the price of vehicles. It is important to make an analysis of the condition of the vehicle, model and service quality. Adjust your margins and then decide the selling price. Focus on budget-friendly deals and take effective decisions to lead your business.

Soon you will be ready for your business and it will lead you to the brighter side of your career.

Good luck with the new beginning!

Black Book Value

Black book value. When we talk about determining right value of the used car, we often think about the Kelley Blue Book. This book has grown as the most trusted industry standard for vehicle sale purchase activities. However, the new addition to the vocabulary of car shoppers and dealers is the Black Book now.

Black Book is a popular product from National Auto Research Division and it first came into existence in the year 1955. The auto experts who developed Black Book use to handle almost 50 vehicle auctions every week and they follow the trusted process for inspecting vehicles visually while collecting essential details about their mileage, features, options, condition, and price etc. This gathered information is further used for estimating wholesale price for the vehicle so that it can be sold at the right value.

Most of you might be interested in how Black Book can help you to find the right vehicle for purchase. If you are planning to buy a second-hand vehicle then this wholesale value of vehicles mentioned in Black Book will help you a lot. This Book uses to categorize vehicles on the basis of four conditions as Rough, Average, Clean and Extra Clean. The price range also varies with the category of the vehicle so that buyers can make an easy decision about making an investment in a vehicle.

The Black Book number of a vehicle determines its trade-in value and market price with the help of trusted tools. It is a healthy platform for dealers as well as consumers because the wholesale price details mentioned in this book help to manage profits on both ends. That means dealers will be able to receive a fair price from consumers and the buyers will save few bucks by paying the right amount for a second-hand vehicle.

The great news for Black Book followers is that this book is updated on a weekly basis so you can always expect the most up to date details from this book. Even if you have the least idea about vehicles and the right to rate their condition for purchase, the black book detailing can help you better.

The Black Book is available in two different versions. One is dealer’s Black Book and other is consumer’s black book and analysis reveals that value of dealer’s Black Book uses to be lower than the other version. It is just because of the reconditioning costs involved in case of dealers.

Most people believe that the Black Book is more suitable for dealers instead of buyers as it helps dealers to set their wholesale price listings. However, many buyers around the world prefer to go through Black Book details before making a vehicle purchase. Even, few experts reveal that if buyers follow guidelines mentioned in Black Book, they can find an easier way to bargain for the automotive shopping. Although Black Book as well as Blue Book, both provide retail and trade-in values for used cars; Black Book also assists people to get details about new cars as well. 


Blue Book Value

Blue book value. Almost 75 years ago, Kelley Company made an effort to list out value information of vehicles to assist sellers and buyers. They added all these details to Kelley Blue Book and due to its highly precise information structure, this book soon became a standard automotive price guide for consumers in the potential market. Although Kelley experts have now added most of the details over the internet so that people can access it with ease, Blue Book is still the best source of information for the exact pricing information.

Les Kelley was never interested to begin a publishing company. He started a used car dealership in the year 1918 with few basic models and within next few years, with the assistance of his younger brother, he was soon able to grow his business to a used cars sales agency and repair service. After this, Kelley started creating a printed list of all essential details about used cars specifications and pricing. That printed list was soon sent to various banks and dealers so that everyone can follow those well-researched details for car deals. With time, Kelley Blue Book started becoming a common choice for sales managers and most of the people started relying on that data to decide the value of old cars.

Blue Book was published for the very first time in the year 1926. Meanwhile, Kelley dealership started expanding its business throughout the country and the Blue Book also gained huge popularity nationwide. Later, in 1962, the company sold its used car dealership and they started working only for the Blue Book.

Here are few facts about Blue Book:

·         Kelley Blue Book is one of the most potential resource of information for buying or selling used cars. This book provides complete details about histories, safety criteria and features of used cars so that all dealers can find a one-stop shop for essential information.

·         The used car reports compiled to Blue Book are some of the highly comprehensive reports in the market. As soon as you find a car you can get a complete report about theft, accidental cases, repairs and owner details of this car. The scores rated in this book can help you to make the right decision about buying a car.

·         For car shoppers around the world, Kelley Blue Book offers so many interactive tools that can assist them to make informed decisions.

·         Blue Book can help you to browse all details about used as well as new cars instantly so that you can easily filter out best choices before making an investment. This book can also assist you to connect with local dealers in your area to lead best shopping experience.

·         Kelley book is the complete source of knowledge for a variety of cars and the information is compiled in a digestible way so that shoppers can make most beneficial deals.

If you are thinking about buying a used car, it is good to go through Blue Book to collect all essential details for a safe purchase. Soon you will be able to make the best investment.

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Buying Cars from Auctions

  • Buying cars from auctions. It is quite difficult to make decisions about purchasing used cars. Most of the people these days are turning to auctions to buy reliable rides at a budget-friendly range. But before spending on any random car in the auction, you should have clear idea about which model will suit your needs best. It is important to take decisions on the basis of comfort, performance, and reliability that you expect from a car.

Here are few tips to buy cars from auctions:

·         Think about mechanical wear and tear:

In case if you are not ready to manage mechanical challenges for your vehicles, it is important to take a wise decision about what you will buy at auction. Try to look for a vehicle that isn’t too old or will not demand expensive repairs. It must be a cheap transportation choice in terms of repair and maintenance.

·         Do visual inspection:

The public, as well as government auctions, allow only visual inspections for cars; you will not be able to test their ride quality. It is advised to check all signs wisely during your visual inspection. Look at the paint overspray, scored brake discs as well as the puddles below the vehicle. There are millions of details about a car that can be tested with visual inspection easily. If you are not that much expert about this visual analysis of used vehicles, try to take an experienced person with you to explore the details.

·         Collect history of the car:

It is important to collect all details about car’s history before you make the decision to purchase that. No one will tell you that at auction, all that you need to do is track everything by using Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Prefer to invest in a car that has clean history so that you can have trouble free rides ahead.

·         Track car value before bid:

Go online and access Kelley Blue Book to collect general idea about the used cars. This book will provide you all essential details about specific models. You can also take help from classified listings and local area updates. It is not a wise decision to place bids blindly on used cars; knowledge can help you to save money and will bring best deals to you.

·         Observe bidders around:

It is good to take some time to analyze what is happening at auction before you come up with your bid. Look at the most active bidders in the auction and observe how they are announcing their bid. The best idea is to visit few auctions just to collect ideas about how cars are sold there and then make your final purchase after collecting experience about the market.

·         Be ready to walk away:

Sometimes bids at auction keep on rising blindly and they cross the limit of car’s actual worth. Don’t get trapped in such situations, when you feel that the bid is crossing your expected limits, get ready to walk away.


How Does a Car Manufacturing Plant Operate?

  • How does a car manufacturing plant operate? There are millions of cars running on the road every moment but are you aware of the process that is used to create their design. In order to understand the typical car manufacturing process, first of all, you need to review the operation of the supply chain that handles vehicle assembly. As per present scenario, cars are sourced out from different locations and the sub-assemblies are completed at multiple locations throughout the world. The final production plant works like an active assembly point that is usually loaded with several robotic systems and skilled professionals. All the loose components are combined together to create the final assembly.

Chassis on the assembly line:

  • It is considered as a baseline component for the vehicle. All other parts of the car are integrated to chassis in the next steps. You can consider it like a welded frame that is loaded to the conveyer belt at production plant and moves over the assembly line. With this stage by stage movement of chassis, the vehicle gains its final model from the empty frame. Parts of the vehicle that are added to chassis one by one include steering box, brake system, wheel drums, gearbox, drive shaft, transmission, half shafts, gas tank, front and rear suspension and engine.

Join parts to complete Body:

  • Once all these parts are added to the chassis on the production line, the next task is to construct the outer body. Manufacturers first focus on the floor plan and then they add right and left quarter panels at desired positions. After this parts are welded together and then they add fear and rear door pillars, rear deck, roof, side panels and hood. All these part adjustments are done precisely with the help of robotic machines.

Paint to add a unique look:

  • Before beginning the painting process, the quality control team at manufacturing plant inspects the body of the vehicle. They will run a detailed check for abrasives, dents, and possible deformations so that perfection can be ensured for the end design. As soon as the testing part is complete, skilled workers will dip the car to primer and then undercoat layer is applied to the structure. These coats are dried using heated paint bay process and then base coat is applied to the body. It is also dried before moving ahead to interior assembly stage.

Fit the interior parts:

  • When the paint is completely dried, it is moved to the interior department where all internal parts are installed one by one. The list includes front/rear fascias, carpets, gas and brake pedals, weather stripping, steering column, speakers, radio, headliner, door panels, seats, interior lights, dash panels, wiring systems, and instrumentation.

Body mating:

  • After this, two major assemblies are mated to finish the final setup. This process is completed with the help of special control machines and computer-generated commands so that assembly can be free of errors. As soon as the car starts rolling on its own, it is taken to the quality control terminal and experts inspect the whole project as per quality guidelines. Once it is approved by quality section, the car is moved to the dealerships.

Recycling of All The Oils From Automobiles

  • Recycling of all the oils from automobiles. You must have heard about the concept of motor oil recycling. Professionals advise changing car oil time to time so that vehicle can stay tuned to good health. Studies reveal that the oil collected from one-time oil change process has the ability to contaminate almost one million gallon drinking water at once. This quantity of water is otherwise sufficient for around 50 people for a whole year.
  • Toxic oil use to be so harmful that it sticks to everything whatever it touches on its way. It can clog sewers, may storm drains and the most terrible thing is that it can also harm birds, pets, and beaches etc. That is it is advised to take proper care of motor oil recycling. Note that, the recycled oil often goes to power plants, businesses, heat homes or furnaces and it can serve routine needs. Some experts also use motor oil for marine fuels and it is even possible to recycle it to create new motor oil again. The great news is that these refined motor oils are much safer for your vehicle as they meet all high-end features.
  • Here is an interesting fact to know. Generally production of 2.5 quarts lubricating oil is done with the help of 42-gallon crude oil; however, only one gallon recycled oil is enough for production of same lubricating oil. It means whenever you make effort to recycle the motor oil, you contribute much cleaner and healthier environment. Considering another factor, improper disposal of motor oil is considered illegal in most of countries and government may pose heavy fines on people who do this act.

Tips to recycle automobile oils:

Those who are already working on recycling process are really doing a great job. Changing oils from your vehicle time to time also enhances its life cycle. But in case if you are not having any idea about how to start the process, it is good to follow the guidelines below.

·         Make efforts to catch every last drop:

It is good to use a drip pan and built in the spout to transfer oil to another container with ease. It will make your oil change process quite easier.

·         Choose storage container wisely:

Professionals advise choosing storage containers wisely; you can think of sealer container made up of high-quality plastic material as like polyethylene. The original oil containers are also easily available in the market. Never ever try to use simple milk cartons as they cannot handle your oil accurately.

·         Avoid blending strictly:

Some people do the mistake of mixing all automobile fluids together. They add motor oil, brake fluid and windshield washer into the same container but this is a wrong technique. Never even use containers that were earlier used for some other kind of liquids rather prefer to buy the new one for your motor oil.

·         Never forget the oil filter:

Very few of you might be aware of the fact that oil filters use to contain much oil and steel so they must be recycled essentially. To do this, simply punch a hole into the oil filter and take oil out of it into a container. 


The Importance of Auto Insurance

The importance of auto insurance. Driving a car is a feeling of luxury itself. Most of the families these days are maintaining more than one vehicle and there are millions of vehicles running on the road at every moment. However, the increasing traffic is also inviting accidental cases. You can see so many terrible highlights in the newspaper every day. We never know what will happen next but in order to be on the safer side, it is always important to have auto insurance. It can help you in several ways.

·         Insurance will handle your damage:

It is a costly affair to buy luxury cars but more than that it is difficult to manage their repairs. Even if you are driving safely on road, the vehicle can get damaged due to the negligence of other people driving around you. It may lead to huge expenses for repair and replacement of completely damaged parts. But if you have auto insurance, there is no need to worry about such expenses, because your insurance will pay for all the damages.

·         Insurance can reduce your liability:

Insurance policies also provide you cover for the accidents that happen due to your mistake. If you injure someone on road or damage someone’s property or vehicle, the insurance will make payment for all the treatments required by injured person as well as for the damage.

·         Insurance manages hospital expenses:

Most of the auto insurances come with the medical cover. In case if the car owner faces a road accident, get some serious health injuries; the auto insurance will help him to manage the cost of treatment at the hospital. You need not worry about bills in such critical conditions as insurance can handle everything with ease.

·         Car insurance extras:

Car insurance policies also provide so many additional covers as well. You can compare services of different companies on the basis of these bonuses to choose the best for you. It can help you to save expenses for future. These covers may include accident forgiveness, OEM endorsement, custom equipment, roadside assistance, rental insurance and gap insurance. The cover options will also vary the insurance cost so you have to make wise decisions for a safe future.

·         It provides death compensations:

The most unfortunate case for road accident is if the car owner loses his life. In this case, the insurance policy also provides compensation to the family so that they can manage their expenses during this critical time.

Buying motor insurances has become quite easier these days. You need not run office to office to complete the documentation; rather everything can be done online. There are so many service providers online that can help you to purchase vehicle insurance at a reasonable price. You can compare services of different companies as well to rate them on the basis of cover they provide and monthly payments. Also, it takes a minute to renew insurance policies online and you can do everything without messing with complicated paperwork.


What Type of Materials are Used to Build Cars

  • What type of materials are used to build cars? From past several years, vehicles have been modified by several extents. New technologies and new design strategies have launched wonderful models in the market. However, few materials are still equally useful for the development of cars. Manufacturing companies collect raw materials from different locations and then process them to give the finest finish to their vehicles. If you are curious to know about most commonly used materials in the car manufacturing process then this article can provide you essential information.  


  • Steel is one of the essential raw materials used in auto manufacturing process. It is collected using mined iron ore and almost 80% of car’s weight is due to this material only. Steel is mainly used to form body and chassis of the vehicle and it also has an essential role in the development of door beams, door panels, and roof. Manufacturers also use steel material for the development of exhaust pipes and mufflers. Note that market is loaded with types of steel and they vary by the level of rigidity.


  • Oil and gas are considered as major raw materials to design various plastic components for cars. There are so many chemical companies in the world that work for converting petroleum byproducts into the useful plastic material so that it can be used for different design applications. In the raw material supply of any car manufacturer, almost 50% use to be plastic. Some of the most common parts of cars that are made up of plastic material are airbags, dashboard, air vents and door handles. Manufacturers prefer to use the high quality plastic material to ensure lightweight, durable and highly versatile designs of these essential parts of vehicles.


  • You must be aware of the two most important properties of aluminum; it uses to be light in weight and malleable in nature. These qualities make it best material for car manufacturing process. If we talk about car manufacturing process of the year 1970, aluminum was used in 2% portion of car whereas, in the year 2015, this ratio was raised up to 15%. This material is most commonly used for development of car wheels and is also an essential component for the development of various engine blocks.


  • Rubber is commonly used to manufacture vehicle tires, seals, hoses, and belts. Same as a plastic material, rubber also has an essential role to play in vehicle design due to its ability to get molded into various shapes. Almost 80% of the rubber produced worldwide is used for car manufacturing process.


  • How can we forget to talk about glass? It is another important material used for finishing car manufacturing process. This material is primarily essential for the development of windows and windshields. This fragile material is one of the most expensive replacement parts for any vehicle. Glass material acts like a shield in cars and protects passengers from flying bugs and projectiles. Polyurethane is commonly used as an important bonding agent in vehicle manufacturing process.

The grading strength of these materials plays a direct role in quality and pricing of any car. 

Car Crushers Cash For Junk Cars


  • Over the last years, a lot of customers have mainly stayed away from diesel automobiles. Much of the cause was due to early diesel automobiles were loud and slower, and several of them were big emitters. But this has all changed now, and diesel automobiles have increased in fame as automakers look for better gas mileage systems. Undeniably, hybrid cars also save a lot, and you have to be careful when considering which suite your lifestyle more. Should you contemplate a diesel automobile for your next car? Below are the benefits to consider when buying a diesel automobile as your next car:

Better Fuel Economy

  • The primary benefit of diesel automobile is it has better fuel economy over the petrol car. That is significant for customers looking to devote less cash at the pump. Some diesel automobiles can increase gas mileage by 20% or more, which is an enormous improvement. And while others do not rise fuel budget that much, they can deliver better gas usage and acceleration that feels like a bigger engine.

Improved Highway Driving

  • Several customers prefer hybrid cars to diesel automobiles because hybrid cars are more advantageous in the metropolitan. The motive is hybrids provide regenerative braking that aids boost gas mileage as you slow down. But for customers who spend more time on the main road, there is nothing like a diesel automobile. So, we strongly advise customers to consider a diesel automobile if your regular movements involve more highway driving.

Improved Towing

  • Diesel automobiles also deliver improved towing abilities compared to the gas engines. That is why several heavy-duty trucks make use of diesel engines. The purpose of this is diesel automobiles tend to give more torque than gasoline cars. While horsepower measures how fast an automobile’s engine can boost, the torque, on the other hand, defines how much work can be done with it. If you would like to add towing services to your list, you might want to consider more torque, and as such, diesel automobile is your best choice.

Low-End Power

  • Numerous customers like the sensation of driving diesel automobiles especially when accelerating from the start. Unlike gasoline engines, diesel automobiles do not have to be throttled high to get the best acceleration. Consequently, diesel automobile often has more powerful feel than they appear, especially at low speeds. For customers who relish being the first from traffic light stops, or just enjoy a reminder of power whenever the traffic light goes green, a diesel automobile may be worth bearing in mind.


  • Many customers believe diesel automobiles give more credibility than gasoline cars. This is an old notion that may be grounded on old diesel plants. Nowadays, gasoline engines are as reliable as diesel engines, but diesel profit from an insight of dependability that assists in attracting customers.


  • These days, diesel automobiles are continually being upgraded. And as the pressure to create low-emission diesel technologies continues to linger, you can be rest assured your next diesel automobile has been optimized to cut down or destroy toxic emissions.


  • Hybrid cars in the last few years have become a popular option amongst car enthusiast. Fundamentally, hybrid cars make use of 2 or more engines. That is a conventional engine and an electric engine. The electric engine controls the car at low speeds while the gasoline engine controls it at higher speeds. Hybrid cars not only preserves fuel but also yield less CO2 discharges. Nevertheless, hybrid cars are now gaining admiration from car lovers, but just a few customers are making use of it.
  • This is mostly due to the absence of technical information about how hybrid cars work and how effective they are compared to other gasoline engines. Despite the fact that the technology has been around since the 19th century, it only became accessible to the average driver in the past decade as the price brought them into the range of possibility. Several cities are substituting their public transport and service cars over to hybrid cars to become more ecologically responsible. Below are few of the top advantages of owning a hybrid car.:

Better Resale Value

  • In acknowledgment of the never-ending rise in the price of gasoline, more and more individuals are leaning in the direction of hybrid cars. The consequence is that these eco-friendly cars have begun imposing higher than normal resale values. Therefore, if a customer is not pleased with a hybrid car, they can at all times sell it at a Better Resale Value to buyers in search of it.

Built from Light Resources

  • Hybrid cars are manufactured from lighter resources. This also implies lesser energy is needed to function properly. The hybrid engines are also small in size and light which also improves its energy saving capabilities.

Ecologically Friendly.

  • One of the significant benefit of hybrid cars over gasoline engine is that it produces fewer emissions and has a healthier gas mileage which makes it ecologically welcoming. A hybrid car runs on 2 or more powered engine (electric engine and gasoline engine) that reduces fuel usage and conserves more energy.

Less dependent on Fossil Fuel

  • Hybrid cars are much cleaner and make use of a lesser amount of fuel to function correctly which implies lower emissions and a reduced amount of dependence on fossil fuel usage. This would in turn also aids to lessen the cost of gas in the local marketplace.

Regenerative Braking System

  • On every occasion, you make use of the braking system when in motion, a hybrid car assists you to recharge your car batteries a little. Hybrid cars have an inner mechanism that sets in and apprehends the unconfined energy. It then uses this energy to recharge the car batteries which in turn reduces the time you a lot to stop and recharge the batteries occasionally.


  • There are several benefits attached to owning a hybrid car. And one of the most potent benefits is how it aids users in controlling your budget on gas. The other advantage that is not noticed directly is how possessing and driving a hybrid car positively influences the environ. It decreases the dependence on fossil fuels and reduces your carbon emission to the atmosphere.


  • Americans are purchasing a lesser number of cars, but they are still getting a lot of these bestsellers. All of these cars have something significant to all of them: that is, they all sell in large numbers. These cars generated the largest profit for their makers. Although the profits made cannot be compared to last year, but they still performed well. Sales were down this year, as more buyers chose SUVs over traditional cars. Below are the best-selling cars of 2017:

5th: Nissan Altima

  • Like its compact partners, the Nissan Altima got some good scores for fuel economy and a spacious interior, but it is just Okay compared to its main opponents. Additional discounts kept sales sturdy a little bit, but this year has been a rough one for the Nissan Altima.

4th: Honda Accord

  • Honda’s unfaltering midsize automobile has been a massive seller for years. Honda’s recipe for success is comparable to Toyota’s, but with a little twist: A small part of sportiness courtesy of Honda’s years of successful racing. The newest Honda Accord have started arriving at dealers, and it appears set to carry on Honda’s tradition of success. Like the previous model, it is spacious, luxurious, and a safe family car. All this still makes part of Honda’s quirky-fun approach.

3rd: Toyota Corolla

  • The Toyota Corolla is amongst the world’s bestselling cars year in year out. This car has a large crowd of loyal fans always keep returning for more. The Corolla’s recipe for victory has remained unchanged for years: A good blend of useful add-ons plus quality and reliable fee estimation to match sales success, year in year out.

2nd: Toyota Camry

  • I know it always looks like the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord have always battled for the top spot, for years on this list, well you are not wrong because they have. The newest Toyota Camry have started arriving at dealers, and Toyota changed a few things this time, noticeably It’s the surprising sporty appearance. Even though it still has all the virtues of Toyota, the carmaker has included a sharp exterior design and a sports car interior evocative of Audi’s style.

1st: Honda Civic

  • What transpires if you take a compact car loved for decades by Americans, make it more spacious, sturdy, and then add beautiful designs that look straight out from the future? Well in the new Honda Civic, you get the bestselling car in 2017. This Honda Civic is all that Civics have always been, that is reasonably priced, reliable, and entertaining. The ” entertaining” knob got turned up this time, and the outcome is a big hit for Honda.


  • Are you looking for a new car? If you desire to get the bestselling car in 2017, then the above cars are the most reliable. The list is grounded on data collected to help with the analysis and observation intended to aid individuals to take control and guide their car buying decisions. We want the best deals for everyone, and would always recommend these cars to any anyone looking to get the bestselling car in 2017.
  • If you have any issues or inquiries that you feel is not being addressed appropriately, please feel free to call us on 404-399-3474  or email us 




  • Number one junk car buyer in the state of Georgia. As it is in the world of business, we understand that dealing properly is more important than dealing in the first place. When it comes to the exchange of real cash for junk cars in the state of Georgia, there is only one name that rings the bell, breaks the chain and suggest the better deal. Car Crushers Junk Cars. We are devoted at buying salvaged damaged cars and selling them to other companies who use the parts to repair other vehicles make new ones entirely. If you are looking for the best deal in Georgia, then Car Crushers Junk Cars is the brand and place to look out for.
  • And one must ask, what do we really have to offer? A lot! This article will probably not be able to full lay out the basics. But the first and foremost thing you should know about Car Crushers Junk Cars is that we buy junk cars without titles. Are you apprehensive of the circumstance in which someone may reject your deal if you dint have a title? Worry no more! As far as you have a proof ownership at hand, along with your valid ID card, then you will surely broker a deal with us. And the deal in question is a really attractive one. But if you have titles, even better. No worries!
  • Are you worried about value? Car Crusher Junk Cars is devoted to making the journey to value worthwhile with us. We will sure give you best value that your junk car can crack. When you book an appointment with us, we will make sure we will provide you with the quote of the sale of your car and hand the cash over to you on the same day. We are looking give you the fastest and most valuable deal ever. We have what it takes to value your car in the shortest possible time at the best service and provide you with your cash.
  • Even better, we use an online tool for evaluation to determine your junk car’s worth, and the value will depend on its year, model and other necessary requirements which we require to process the sale as fast as possible. We are committed to saving your time. With Car Crushers Junk Cars, you can submit an application online for your junk car and get an instant evaluation.

As the number one junk car dealing enterprise in Georgia, and to maintain that rank, we offer the best services with our very friendly, helpful and experienced staff at our local branch. They will be able to guide you through the process and get the best job for you in no time. They will do all the inspections, go through the paperwork and take your car in as junk ASAP.



  • More cash for junk cars. Quite many people look down on the junk car business as some metal scrap auction lower class citizens engage in or as the last resort when your car is completely beyond repair and you are in need of some money. While these mindsets can be valid, the underpinning of a true junk car dealing business proves them otherwise. It is not all that garbage as it looks. From my years of experience, the best kind of businesspersons are the ones that can make a sale from almost anything.
  • While people may burn or throw away scraps of automobile into a lagoon, these dealers will sell them and make money from it. In the same way, selling off your junk car doesn’t mean you are all downright penniless. That is someone’s line of business, remember? All this is just introductory to the fact that junk car dealing business is loaded with a lot of cash, whether you are selling your car, acting as an intermediary seller or buying from someone. And speaking of real bucks, there are lot of ways to get them from junk cars.
  • Statistics show that the number of junks cars sold every year is more than half of the total number of automobiles sold out. The price as well, almost measures up to half. In fact, records show that junk yards are fuller with cars than garages nowadays, as people are constantly selling of their oldies to sum up some money for a new model. This means that if the price of junks cars go up by chance, it will almost measure with the actual price of a new vehicle. While that is slimly possible, there is still much money to be made from the junk business. Not everyone can afford a garage filled with cars of different models, but just about anyone can go into the junky forum, either as a seller, agent or buyer. It is all about money. In fact, if you hit good deals like thrice of four times, economics on a small scale says you would be able to buy a brand new automobile. The junkyards know exactly what they are doing by stacking up scraps by the day.
  • To make the most cash out of a junk car, you need to take the inventory of the vehicle, just to find out how “junky’ it really is. You can use the Kelley Blue Book to find out the value of your car in good condition. Take out time to then consider and analyze the pros and cons of your various deals options. In this industry, there are many ways to hit the jackpot, and the just said steps are introductory to them.


  • For you to sell your junk car, you must have a valid ID. Virtually everybody will need to indent their self at some point in time. And when it comes to business, it is one of the basic necessities. No one would want to deal with someone who tends to be anonymous or secretive about his or her identity. Car Crushers Junk Cars, as much as is concerned with the junk car dealing business, we also want to transact on legal terms. We are a registered company, and as such would not want to incur legal penalties for dealing under unauthorized or legally problematic circumstances. It is therefore important that before you contact us about the junk car you want to sell to us (or while you are doing so), you would want to make sure you have a valid ID to show to us.
  • Most people deal with vehicles that are not theirs, selling it off to a junkyard, only for the real owner of the car to come drawing law suits. This will imminently put the companies at legal risk. In the same way, forged documents to prove ownership may be tendered, and when the true identity of the seller is looked into, it may be too late. And that is another legal risk that Car Crushers Junk Cars does not want to incur. So while you want to put that junk car up for sale with us, you would need to have something to back up the documents that say you are the rightful owner of the vehicle.
  • Every American has a means with which they are identified. Just as we do all we can to make sure that we are a registered dealership business with the local DMV, we also try to make sure our clients are legal about their deals. If there is a junk car you want to sell, you must have the necessary documents that says we are safe to deal with you. In addition, you need to show us a valid ID that seconds the proof to your ownership claim over the car. One of the requirements is just as important as the other. As said, showing us an ID only will not cut it. The ID has to be valid enough to get you the deal you want. And if you are a dealer, you will also have to show us that your business name is registered with the local Department of Motor Services. It is our own way of making sure that the transaction we are going to be having with you will be right in the eyes of the law.

If you do not have a valid ID before the sale of your junk car to Car Crusher Junk Cars, we highly implore you to get one to back up your proof of ownership.


  • You must own the junk car for you to be able to sell it. When it comes to selling items or property, in the world of business, there is a need that the person who is selling it owns it. It is required to be so in order for the deal to really be legal. No one wants to buy stolen, abandoned or coveted goods, and not anyone wants to get into any problem with a law suit. So as far as the junk care dealing business is concerned, for it to really be a deal, the person who is selling the junk vehicle must be the owner. So, if you want to sell a complete junk car to us, you must be able to convince us that it is really yours. And there are many ways to prove that you are a legal client.
  • To establish your proof of ownership, you should be considering tendering a title, and that it’s the document that is given you in the mail after the vehicle is paid off for. All junkyards do accept an ownership title as proof of ownership over a vehicle. And Car Crushers Junk Cars is one of them. If you want to sell to us, then you must get your title ready as well as valid.
  • If a title is not within arm’s reach anytime soon and you really need to sell that junk off, then consider searching for auction your sales’ receipt and bring it over to us. When you bought the vehicle, probably at an auction, they must give a receipt bearing your name and signature. That works for us if the name, signature and perhaps photograph on the document tallies with what you have on your national passport.
  • Alternatively, you can present your drivers’ license and registration. Of course that will be bearing your details and that of the car. And these documents must still be valid, in the sense that we cannot buy the junk from you if these proofs are obsolete.
  • Also, you can prove the junk car is yours by showing us mechanic’s lien or storage lot lien. There is no way any of these documents will not be carrying the details that we are looking out for to be able to proceed with a good deal. A mechanic’s lien, if it’s strange to you, is a security interest in the title to your vehicle.
  • If all does not go well with providing any of the above mentioned, you can as well resort to looking for a repossession affidavit. Having at least one of these documents will separate you from the responsibility of how the vehicle is used after the junk sale. Also, it prevents you from bagging illegal penalties upon illegal sale. Every buyer wants proof that you will not unfairly attempt to reclaim the vehicle.


  • The vehicle you are selling must be a complete junk cars. It has been said quite a number of times that the junk car selling business is a very lucrative one. What better way to make money than to sell what you don’t need anymore? What better way to earn extra bucks than to tow the remaining parts of a damaged vehicle over to the junk yards? But, as some of us may not know, there will be many requirements that will come with the deals you are willing enough to make. Think of it as basic junk car dealing policy you just have to take note of. If you must sell a junk car to us as a company, it must be a complete junk car.
  • There are many things that makes a junk car complete, and that does not means it has to be able to move on its own four wheels. If you have a car that has been in an accident and you just don’t want to go on repairing it, you might want to consider selling it while the right parts are still intact. Yes, different junk yards have many things that they look out for in the damaged vehicles, but in our case we look out for only a few.
  • We understand that people would want to first salvage some really good and price-drawing components off their junks and sell them to make some dollars. But in as much as you want to do that, you would want to make sure that the essential parts are still in place in order to get just about the best deal with us. The chassis most importantly, should still be intact. You would agree a hundred percent that a car without a chassis is not a car anymore. The skeletal; framework o0f the uu8nk car matter if we are going to recycle it for the good of another one. So while your local mechanic is helping you rip off parts, make sure he leaves the chassis in place and in a fair condition.
  • A complete junk car, if you really want to sell it to someone for a good price, must still have something under the hood. Cars without engines are hardly vehicles as that is the most important part anyone can ever speak or think of. If you sell your car engine, there are two things that may happen. Either you sell it for a very low price or you don’t sell it at all. If the worst becomes the case is the worst, it means you will be looking for auto spare parts dealers rather than junk lords.
  • Your junk car must be standing on its four wheels too. How else will we tow the car to the junkyard? So in as much as you want to sell parts, be sure the wheels are still left in place. Conclusively, in general, what makes a junk car complete is its movability, reparability and total worth.  


  • Inspecting your junk car. In the car junk dealership business, it is necessary to pay attention to details. It may be rough business, but you want to pay respect to order as much as possible. When you want to sell or buy a junk car, inspection is a must to take place. One need to find out exactly what is to be dealt with and the price value it would most likely fetch. While inspecting a junk car, you would be searching for nothing other than things you need to take cognizance of in order to make the deal a huge success. Again, for emphasis, before you sell your junk car, take out time thoroughly inspect it. And while you do so, here are three vital things to look out for and take note of.
  • The first thing you would want to be inspective about is the nature of damage the car has suffered.  Was the car in a crash or has it gone out of fashion? All junk cars have different levels of damage, and those levels go their own long ways in determining how much the vehicle would go for. Know what happened to your car and calculate its worth from that knowledge.
  • Another object of your inspection should be the chassis. As a matter of importance, you want to make sure you observe the vehicle well to know if the chassis is still in perfect place. While wreckage can make a car loose its doors or bonnet, the chassis, which is the skeletal framework of the vehicle still has to remain intact. If your engine is still below the hood that means your car probably has much price value. The state of the chassis goes a long way to determine whether the junk longs will take the deal serious or not. If you notice anything, good or bad, then relate it to how you would be putting a price to your junk car deal.
  • You also want to look out for valuable parts during your inspection. After removing all your personal belongings from the vehicle (which is very important), you would want to look out for valuable components you can remove and sell to make some extra bucks; the kind of cash your junk car deal may not even fetch you. You may want to sell off the fenders, doors, wheels or dashboard, depending on what catches your eye. Sometimes, you would more money from selling parts than dealing with the junkyard lords. There are many people who make sure they sell all the valuable parts off and make money from them before deciding to seek the attention of the junk car buyers to finally sum up the vehicle’s worth.


  • Getting on- the- phone quotes for junk cars. It is common for individuals to want to find out just how much money they could make in the aftermath of selling off that decades-old four-wheeler that has sat in the garage for years and has now become something of a grotesque sight. In many cases, this might just be the driving force that will motivate an eventual sale.
  • Nowadays, getting a quote for a junk car is made easy with the advent of mobile devices and computer systems. All you really need to do in most cases is filling out an online form which will contain all the vital details and also stating how you would prefer to receive an offer. Basically the same thing is expected of you when you want to do business with us. At Car Crushers Junk Cars, you can get a phone quote by simply filling out an online form which will put your information in front of one our “Buying Agents” at one of our corporate offices. They will begin to work on a price offer for your vehicle which will be communicated to you via phone, text or email (whichever you favor). This is literally all that happens with all the information you fill out on the online forms, so you don’t need to worry about privacy concerns.
  • Usually, getting a phone quote for your junk car on Car Crushers Junk Cars would involve you leaving such details as your name, address and contact details, the year, make, model and mileage on the junk car and an indication of any missing car parts. In some instances, you also have to state if you have the title on the vehicle. You can even supply all these details via a simple phone call if you are unable to assess internet connectivity.
  • Upon successful compilation of your junk car details, your junk car quote is immediately generated and you can rest easy in the knowledge that in no time, you will be contacted by one of our buying agents with a more than commiserate offer. It’s that easy. At Cars Crushers Junk Cars, on-the-phone junk car quotes are easy, reliable and convenient. You can put a call through to any of our toll-free phone lines anytime of the day or simply access our website with any internet-enabled device for the best quotes on your junk cars and the best offers.  
  • Getting a quote is actually the best way to go through when attempting a junk car sale. Essentially, it gives a summary of what you have to offer and also helps us process the information supplied so as to make a reasonable offer. Getting on-the-phone quotes for junk cars on Car Crushers Junk Cars is advertising your product on a reliable platform; it won’t take long before you land a decent offer.


  • Towing your junk car. In the junk car selling business, quite a lot of things can go wrong that may make you apprehensive of what to do and just how to do it right. But is doesn’t have to be some dreadful or time consuming thing for you. Even if you area first timer, all it takes to get that junk car sold is to hold things up right on your own end, while the auto junks yards handle things just as rightly on their own ends too. Towing your junk car to the yard is your own end, and that is something you want to do right, right? Really, you cannot just wake up one morning and decide to have the junk car moved to the yard for sale, no. before towing, there are important things that need to be done.
  • First, you need clear out your personal the belongings from the vehicle. We all know that cars are like our second houses, having the tendency to accumulate stuff over time. If you have owned this vehicle for long, you would want to ransack it top recover all your items. Don’t leave the items you no longer need inside it, as you may regret it. Once it reaches the junk year, that’s it: gone. Check everywhere, from the pigeon holes, to the trunk, under floor mats, above visors and beneath cars seats.
  • The next thing to essentially do is to get your title in order. Returning your license plates and cancelling your insurance is inclusive of the process. The most critical thing to do alongside is to make sure that the ownership of the vehicle is transferred from you to the junkyard, and you do so by getting a valid title. While you can sell without titling, it will be a much harder process. Many junkyard don’t care of you title or not, but you need to because if you don’t transfer ownership, you will stand a chance at incurring liabilities because the car is technically still yours.
  • Yes, you may be selling your junk car off for a fair price, but that doesn’t mean you cannot sell some parts first. The third thing you should do is look for the valuable components off your car that you can sell. If you don’t, the junkyard will, and it will be their own profit. If the price you have agreed with the dealers does not especially reflect much more than its scrap value, then you should sell some parts off of it to make extra bucks. You can even swap your sleek components with cheaper, less stylish ones and sell yours off at a higher price.
  • Remove your license plates as some states may demand that you return them to the local DMV before you can cancel your registration. You may encounter problem with cancelling your car insurance if your license and registration are not turned in.
  • Lastly, use up your gasoline before you have it towed off, as that may not be inclusive of the agreed price. You may choose to siphon it for domestic use. Gasoline in the tank is nuisance for junkyards.


  • Here is why you must have your emission test in Georgia. You probably have heard of emission testing, but you may have never heard how it is compulsorily done in Georgia. Like many, you may not know what the buzz phrase is all about. Emission testing in Georgia is inclusive of the yearly inspection of vehicles and automobiles. And on a more serious note, it is a non-negotiable requirement through which motorists in certain regions around the states to be given their proper car registration. Otherwise known as a smog test, emission testing basically is a process critical to the core, used to determine just how much pollution a car will cause when it is in use. The test is undergone in Georgia to determine the overall safety and emission levels of the vehicles. You must have an emission test on your vehicle if you want to drive it in Georgia.
  • One reason you must do this smog test is because there are consequences of not doing it. In fact, when you fail the test of fail to undergo it, there are two results involved. If your vehicles somehow falls short of the requirements and does not pass, you will be asked to pay for repairs and then submit again to the same vehicle inspection. And when the process continues like so, you may end up spending the money that could have gotten you a less emissive vehicle.
  • Another reason, the ones that says your emission test is better off done in Georgia, is the one that speaks of exemptions. As serious as it may sound, not every single vehicle in Georgia require emission test. Once the type of vehicle you own is accessed, along the model and your age, and meeting standards, you will be given permission to use you vehicle. Once your vehicle is of the 25 model years or older, as well as 2015 and even newer vehicles, there will be no testing for you, as such cars are built to cause less pollution than their predecessors.
  • A Georgia car smoke test is also not required for vehicles that have a gross weight rating of more than 8,500 pounds, if a vehicle operates on diesel, or another alternative fuel, or for mopeds, non-motorized vehicles and the like. These exemptions are hardly the practice of other states, and once you get the registration in Georgia, you can use it almost in every other state anywhere

Another bottom pot sweetener is that Georgia has provisions for out-of-state emissions testing. If your vehicle is not in state when the testing is due, your session can be conveniently postponed. An extension may granted so special citizens such as students, military personnel or those away on some business, as long as he or she meets the qualifications.

While this is but a tip of the iceberg, there are more benefits to it that what meets the ordinary eye. The smog test in Georgia is a must-choice.


  • How to apply for a dealer’s license. If you want to go into motor vehicle dealing, however it may be, whether the buying, selling or displaying, you would want to do the right thing by going legal and acquiring the proper license, not some forgery from a local cheat. Getting a car dealer license may seem like one scary, too much detailed process. But alas, it is quite easy if you have everything set out right. While many people may see bypassing as an easy way out, you will come to an understanding that getting this license is your one way free ticket success in your car dealership. Clients will always want to know you are registered with the law, for assurance of a rather legal bargain.  Here are the five easy steps to get you that document in no time.
  • The first thing to do is to get in contact with your local Department of Motor Vehicles or Department of Licensing. Just about every state in the world should have one of the two, or even both. They will tell you what the requirements are for getting the license, so you need to contact them. You can get their official number or contact address from your state’s 411. When you contact them, have them familiarize you with what you need, and they will also give you the necessary paperwork to fill out. They might as well provide you with further guidance to hasten the process.
  • Step two is to meet the requirements. It may amount to a really long list of it, but that is entirely contingent upon the state you reside in. Some regions will necessarily demand that you fulfil general requirements before you get your dealer license. Such guidelines may include securing location that is properly zoned, and getting the location of your business approved. They may also require you to register your business, meet zone policies, attend a pre-licensing seminar, provide proof of insurance or pass a background check. Anyhow, do it.
  • Step three is to complete the car dealer license application. The DMV in your locality will provide you with the application form for your business. A proper one in fact. Another valuable asset in this section of the process is the United States Small Business Administration (SBA). Before sending in your application, make sure you crosscheck that all the necessary info was filled out on the form. There are no room for mistakes. The application may take some time for processing, and missing details will only make it take ages.
  • Step four is to purchase a motor vehicle dealer bond, as almost every state will demand you do so. This bond is a type of surety which will protect your customers, just in case they feel you are dealing unethically. The cost of a bond varies from state to state and on the credentials of your business or individuality. Getting this bond makes your customer have faith in your business actions.

To wrap it all up, you will then submit the car dealer application to the DMV, along with the other papers necessary for processing. Simply. Wait for your request to be approved.


  • How to apply for a replacement title. In the vehicle dealing world, replacement titles are a kind of one of the norms that exist. Many times you would want to get that title for your vehicle replaced, without knowing the due procedures to follow. You probably must have misplaced that title somewhere along the line or may have fed it to the shredder. The implication of any of this is that you will need to order a duplicate title, so you can either continue using your vehicle or sell it off. Even if your car is not going to be on the market at the present, you will need the title all the same when the day comes for you to auction the vehicle off. Regardless of which state you hail from, all sorts of title transfers will always require vehicle transfers. There is no going around it.
  • Most times, people do it all wrong and end up not getting an approval and the title forthwith. Chances are there are a few details you forgot to pay attention to, which may have been a big deal for the state’s department of motor vehicles you are dealing with in your state of residence. In replacing a proper title for you vehicle, there are a few, relatively easy steps you need to follow. And here are they.
  • It all has to do with some paperwork. The document you would first be using is your driver’s license. There is no way you can get around the process without it. You will to send a copy of your driver’s license via mail. Depending on the state you are residing in, you will be charged a title fee of between $2 to $10 dollars.
  • When you tender your written request for the title to your regional service center, which you will post by mail, there are other documents you need to bring along to validate your application. They include a complete and certified copy of the Application for a Certified Copy for the Certificate of Title, copy of your valid photo ID, your state driver license, and national passport.
  • Complete the replace car title form with the agency. Some states may give you the option of submitting it in person, while others, as we have mentioned, will permit you to mail it. The form should go along with all the stated documents and be duly signed.
  • While you are getting the new title, keep it in mind that once you get it, the old one will be rendered null and void, even if you find it later on. You will not be able to use it in dealings anymore, as it will be outright obsolete.


  • How to apply for a bonded title. A lot of people are usually confused when it comes to the topic called bonded titles. While many people tend to shy away from or bypass it, it is a relatively easy topic and process. When or if you receive an evidence of ownership for your vehicle that is incomplete or incorrect, the bonded title necessity comes to play. The necessity also wings into cue when you have lost the evidence of ownership and cannot seem to be able to get in contact with the seller of the vehicle in quick time. The options of using a bonded title will be your last resort if all these factors are in play, and to get one, you need to apply for it.
  • Getting a bonded title comes with certain requirements, and you need to meet them if you want to be legal in your vehicle dealings. The first thing do, which comes as a must, s to determine whether or not you are eligible to get the title. You need to know if you have all the necessary information that will aide you in the verification process. Any evidence of ownership will do the trick, whether it is a bill of sale, an invoice or a canceled check. Any valid information that you actually own the vehicle will do.
  • Next, after proving ownership, you need to purchase a surety bond. It is a sort of contract involving three parties. There is the principal, which is the agency from whom you are hoping to get the title, the surety, who could be a dealer, and the obligee, which is you. The surety bond is a way of undergoing a financial guarantee which promises that the obligee will act in conformity to the terms and conditions established by the bond. This means that the surety bond is and undertaking that communicates your willingness to do what the principal asks of you.
  • After the undertaking, you may now proceed to officially apply for the boned title. Note that before you do this, the said vehicle must be in your possession, not stolen, abandoned, junked or any other law suit that is pending. It must also be a whole vehicle, including a frame, body and motor. Or it is a motorcycle, it must have the frame and motor intact. Once your tendered documents undergo approval, a letter conveying the amount the bond is equal to will be issued you. The department will determine the value of the involved vehicle using the standard presumptive value, which if not available, will be replaced with the National Dealers Associated Guide.

Note that some agencies will require you to mail the document of application of you do qualify, and may charge you an administrative fee, which for example is $15 in Texas.  


  • How to apply for a salvaged title. Salvaged titles are used by state departments of motor vehicles to keep good track of automobiles that have been damaged extensively and written off completely as items of losses by the lot of insurance companies. The wreck on the vehicle in question may be a completely cosmetic one. It could be a hail damage or as extensive as bent frames.
  • Most states make it mandatory that the owners of vehicles with salvage titles to submit an automobile for due inspection, in order to determine whether or not it is roadworthy. This is vital before the issuance of any license and registration of the said vehicles. But, how does one get a salvaged title to get the damaged vehicle back on the road? In places like Texas, the process in pretty much laid out, and that is just about how it is all round the world. To apply for this title, here are the necessary things you need to do.
  • First, you need to locate and put down the record of the vehicle’s identification number. The number, comprising letters and numbers, is the unique mark that will identify the vehicle anytime and anywhere. Most easily, you can find this information beneath the windshield in the lower side of the passenger corner. This VIN is one of the basic things you need to get a salvage title.
  • Then, note the make of your property. Along with the model and the year of manufacture. Know also the odometer reading of the vehicle, and put all this information down for the application. This is the last of details you will be getting from the vehicle, as the next will be concerning the involved agencies.
  • Take out time to determine the right agency that provides the titles in your state. In some states for instance, the DMV provides this service while many others will require the owners to make contact with their secretary of state or department in charge of treasury. When you have reached out to the proper channel, get the application for the title, perhaps from your state agency, and fill in the information required. While doing so, be sure to pay attention to detail, as you don’t want to go through this process twice. If you are required to, tender a copy of the bill of sale.
  • Tender your signature on the application while the notary is present, if your states requires so. Then, submit it with the required fee, which varies from state to state. If the vehicle in hitherto identified as a salvage one, there is no doubt you will receive the salvaged title form the state authority.

While it is illegal to use or sell untitled vehicles in some states, you would just want to get the paperwork done and get your automobile back on the road.


  • We buy cars that have been in a flood. Flooding is one natural disaster that has ravaged mankind time and again, since time immemorial. While so many areas are prone to flooding due their inability to contain heavy torrential rainfall due to inadequate drainages and water channels, history has recorded even more dastardly floods that are somewhat motivated by man-made causes. Cases of broken or over-flown dams have been found capable of wrecking just as much havoc. The estimate of the damages caused by flooding often to run into several millions of dollars; this monster often leaving a lot of wreckage in its wake. While sometimes it’s hard to imagine an element as man-friendly and harmless as water to cause so much damage, it is common to see buildings collapse, bridges implode, walls crumble, vehicles submerge and in fatal cases, lives lost as a direct impact of flooding. In any case, like every natural disaster, you never see this one coming. But it doesn’t mean you don’t get to deal with the aftermath.
  • So your building escaped the flooding but how did your car fare? Cars submerged in floods for several days on end often never recover from such devastation. The engines and other components beneath the hood get drowned with solvent and clogged with debris, the interior is rendered completely sogged as every corner and crevice is soaking wet with water and rust is almost immediately activated on the body parts. However you look at it, none of this is good for the life of your vehicle. In any case, whether your car got submerged in the aftermath of a tsunami or you plunged your car into the Mediterranean but managed to emerge unscathed, help has come in the way of Car Crushers Junk Cars.
  • We buy cars that have been in a flood. And at a price that sets us apart from the rest of the competition. Why worry about fixing that flooded engine or that damp smell and feel of your car’s interior that may never actually be the same again? What better way to cut on your losses than by handing over that flooded car to a company that pays so much? Its like getting rid of your problem and getting paid well for getting rid of your problem in one fell swoop. At a bargain that you can’t get anywhere else, Car Crushers Junk Cars buys cars that have been in a flood. So don’t hesitate to contact us if what you are looking for is the best price for car that was submerged in a flood and may well never recover. We are renowned for our speedy and efficient services and your satisfaction is guaranteed.


  • We buy cars that are burnt. For most people, there is often a concern about what to do with the charred remains of a vehicle, in the aftermath of the unfortunate event of being engulfed by fire. A fire can be very devastating to a vehicle as it often leaves a lot of destruction in its wake. A full blown, uncontrolled blaze can do as much as reduce the metal from which the entire chassis is fabricated to its molten form, and this comes after ruining the component parts found under the hood, within the interior of the vehicle, the suspensions and even the wheels of the vehicle. Essentially, vehicle fire is the singular most ravaging disaster than reduce an exquisite four-wheeler to a pile of charred rubble within minutes.
  • But what do with the remains of your car in the event of an unfortunate disaster such as a fire? While nobody ever wants to go through the traumatizing ordeal of losing as huge an investment as a motor vehicle to the ravages of fire, it is actually one of those things some individuals have had to deal with at one time or the other. You never see it coming, no one ever envisages their vehicle being reduced to ruins by a fire but it does happen. Be it as a result of a leaking fuel tank, an exhaust pipe leak, an overheated engine, a roadside crash, some unknown manufacturing defect or even cold-hearted arson by malicious individuals, you have got to deal with the aftermath if you are lucky enough to have emerged unscathed. And what better way to do so than by chomping at the bit to cut down on your losses?
  • At Car Crushers Junk Cars, our job is to take away your problem in exchange for a fee from us, not you. We buy cars that are partially burnt or even completely charred. Car fires can happen as a result of different reasons and the different causes result in different degrees of damage. A fire that is motivated by a leaking fuel tank should be expected to be several times more ravaging than one caused by an overheated engine or a blown-out gasket. In any case, most individuals just want to ditch a car that has suffered some form of fire disaster, however minor.
  • So take advantage of the opportunity. We at Car Crushers Junk Cars, are a proven outlet for your burnt cars. One of the services we render at Car Crushers Junk Cars is to offer the best prices in the market for all kinds of burnt cars ranging from four-wheel driven SUVs to minivans, trucks and saloon cars. Unlike most other junkers that seek to exploit and rip you off after suffering such a huge loss by down-bidding since it appears you don’t have much of a choice, we at Car Crushers Junk Cars have your compensation and indemnity in mind. We buy cars that are burnt for the best prices, so contact us today.  


  • We buy wrecked cars. So you lost control of your Mustang GT Plus on a wet Saturday night and rammed into a roadside railing and saw your vehicle somersault several times, and now you rue every moment of that night; from when you got into those pair of jeans and a sweatshirt, to when you grabbed the keys and pulled out of your driveway even though the locals had warned it was going to be a stormy night? Rest easy because Car Crushers Junk Cars is here to help you cut on your losses. We are in the business of taking wrecked cars off the hands of their unfortunate owners for a good price. Whether it’s an axle that’s twisted beyond repair or a ruined chassis, bring it on! Of course, it can be very frustrating and disappointing to spend so much a four-wheeler only to get it damaged in an accident or due to unforeseen circumstances, but wouldn’t you rather cut your losses?
  • At Car Crushers Junk Cars, our specialty is to put you out of your misery by helping you get rid of that wrecked car. Be it an SUV, a minivan, a truck or a saloon car, our job is to make you worry no more about it. Offering you the best prices in the market, our expertise is tailored to not only help you rid yourself of your wrecked vehicle but also cushion the effects of the blowbacks from your loss. Think of it as a compensation that may not be exactly commensurate with the vehicle’s actual monetary value but will certainly be amply reasonable. Our job is to assess the extent of damage done to your vehicle, as well as take note of the salvageable parts. The checks and balances will point us to an asking price but you can be rest assured that you are dealing with the best in the business.
  • And if you are wondering what we are going to do with the vehicle once it’s in our possession, here’s an idea; most of your former vehicle’s salvageable metal parts will be recycled and used to produce identical automobile parts. Chemicals that may have toxic effects on the environment such as antifreeze, power steering and brake fluids will be disposed in line with standard regulations. The unusable and unsalvageable metal parts will be sent to foundries and smelters where they will be re-fabricated into other useful items. So rest easy in the knowledge that you may have inadvertently contributed to the conservation of the environment and its depleting resources.

Now, wouldn’t you rather do business with us? Car Crushers Junk Cars is always on hand to offer you the best prices you will ever find in the market for that huge pile of twisted metal, so don’t hesitate to give us a call as we are always at your service.


  • Selling parts off of junk cars. You may be wondering what ways you can systematically get rid of that old vehicle that has become something of an eyesore on your driveway for years. While you might be spoilt for choice with a variety of options ranging from sending it off to the junkyard to downright disposal, it might be worthwhile to think outside box and consider other options. Selling off junk car parts may not seem appealing at first but a closer inspection will reveal immense benefits that lie in wait. Described as tedious in some quarters, it is actually one of the best ways to get rid of your junk car whilst doing yourself and your environment a whole world of good.
  • What reasons could have prompted you to park up that car for good? A persistent engine problem? A faulty gearbox? An indented chassis? A twisted axle or is it just plain old-fashioned? Any of a myriad of reasons could have ended your romance with that four-wheeler that may have been your most-prized possession at one time or the other. While it is easy to jettison the old beast and hop on a sleeker ride, there is an even better option.
  • No matter how battered and unsalvageable a car might seem, there are always those important components of it that can still be useful. Yes, you twisted an the front axle on a bumpy road on a stormy night but what about the steering box, the camber and the ball joints? And isn’t your front shock absorbers in fantastic condition? These are things you should consider. The auto spare parts industry has always been a booming one and there are always individuals and auto refurbishment shops who are in the market for salvageable auto spare parts. You can do as much as get in touch with them, and you might just be surprised the amount of money that idling pile of metal can still fetch you.
  • Auto spare parts dealerships can be found on local directories and they can be contacted. Okay, the engine on that Ford Ranger got knocked out but the gearbox and it’s components are still in perfect working condition. Chances are there is someone out there needs a gearbox swap of that exact model. Now, Wouldn’t you rather sell? Just before you send that car to the junkyard, give thought to how those parts could be put to good use. It could be parts of the vehicle’s suspension, body parts or engine components. And if that car’s only crime is being old-fashioned, vintage dealerships are always in the market for vintage Cadillacs and Cherokees. Your car’s parts might just be the missing piece on someone else’s jigsaw and wouldn’t you rather be on hand to cash in?


  • Recycling different metals found in junk cars. From the chassis, to the body parts, to the suspensions and even engine parts, metals account for over ninety percent of all the components that make up a vehicle. These tough, malleable, ductile and sonorous materials are found to be the major components of automobile design. Thanks in no small part to their tensile qualities and very high resistance to stress and strain. There certainly isn’t a more suitable material for building a vehicle’s frame, a vehicle’s engine or a vehicle’s exterior. It is common to find such metals as steel, aluminum, zinc, copper, some platinum group metals and other alloys on different parts of cars. While this may come across as a given, it actually becomes an issue when the car in question has been handed of as a junk car.
  • So what to do with all that chunk of metal? Labeling a car as junk doesn’t really take anything from the fact that it possesses just as much metal as any other four-wheeler. This is something that should be handled with utmost care because of its environmental health implications if neglected. Recycling the metals found in junk cars provide a means of getting around this problem. The metals recovered from junk cars are of immense economic and environmental benefits. The metal parts of junk cars can be moved from junkyards to smelters where they can be refined and fabricated into many other products. Recycling different metals from junk cars is strongly encouraged due the pressure it relieves our ecosystem, by cutting down on the need to mine and extract metals from their ores which on its own puts the environment at great risk. It is advisable to recycle these metals as a lot of the earth’s resources would be needlessly wasted in trying to extract and manufacture metals and their components from scratch. This lets off some of the burden on our ecosystem and preserves our environment.
  • New metals can be extruded and fabricated from the metals recovered from junk cars and these can used in fashioning different metal-based products, including new cars. This contributes to the conservation of the earth’s resources and curbs pollution that may result from indiscriminate and incessant mining activities. Aluminum, which is one of the major metals found in junk car parts thanks in no small part to its lightness can be recycled and used to manufacture aluminum fittings including utensils and even the exterior of some aircrafts. Copper can also be recycled and used to manufacture copper fittings such as electrical cables and the coils of generators and other electric motor-fitted devices. The steel from junk cars when recycled, can be used to fabricate all manner of iron fittings including bridges and iron rods used in the construction of buildings. Recycling of the different metals found in junk cars should be encouraged as the merits are rife and vast benefits are in the offing for individuals and the environment at large.


  • Why junking your car is easy and eco-friendly. From the old battered vehicle idling away in your driveway to that massive chunk of old rickety metal sitting in your garage suffering from several years of neglect and un-use; we all have that one rugged four-wheeler that has more than paid its dues in mileage and usage and has now been left to lie fallow or been out rightly abandoned for what could be any of a myriad of reasons that cut across sentiments, negligence, a reluctance to get rid of the old beast, inability to fix that nagging engine problem and that eyesore twisted chassis, or just sheer ignorance as to what to do with that car. In any case, you sort of just know a car you will never drive again.
  • The good news is that junking that car is actually a viable option, and it is not just about the financial implications. Yes, you may rake in some good bucks in the event of sending that car to the junkyard but there is also the added benefit of contributing your own quota towards environmental preservation. These days, scrapping old, abandoned vehicles have become even easier as a good number of reputable junking establishments are literally just a phone call away. All you really need to do is put a call through, state the specifics of the vehicle you intend to sell off as junk and for the right price, a tow truck will show up on your driveway within minutes. Now, does it get easier than that?
  • Junking off your car is also proven to be eco-friendly. It’s why some one million cars are scrapped annually. Scrapping a car may come across as a trivial detail without any specific procedural rule but there are indeed environmental guidelines that are put in place so as to encourage environmental preservation, in line with internationally-accepted standard practices. There is more to junking than simply ripping your car apart and that’s why you should request the services of only renowned junking establishments as there are strict regulations and ethics governing the practice. You can be safe in the knowledge that your car is in the hands of people who will put its materials to the best possible use. Junking is beneficial to the environment only when these standard procedures are adhered to. And here are a few ways junking has proved eco-friendly.
  • In the junkyard, your old, worn-out car is a goldmine. A lot of its scrap metal can be put to better use. This cuts down on the need to start manufacturing metals from the scratch, which is a process that can be harmful to the environment, using some of the Earth’s most limited resources such as carbon and oil. Conserving the earth’s resources is one of the strongest points of scrap metal re-use. Steel, iron and platinum group metals which are especially valuable can also be recovered from junk cars.
  • In the same vein, toxic chemicals like battery acid, antifreeze, brake and power steering fluids, can also be properly disposed off through junking, which could otherwise prove an environmental hazard. Salvageable car accessories such as tires can be used for other vehicles instead of burning them which can release harmful toxins. Poor environmental practices such as dumping used cars in landfills can also be curbed through proper junking.


  • Paying cash for junk cars. Selling off unwanted and inoperable vehicles provides you with a means of earning some extra cash while also cleaning your yard, driveway or garage. There is also the added incentive of you contributing your quota towards environmental sanitation. Getting some extra cash while getting rid of an unwanted or redundant property can be very satisfying. It’s quite pleasing to discover you can rake off some good bucks by just disposing of an item that has seemed more like an eyesore than an actual property.
  • There are a lot of junkyards out there that pay cash for junk cars, so you are spoilt for choice. But Car Crushers Junk Cars is unlike the rest in that we pay cash for junk cars on the spot! Yes, on the spot! Figuratively speaking, the ball is in your court as all that is really demanded of you is just a resolve to get rid of the old piece of metal. In other words, the old four-wheeler is already on its way to our junkyard as soon as you make that decision to sell it off. The amount you may receive for your property varies directly as the nature of your property’s condition, but you can expect to get anything in the region of a few hundred to some thousands.
  • You can find out about junkyards that pay good cash for junk cars from local listings, and Car Crushers Junk Cars will always pop up at the first time of asking. The car in question will have to go through some scrutiny which will form the basis for the asking price. Of course, a car that is relatively in decent condition can’t be slapped with a price tag that best suits an old, battered piece of metal that has managed to withstand the ravages of time. We send representatives to your property or wherever be the resting place of the vehicle in question, and it is their job to examine the condition of the vehicle and table an offer under already established standards of fairness. Checks could include a chassis examination, interior checks and an examination of what lies beneath the hood. This gives us an idea what we are buying, and since the end-game of every business venture is to profit-making, we’ll slap a price tag on your junk car based on its perceived potential to yield returns. You might also want to get in touch with an auto dealer or someone with some form of experience in such matters beforehand to act as your advocate or prepare you for what’s coming because pricing is everything.
  • In most cases, a successful negotiation is followed by an on-the-spot cash payment which seals the deal. Paying cash for junk cars has unarguably become a lucrative business venture which helps you get rid of your junk car for cash while also ridding the environment of pollution, and you are not left out of the spoils. It all begins with a decision to sell. So get in touch with Car Crushers Junk Cars today!


  • There is something a absolutely lovely about cars. Not just about their beauty or how they function but there is beauty in how a car always has money value.
  • When a car is new there is money to be made in its retail value, when it has some miles on it, it still has money value and as a scrap car when it might seem to be no longer valuable, a car or its parts still have money value.

Getting cash for junk cars

  • When a car gets so bad that fixing it will not be financially wise, its parts can still be sold as scrap. Scrap cars are called junk cars or salvage cars.

When a car gets to the stage where it is labelled as junk it salvage, it can either be taken to a junk yard where it will be disassembled and then sold or the owner can disassemble it by themselves.


How much can you get selling your junk car?

  • Remember what we said about the money value of cars?
  • Some cars have great money value even   when they are junk they still make money.
  • Previously, junk cars were sold for high prices as the most of the car were made from steel.
  • The prices for the junk cars are sometimes determined by the weight of the metals.
  • Pure metal is valuable and so junkyard owners will go the extra mile for a good junk car.

These days, junk cars don’t go for the same amount as they used to be sold for but you can still get a good price if you time you’re selling well.

  • The price of junk cars fluctuate with time, daily, weekly and monthly and can equally be affected by seasons. The companies who use these scrap metals have their specific requirements and some junk cars have metals that no longer meet the requirements.
  • To get the best price for your junk car look for fair junk car buyer who might actually use the scrap rather than sell to companies, these may pay extreme cash for your junk car.

When you get paid extreme cash for your junk car, it means you are getting paid about the most accurate value for your junk car.

  • For those selling their junk cars for the first time, after you have ascertained that your car can no longer be fixed, the next thing you want to do is find out what the valuable parts of your vehicle is and then you can find out the going rate in the market and the best way to disassemble your car if you feel it is best to do it yourself.
  • Most junkyards pay cash for junk cars and will evaluate the junk car based on the current market price, the demand for the type of metal the car contains and the state of the metal after it has been stripped. We pay cash (extreme cash) for Junkers.


  • The process of junking a car can be difficult and if you are a busy person, you may not have the time to junk your car yourself.

Junk car medics is a junk yard service spread all over the country. They have staff called “medics”  who attend to customers and help them through the process.

Junk car medics are very concerned with giving customers a smooth and easy process.

Online quotations.

  • Do you know you can get an estimate value and quotation for your car before you bring it into the junk yard for Sale?

You can, and with just a phone  call put across to them,  junk car  medics will have a quotation ready for you. They are not only available to offer assistance on the phone but will also provide online assistance to customers.

Junk car  medics and car junking 

Car junking is a very wide market and junk car medics have carved a niche for themselves in the market.

For junk medics to pick up your car  there are a few thing you must have in place first.

  • You will need to have a valid title.
  • You will need your proof of registration.
  • When you have these two in place, you can  call to talk to  any of the medics and they will give you the quotation for your car according to its model and then pick up your car.
  • One advantage of using  junk car medics, is that they have staff all over the country who will come to your location,  value your car and pay you cash.Junk car medics pay up in cash and the try to pay extreme cash for the car.
  • Junk car  medics are not selective about the kind of cars they pick. The damage can be as result of fire, flood,accident or age.  They would junk every and any car as long as it has the legal requirements.


  •  Atl junk cars with or without titles. Are you tired wasting money fixing your car? Is the cost of repairing that car more than its value ?  Is the car old with over 150000 miles on it?  Do you live in Atlanta Georgia?  Then you best be making your way to any of the numerous junk yards available.

Sell your junk cars

  •  Even though your car can be written off as junk, you can still get money for it.

Junk yards in Atlanta will help you recycle your junk cars by picking them up  and taking them to their office. While at the office they will then value your car and pay you for the junk car.

Note that sales transaction will not hold if you have not done the  titling for your vehicle or have no proof of registration.

Instant service

  • Selling your junk car is a straightforward safe process and the safety of this process  is very certain when you are dealing with a  reputable junk yard.

Most junk yard have branches all over the state and the country.With their branches spread out all over, junkyards can easily come to your house to value a vehicle and with the necessary paperwork, the sales transaction can be concluded immediately right in your house with no stress on your part.

Free car removal service

  • When a junk car has been around for a while, it becomes an eyesore not just to the owner (most times the owners are the last to agree that a car is an eyesore, especially when it has sentimental value ). The entire neighbourhood is forced to bear the sight of the car.

Perhaps you have thought hard and long and have decided to junk the car but the cost of having a towing company come over and pick the vehicle makes you cringe.

Never worry about that. One of the main benefit of a junkyard is that they will help you remove your junk car for free.

Whether your car is sitting right in your house or it broke down on the road,  they will come pick up the vehicle for free.

You can even conclude sales transaction  if you have the mind to sell the junk car as scrap.

As a resident in the Atlanta Georgia region, you have so many junk yards to choose from.

Instant cash payment

If you need an incentive to junk you old or damaged car, here is one:

  • You get paid instant cash for your car and paid  extra for valuable components in the car like the catalytic converter, a  device inside the exhaust system that helps to convert harmful substances to benign ones.
  • You can get a price quotation by calling the junkyard or via online .All you need to do is give a proper description of your vehicle. The make,  the model , the year, history of previous previous owners and have all your paperwork in order.


  • Do you know you can recycle your old car in exchange for cash?

There are car recyclers who focus on helping people recycle old vehicles that have been damaged or can not be repaired again.

  • Junk car recyclers will help you handle the recycling of an old car regardless of the car’s condition.
  • Whether it is old or it was totalled in an accident or burnt.

Easy processing.

There are lots of paperwork involved in recycling a car but the process is made easier as moat junk cars recyclers will handle all the  documentation and will only ask for necessary documents like titling document and proof of registration.

Since junk cars are cars that are damaged beyond repair or cars that will cost more than their actual  value to repair,recycling junk cars is more or less disassembling the and selling the body parts as scrap  metals and selling other valuable parts of the car too.

Although the sale of cars as scrap metals does not pay as high as it used to due to the decrease in the demand for steel, it still pays okay and it sure beats leaving the car to damage further.

Presently, there are millions of junk car recyclers over the world. They are called junk yards or salvage yards. Some of these have branches in different states.

When  you decide to recycle a junk car, which is called junking, your first step will be to get your paperwork in order.  The two important documents needed are the title and the proof of registration. Next you want to clear your car of all personal belongings. Then you contact a junkyard near you.

All junkyards do junk car removal, which is the process of picking  up the junk car  although, some might balk if the location is far and they have no branch close by.

 Some junk yards do not  mind removing the car for free while others will charge you to remove the car. You can have the entire sales transaction at your place or where ever the junk car is,  find out if it is agreeable with the junkyard.

Junk yards generally pay instantly,  which is good if you are looking for instant cash. Some pay cash while some others cut checks.

For anyone junking their cars for the first time, it is best you do proper research to find out the requirements and also carry out research on the junkyard you want to use . It is best to go for junk yards with the reputation of paying extreme cash for junk cars.

Extreme cash is the highest amount payable by a junkyard for junk cars.

Junk yards have their information online and some have forms that you can fill to  enable them assist you in junking your car.



It may sound odd to use the word value alongside something like scrap because scrap should usually mean something not useful that should be thrown away, but scrap cars do not follow that rule.

Scrap cars are damaged cars that are no longer in use or even repairable and so they have been written off. The fact that they cannot be used does not mean that they do not have value.  They have value.  Scrap car value.

At present, the market for scrap car having gained so much popularity, is a very big market that rakes in millions yearly.

Scrap metal dealers are buying into technology as they have valuation apps and online forms to help them  offer customers a smooth and easy process.

If you have a car that is old or damaged beyond repair the scrapping it is the best option rather leaving it there to rot.

Knowing the value of your scrap car

Despite the fluctuating nature of the scrap market, a lot all of scrap metal dealers are concerned with giving the customers extreme cash in exchange for the scrap car and if your car has the right components, then you will get a much better price.

There are several factors that affect the value of a scraped car. Some of these include

  • The components of the car, if the car is a modern car, then is should have a catalytic component. This is one of the most valuable parts of the car as it is made with precious minerals which are well sought after.
  • The age of the car: The age of the car is the date it was designed, From Then to present use. The mileage it has on it too is a determining factor.
  • The model of the car will also determine its value. Small model car will not bring in much in terms of body work as their metals are light. Large models have more value for their body parts as they are quite sturdy and will sell better.
  • Items like tyres and wheels are also valuable.

To find out the value of your scrap car, go online and find a junkyard that offers valuation online.  They will ask you for the necessary data and the extent of the damage and then  give you a value for your car.

For the most part, your car is made of steel so apart from your catalytic converter  which has platinum and palladium and will fetch a good amount of money, the body of your car is the next biggest part that will bring some money.

Other metals like aluminium,copper, titanium and lead can be part  of the car’s  metallic components .

Scrap car dealers measure the steel by tons and using the present market value will give you an offer for you car.



You want to sell your junk car, you really do and you know it is the best idea for your car because it is no longer repairable but you are having reservations about selling the car.  Not because you want to hold on to the car but because you really don’t fancy dragging the car all the way to a junkyard which might probably be miles away. The charge for towing the vehicle alone is enough to discourage you.

Here are two things

  1. A junkyard can always come to remove the car from your house .
  2. There is most likely a junkyard located close to you.

Junking cars is a business that has been on for a very long time and despite the present shaky state of the market it is still a thriving business. It is so lucrative that we have more than  hundreds of junk yards in the country and several in each state.

There are several junk yards that have their branches located in different states and they offer the same services all over.

What exactly does a junk yard do?

  • A junkyard junks your car and sell the parts. Junking your car is simply exchanging your car for cash and the junkyard disassembling the car and selling  the parts to companies that use these parts in manufacturing.
  • Junk yards usually come to your house to remove the junk car. Some junk yards will perform car removal for free while other will give you a quotation. There are  junk yards that will buy your car right where it is and take it away.
  • Junk yards will pay instantly, either in cash or with check but you have to ensure that the titling of your car is done and you have proof of registration.
  • To find out if you have a junkyard near you and if you can sell to them,simply run an internet search using the search words “ junk yards in (your location name)”. It will pull up the junkyards in your region and in  locations close to you.
  • With the increase in the use of technology more and more businesses are going digital or at least having a digital footprint so there is every likelihood that the junkyard will have a website where you can go to for information. Look out for reviews and red flags that might pop up.  You can use the yellow pages to verify this junkyard to be sure.
  • When you have looked up the junkyard on their website, you can then decide to contact whichever junk yard you feel comfortable with and if you have any questions you can contact them online or via phone call.

Now that you have found a junkyard near you, you can now get rid of your junk car.


There is a market for scrap metals and on a good day that market  has a high demand quality which results in a good price for scrap metals.

Unfortunately the demand for recycled steel or scrap metal  dropped to an all time low a couple of years back. The major cause of this was because China  who used to be the biggest users of steel for their manufacturing moved from been a developing country that had a lot of building project to a developed country. While China was still developing,  they had such a high demand for steel that they had to start producing steel themselves.

Fast forward to years after, China does not need steel from outside  sources any longer  as the building project that needed the steel has reduced but they still produced steel although at half quantity and they are also looking for a market for their  steel.

Looking at the above facts it is understandable that the scrap metal market isn’t doing so well in recent times.

Although,the market experiences a rise in demand every now and then.

How much do you get for scrapping a car

  • When you want to scrap your car there are some factors that will determine how much you will be getting for your car.
  • The larger the car, the more valuable the metal so if you have a small car, because it has light  metals you might not be getting a lot for the body of your car. A larger car will bring in more money.
  • Factors like the  make of the car, the model and the year it was built will affect the price of the scrap car. The number of mileage in the car and the extent of damage are also determining factors.
  • Understanding the requirements for having a car scrapped will go a long way to help.
  • Have your car weighed to know its over all weight then look for the salvageable parts,  this will increase the price.
  • Although scraping is done worldwide the prices vary from state to state and country to country  and also every state and country have their scraping laws.
  • There are some documents that should be in place before you can have your car scrapped.  You will need V5 Logbook/reg certificate,Service history and MOT certificate, Finance settlement letter.
  • Ensure that every payment inn the car is done.
  • Now as to the actual amount you will get paid for your car, steel is sold by tons, so when your car is weighed,  the steel wiĺ be multiplied with the current pricing in the market.
  • To have an idea of what you will be getting, you can have your car weighed  and check for the present scrap metal rate online and do the maths.

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